Selfie or Suicide: Is Cell Phone Driving Factor?

selfie or suicide

Life at Risk through Technology: “#Selfies” & Now “#Dronies” a New Dilemma

Selfies are a very popular subject these days: it is everywhere, at the Oscars, even at funerals, and at any place in the world you just name it. It turns out people are crazy and even some people don’t care to risk their lives and limb, in order to capture fascinating, thrilling, and unbelievable shorts, at high mountains and at the top of hundred floors buildings.

According to the Russian officials, they have recently launched a campaign warning against the Selfies very after a number of death incidents happened such as selfie-related injuries and deaths within the country.  It is reportedly stated that in the Guardian, one teenage Russian has lost their life while taking the selfie on Railway Station Bridge.

But think for a little while about why selfies are becoming very popular in the world, especially among young teenagers. Why teens are risking their lives in order to take a snapshot of themselves?

According to the Experts:

Experts stated that the driving factor of selfies is based on a number of reasons as for starters, smartphones make taking selfies very easy no time ever before. People share their self-captured images with friends, especially on social networking platforms. Does the question arise of why young kids and teens share their selfies on social networking apps and IM? The answer is very simple they want cooler and more interesting images on social media platforms perhaps aware of our competitive nature.

Patricia Wallace the author of “The Psychology of the Internet” said that, people always have a wish to connect with the other people – The selfies are the most popular way and strategy in the current world- and want to portray themselves in specific to the outer world, and the images and snaps are the perfect way for them. In her second edition “Technologies for the Selfie-Obsessed”, she further said that, “the technology is the best tool to meet socially at social messaging apps and websites. “ The easy way of capturing images and snaps, ultimately it will spread”, she further added that.

The rain of cell phones having high pixel back and front cameras and access to social apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and others alike are creating an environment in which people think about themselves. People of all ages kids and teens and adults post and share what actually they are doing at the moment. In modern society, images have become a huge part of a way of communication. It is also accepted by the huge majority of the people of the world to post and share selfies.

Society Towards a Net Visual Culture:

“Society is continuously moving towards Net Visual culture. People post their pictures and images of events”, Anabel Quan- Haase an associate professor of the faculty of media studies at the University of Western Ontario said that. “We always expecting images and photos of the people in our friend list and want to know their lifestyle”, she added. Most of the people have their view that the taking self-pictures and images are the new trends, but according to the states selfie culture is among generations.

Dangerous Selfies

According to Quan- Haase people always want to portray themselves to other people in order to get people’s attention. They want appreciation from others regarding their images and photos and want more likes and sharing. They even want what others will find interesting before capturing selfies. These sorts of wishes put their life at stake and may lead people toward death. All faces in the world that have their accounts on social media apps want to get more likes, comments, shares, and attention.  According to some studies, the selfie is a perfect tool to get people’s attention offline and online, views, likes, comments, and shares over social networking platforms.

Death Cause by Selfies:

The United States Department of Transportation stated that, in the year 2014 which is known as the year of selfies, 33000 people got injured by taking selfies while driving and using their cellphones in some fashion. There are plenty of factors involved while taking selfies such as talking, listening, pressing the manual button also includes talking, uploading, downloading, and opening selfies. The Most Frequent Causes of Selfie Fatalities It is reportedly stated that in the Washington Post, in the year of 2016 in India 27 people died while taking selfies in dangerous places. Since 2014 and until now 76 deaths have been reported in India. The law and order departments of India spotted 16 dangerous places and after that did not allow people to take selfies at the dangerous places. Don’t Take That Selfie Too Close to the Edge

Now Dronies a New Dilemma:

It is the most advanced innovation for taking a selfie with the help of drones. The cell phones can be connected with the dronies camera and remotely a user can make Ariel pictures from height. Selfies were creating a mess for the users and put their life at risk, dronies may cause a risk to privacy in the near coming future.

What To Do?

Since cell phone technology has come into existence, the young generation becomes very fond of technological creatures. The selfies culture is the most popular activity among young kids and teens. They are the ones who risk their lives while taking selfies at dangerous hill places, at oceans, and even at the top of buildings. Parents need to protect their young teenagers because parents are responsible for their protection. They need to do surveillance on their activities by using modern technology in the shape of TheOneSpy cell phone spy app. It allows the user to view what kind of activities they perform on their cell phones on the instant messaging application where they share images, photos, and selfies as well. The smartphone monitoring software enables parents to view multimedia files. It empowers parents to get screenshots of the target mobile phone, they can view photos their shared selfies, and even their videos. Usually, the videos, photos, and images of an event are shared by the teen on social networking apps. The smartphone surveillance software allows parents to track all trendy IM’s Social media. They can view IM logs, IM chats and conversations, and media-sharing files on multiple instant messengers. In case you have come to know by using the cell phone monitoring app teens are making plans for taking selfies at some places. You can track the exact location of your kids and teens through a GPS location tracker. It allows a user to view their current location; location history and parents can mark safe and restricted areas for their teens. Parents can remotely control the device of their teens with the help of a remote phone tracker. It allows you to block the internet remotely when your kids are doing some adventures and taking selfies.


Selfies are a popular activity among kids and teens, they may be risking their lives by following their other friends. Parents need to be aware of all the activities they perform on their smartphones. However, responsible parents take some measures to stop their kids and teens from risking their lives for no means.

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