How To See Private Browsing History on iPhone: Guide Step By Step

The majority of internet users are concerned about their privacy security, and with explicit content, inappropriate and scam websites are rising threats. Thus, viewing private browsing history is essential to know what’s happening on your loved ones’ devices. Still, if you’re wondering how to see the private browsing history on an iPhone device, this article is for you. No matter if you’re concerned about your kid’s iPhone private browsing or anyone else. We’ll elaborate on the seamless method to monitor someone’s private phone browsing undetectably. Let’s find out how?

Can Someone View Private Browsing History on an iPhone or iPad?

Apple company always prioritizes users’ privacy and security, and accessing and checking anyone’s internet watch data without their consent becomes challenging. Safari private browsing does not save any history, auto files, or search history from the browser and includes a view to maintain the Safari privacy settings.

But if you are wondering, now you can view others’ private browsing history on their iPhone device. For this, here are a few methods that help to insight into someone’s private browsing history of an iPhone. How to see someone’s private browsing history on iPhone? There are tested methods for tracing browsing history, let’s discuss in detail.

Method :1 Using TheOneSpy App

See Private Browsing History on iPhone by TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy, a dedicated parental control and employee monitoring software, is the best solution to view someone’s private browsing history on an iPhone. This is the perfect undetectable monitoring solution for  jailbreak/non-jailbreak iPhone & Android and devices. TheOneSpy allows you to spy on someone’s private internet browsing, IMs, messages, call logs, call recording, and location tracker. By following the easy and seamless installation guide, you can monitor internet history, URLs, and bookmarks from targeted iPhone devices.

This is only following our simple and quick steps to gain information about private web history with no delay.

  • Subscribe to a suitable package
  • Get credentials
  • Install the app by taking the device into your hand
  • Login to TheOneSpy web control panel by entering credentials to access the device data.

Set-up TheOneSpy App on iPhone Device


First Jailbreak Target iPhone Device. Palera1n is a recommended tool for jailbreaking your device.


Once jailbroken your iPhone device, Open the Palera1n app on your phone, click “Sileo,” and press “Install.”


Once installed, open the Sileo app on your phone, and click on the Search icon. Type Filza, and you will see Filza File Manager 64-bit. Tap on it and install it.


Open the Zebra app and click on Chariz->Development. Depending on your OS, select Orion Runtime (iOS 14) Or whatever latest it


Open Safari on the Target iPhone Device and enter Sapp. co in the address bar


Then, click to Open in “Filza.”


Click for “tos-ios.deb”


Press to “Install”


Once installation is finished, press the “Action” button on the top right side


Tap “uicache” when loading is done, press the “Action” button again, and this time tap on “Respring.”


Unlock your phone if locked and tap the status bar “10-12 times”. An alert will show. Tap OK on alert.


Enter your “activation code” and tap the “Activate” button. Once done, your phone will “respring (restart).” If your device does not respond automatically, restart your phone.

after setting up theonespy on a targeted iPhone device, you can easily see a private browser without any effort.

Method 2: Using iCloud Backup

Using cloud backup is another way to check private browsing history from a targeted device. These methods restore and recover deleted contacts, calendars, photos, etc. Moreover, you can get iCloud data backup from multiple devices, which makes accessing the browsing history easy. Before getting the data backup, reset the device to restore from iCloud backup to access the deleted phone’s internet history.

  • First, go to on your device and log in with your Apple ID.
  • Press on setting and restoring files,
  • Choose the backup files you want to restore, then press Restore.
  • Follow the screen instructions to accomplish the restore process.

This method can be used, but it’s complex and time-consuming.

Method 3: Using iTunes

iTunes backup is also considered a safe and reliable option. While regularly backing up to your iPhone iTunes, there is a copy of your browsing history saved before you delete it.

Plus, this method is also time-consuming and needs to go through different backup files to view the browsing history. And it’s a down fall when you add after the old data is lost.

to restore iTunes browsing history, follow these steps

  • Launch iTunes on your device
  • Choose your device from the iTunes
  • Press the Restore backup option on your device
  • Select the backup with the deleted browsing history.

this method includes the items in the backup,make sure before this backup can loss old data.

Method 4: Keylogger Tools

Keylogger software, known as monitoring and tracking tool, enables users to see everything they type and click touch on the targeted device. with this app, you can track and record every click and tap through a targeted iPhone keypad. When searching safari browsing, the keylogger records and monitors what they typed.

For an authentic and reliable solution, I prefer the best method to access the iPhone browsing history without effort.

Method 5: SQLite

SQLite is a tool that can access and check someone’s iPhone’s private window. With this, the user can know all visited URLs and store them on a database file. This tool can access the database. Here are the following steps to use the SQLite tool.

  • Click the Go menu and the Library when it appears
  • To find the Safari folder. Choose and drag the Webpageicon. Db file into the SQLite browser you’re installed.
  • Press on the Browse data tab, and then you can find all the visited URLs from the targeted iPhone device.

Final Worlds: How to View Private Browsing History on iPhone

Viewing someone’s private browser history on an iPhone is an unfinding question. Thus, you’ll unveil the hidden cognitive tabs by getting accurate information with the perfect tools. Therefore, TheOneSpy monitoring tool is the ideal and reliable app as comprehensive technology to access someone’s private browser without being detected. This offers a vigilant eye on your kid’s activities and employees to keep their privacy.

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