How to Maintain Teens’ Physical and Psychological Health with TheOneSpy

teens physical Psychological health

Are you concerned about the wellbeing of your children? Is your teen losing his physical or psychological health consistently? The technological advancement and widespread adoption of the internet and smart devices have put horrible impacts on teens’ health. They spend most of their waking hours in front of mobile phone, computer, and television screens. Their idle lifestyle does not only make them obese but also weakens their eyesight. Their unrestricted use of digital devices and continuous online presence puts a negative influence on their psychological health turning them into Hikikomori.

Parents need to be more vigilant to protect children from the menaces of digital technology. They can play a key role in minimizing their kids’ sufferings by supervising and managing their usage of digital devices including smartphones and computers. TheOneSpy provides great support to parents in ensuring kids’ safety and averting health issues associated with internet and smartphone addiction. Read on to know how the kids monitoring solution helps parents to maintain their kids’ health.

Concerns Related to Physical Health of Teens

The prevalence of digital technology has revamped the human lifestyle making our lives more convenient. The post-millennial generation gets involved in less hard and physical work as compared to their predecessors. Our children spend most of their time sitting in front of the television, mobile phone, and computer screens. It makes them lethargic and minimizes their chances of getting involved in outdoor physical activities. The biggest problem that our kids have been facing due to such a sluggish lifestyle is obesity. Most of them also have vision problems and wear glasses.

  • Obesity

America is found to have more bulky kids and this is because of their lifestyle. It is not only eating habits that are to be blamed but the lack of physical activities is also a cause. Many young children prefer sitting on their sofas playing video games or talking to their online fellows rather than going outside and have some physical activities.

  • Vision Problems

There are screens and screens everywhere. You switch off your television screen and start reading your text messages on the mobile phone. When you get free from your phone you may have to open your laptop screen to complete your assignment or to watch a movie. While doing all this we are compromising on our eyes giving them the least chances of having rest. This is because our kids have started facing vision issues at a very early age.

Psychological Issues of Teens

Teens of the digital age have been facing more psychological issues than ever before. Many have been suffering from depression, anxiety, fear, isolation, low self-esteem and several other mental and psychological issues. They are obsessed with social media and online presence because they are afraid of missing out on chats, plans, and activities performed by their fellows.

  • Depression

There is a great number of teens who have been suffering from depression and low self-esteem. The prime factor triggering anxiety and isolation among younger children is social media. Social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram encourage users to post their activities right away on the internet. When teens see their fellows enjoying a more lavish lifestyle, it triggers depression and low self-confidence among them. Another reason behind depression is bullying. The online platforms facilitate bullies to harass the victim consistently and by keeping identity hidden. Cyber harassment prompts several psychological issues in the victim.

  • Porn Addiction

More than half of teens have access to the internet through which they can get answers to their queries. The internet is a powerful but unbridled technology that can lead the user to an unwanted destination. The teens are likely to expose to sexually explicit stuff available on the internet. Many teenage girls and boys use the internet to watch objectionable videos and photos. It makes them addicted to pornography that puts horrible impacts on their psychological and sexual health.

Role of TheOneSpy in Improving Teens' Physical & Psychological Health

TheOneSpy is a mobile tracker app for digital parental monitoring that enables parents to protect their children from potential threats of the online and offline world. It empowers parents to stay virtually present around their teens to keep an eye on their activities. With the use of kids monitoring app, parents can closely watch out digital behavior of children and can safeguard them from all dangers negatively influencing their physical and psychological health. Read on to know how this app helps you to maintain the health of your kids.

  • Combat Obesity by Limiting Screen Time

If you want your kid to cut off extra pounds, get them involved in physical activities. You can reduce their screen time to help them to goodbye the idle lifestyle. The mobile tracker app for parental control helps parents to restrict their kids from using mobile phones unnecessarily. If your kids give more time to social media apps or gaming apps, you can disable these apps without accessing their devices. By getting Android smartphones of teens installed with a spy app, you can block or uninstall engaging mobile apps right from the web portal of TOS. It would not only allow your kids to have more time for physical activities but would also let their eyes have some rest.

  • Let Your Teens Have Proper Sleep

The fear of never missing out on any post of online fellows makes teens checking out their smartphones repeatedly at night. It restricts them from having enough sleep that, resultantly, puts a negative impact on their physical health. To let your kids enjoy good health, the cell phone tracker app allows restricting teens from using smartphones during bedtime. Using the app, you can lock their smartphones to prevent them from using mobile phones at unfavorable times.

  • Combat Teens’ Psychological Issues with TOS

You can protect your kids from depression, anxiety, and fear by safeguarding them from online bullying and predation. The spy app lets you know if your teen communicates with a predator or persecutor. You can be able to protect your kids before they get trapped by online scoundrels. You can supervise and manage their social media and internet usage to prevent them from becoming a porn addict or social media obsessed.

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