Teen’s Cell Phone Hidden Whereabouts: Fact that Trick Parents

teens cell phone hidden whereabouts fact that trick parents

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As much as parents grant teens unlimited free reign, we are talking about tweens and teens, a breed juts as committed as tweens when it comes to using digital devices and push a couple of buttons they are clearly taller than we as parents. Adolescents have become very clever over the years especially since they have got mobile phone devices, cyberspace, and digital citizenship on the social messaging apps, websites and as well as on the instant messengers.

They used to sit next to their parents having cellphone devices in their hands and doing something unbelievable having expressions “a bit sad”, happy, amazed, naughty expressions and depressed. Kids and teens these days do believe that if parents are difficult to convince for the sake of screen time, and then simply confuse them.

Nowadays, parents are clearly seems confused especially when teens are up to on mobile phones and the internet. They don’t know what they are doing online. On the other hand, teens are using cell phone devices as their best-hidden whereabouts and it is a fact that tricks parents since last many years. Let’s discuss how teens cell phone secret whereabouts tricking parents.

According to the findings of the new study the digital disconnects between teens and adults, almost 13% of the parents know about their cell phone and internet activities: The Guardian reportedly stated that.

How Teen’s Tricks Parents and Use Cellphone as Hidden Whereabouts?

Most of the parents are not as much tech-savvy as their kids, tweens and teens are these days. However, lacking digital parenting is one of the most challenging acts of parents in the 21st century.

Almost 62% of teens used to of spending more than 5 hours a day on the internet using mobile phone devices. Over the years Snapchat and Instagram have been surpassed the popularity of the Facebook among teens ages 12 -17.

However, plenty of other social media apps like Kik, also gaining around and parents on the other hands don’t even know about the ABC of these instant messengers, according to The Guardian report.

It means apart from cellular network of a cell phone, teens are tracking parents and use mobile phone hidden whereabouts in terms of trendy instant messaging apps.

Parents are Unaware of Teen’s Cell Phone Hidden Whereabouts

Today, parents unaware of the fact that teen using cell phone hidden whereabouts to trick them and they won’t be able to attempt to crack down teens use of cyberspace –or they should go for making check new apps installed on their smartphones – parents should endorse the fact that they are sitting idle rather than to dig out all the cell phone hidden whereabouts of teens, Michel Kaiser the Executive Director of NCSA said that.

Parents should focus on their children activities online –they should know what they have downloaded online and need to know about the apps kids and teens have installed on their mobile phone devices, he added that.

“I do believe parents don’t waste more time learning about the things they are using at the moment on their cell phone hidden whereabouts but to negotiate with teens about their virtual lives and then make decisions.

It means, parents should make teens develop resistance and resilience against horrible activities online” and parents need to arm them with the solutions.

Teen’s Cell Phone Hidden Whereabouts: The Secret Reality

According to the Harris Interactive poll findings, almost 65% of kids between the ages of 8 and 12 say their parents used to check their cell phones. A third of the parents track their kids’ cell phone locations, and for kids under 17, 43% of parents check their mobile phones.

However, 35% are checking cell phones without the children’s consent. But still, it would not be beneficial for parents to do it because they won’t be able to track the teen’s cellphone’s hidden whereabouts.

Parents are Unaware of the Following Things of Teens on Cell Phone

The act of sexting is one of the horrible things that teens used to ado using social media platforms. Teens these days harbors sexual fantasies on their cell phones using online dating apps, social messaging apps, and instant messengers and later on remove all the conversations and messages.

delete sms messages

When teens use social media apps almost 4% of the teens’ text involves with adult content, 2% of the teens’ text messages contain communication on drugs. Most of the kids and teens perform texting in terms of sexting when they are beyond the school gates.

Teens these days love to use online dating apps to have uncommitted sexual activities with the strangers by using dating apps like Tinder and many others alike that even parents don’t have to listen to the names before. Teens are using cell phones as pocket porn devices in order to get access to the x –rated content and later on remove the browsing activities to trick parents.

Common Tricks Teen’s Uses to Hide Cellphone Whereabouts

There are following activities of the teens and kids they used to of doing to hide their hidden cellphone whereabouts from the parents to trick them.

Removal of browsing History

Obviously, when teens have become obsessed with the hyper-sexual world of a cell phone device he/she would not want to unveil such kinds of whereabouts on their cell phone. So, the very first trick they used to of doing is to remove the entire browsing history from the cell phone browser. So, they delete visit apps and websites, and bookmarks on the browser.

Remove calls logs & text messages

Teens that used to talking with the strangers or with their secret boyfriend and girlfriend, the very first trick they perform to remove incoming and outgoing calls log. In addition, teens remove sent and receiv
ed text messages threads from the phone.

Duplicate social media accounts

It happens mostly teens have multiple social media and instant messengers accounts to trick parents for sexting and another sort of communication such as to interact with the strangers. So, kids and teens create multiple social media accounts to communicate with the people their parents would not allow them to do it. So, they used to switch from one account to another on their cell phones.

Second Burner phones 

Most of the teens that usually get involve in hidden relationships or used to of accessing adult or x –rated content, they usually buy second burner phones as their secret diaries. So, it would be very difficult for parents to know that their teens have a second burner cell phone or not.

Faking dead cellphone batteries

When parents make calls on their kids and teens cell phones to know where they are at the moment. So, teens tricking parents saying that their cell phone battery is dead at the moment, she will respond to parents later. So, parents have to deal with the teen’s hidden cell phone whereabouts and with their tricks that makes them foolish often.

How to Track Hidden Cellphone Whereabouts of Teens?

Obviously, you are concerned parents being a non –tech-savvy at the same time, but you want to expose all the tricks teens have played with you in order to make sure their online and real-life safety. Now I am going to tell you the trick parents can play to dig out all the rabbit holes of teens on the cell phone device. You can simply use a cell phone monitoring app to get the job done that will let you know how teens using cell phones as their hidden whereabouts alongside their dangerous and UN-save activities.

Live screen recording

An end-user can remotely get access to teens’ cell phone device. For instance parents can record live camera whereabouts using live screen recorder software. You can make short videos of the cell phone screen back to back and visit these short videos through an online control panel. The end-user can perform live screen recording of the cell phone installed a browser, social media activities, SMS, YouTube, email sent received and lastly applied passwords in terms of pattern and digits passwords. This tool would help parents if teens are fooling you regarding fake dead batteries when they are outside the house.

Browsing activities

The end-user can remotely get to know about all the visited websites, apps and as well as bookmarks on teen’s cell phone browser no matter if they have been removed all the browsing history.

IM’s logs

User can get access to the installed social media apps and instant messengers within no time. It does not matter for the phone tracking app either the account is fake or real. However, it will get the logs remotely in terms of messages, chats conversations, audio-video conversations, shared photos, videos, and Voice messages.

Call recording and call logs

User can remotely record and make you listen to the live incoming and outgoing calls using a secret call recording app and you can record the recorded calls data on the web portal. In addition, you can get the calls log and you will be able to know incoming and outgoing calls logs with a complete time stamp.

Text messages monitoring

Parents can track text messages sent received on teen’s cell phone no matter if they have removed it. Parents can monitor SMS, MMS and head up notifications as well.

Remote phone controller

Apart from cell phone activities of teens, you can remotely block text messages, incoming calls, block internet access on teen’s cell phone remotely using remote cell phone controller.

GPS location tracking

Parents can remotely track pinpoint GPS location of the teens that would be exact and current using GPS location tracker and further you can get to know about the location history. However, parents can create a GEO fence around the teen’s cell phone location to get alerts being getting out or into the fence using MAP.


Gone are the days when teens trick parents and use the cellphone as their best-hidden whereabouts to perform risky and dangerous online activities. Cell phone surveillance software is the best tool that empowers parents to crack teen’s tricks.

Track Teens Hidden Cellphone Whereabouts

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