Sex Offenders Granted Anonymity: Parents Are On Their Own!

sex offenders granted anonymity

Police have allowed most of the sex –offenders to remove their names from the pedophiles and rapist registry in England and Wales this year. More than three-quarters of the sex –offenders had given applications to law enforcers with a written affidavit that they no longer a threat to society. Therefore, the names of the convicts have been allowed to sign off the danger list. Only 363 convicts out of 1288 applications were not allowed to get their names removed from the sex-offenders registry.

Home Affairs have chosen committee said rapist, pedophiles, and people who have charged in other sexual offense given the right to anonymity unless the police need their names. It should ban to identify the name of the sexual offense suspects. But one of the rap victims Jil Sward called the suggestions humiliating.

There should be a zero Tolerance ban on identifying people who have charged for sexual activities against kids, teens, and adults in England and Wales, one of the committee members said that.

How Sex–Offenders Can Sign Off From The Danger List?

The removal of the sex –offender’s names from the registry based on the honesty of the convicts that they will not get involved in any sexual assault. They have to submit a two pages self-assessment form, and then they apply to the authorities. Seemingly, hundreds of the sex-offenders will sign off from the convict’s registry, and they are free to go to the streets again without supervision. The number of cases happened in which the people who were taken off the register, again involved in sexual assaults like rape, child abuse, and many others alike.

Campaigners Have Called For An Urgent Review

A heating argument is exchanging between the campaigners and the people who have given the proposal favor of sex-offenders that they should have anonymity. The groups of victims are opposing the proposal. The media organizations and the society Editors are raising their voice against the proposal. They have the opinion that the victims should have known the people who have charged to sexually assaulted their loved ones. People are confused; some say an innocent person would lose all of their reputations, but a serial suspect gets an encouragement to do the crime again.

The victim will feel as their insult and humiliated after the decision, Jim Gamble, former CEO of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center, said to the BBC.

Moreover, Emily Konstantas, the leader of the campaign group The Safeguard Alliance, said we don’t allow this process to continue because it enables sex-offenders to change their status.

Do Attackers Have Human Rights, Not Victims?

The law had changed when two–sex offenders have won the case and claimed that even they had completed their punishment, they no longer can live life and the Supreme Court ordered for their anonymity based on their conduct during the trial. Now the question arises, do the attackers have the human rights what about the victims! Young teens and tweens have been raped, molested, abducted, and are facing plenty of sexual assaults with every passing minute worldwide. These sorts of anonymities keep going what would be the future of our children. Sex-offenders have already got anonymity on the web, and they are targeting teens online and then in the real –world.

Do Parents Are On Their Own?

In my opinion, parents these days are on there- own. They have to look after teens to the fullest. They are no longer a convict’s registry in which they can see sex –offenders living in their surroundings because most of the convicts have granted anonymity. Previously, we have read a new in which law enforcers have spread a registry in which police have public the names of therapists, child abusers, and other sex –offenders to keep kids and young teens safe from the convicts. Now they are free to go everywhere. Therefore, parents are on their own to safeguard kids.

What Should Parents Do To Protect Children Against Sex –Offenders?

Post internet world is blessed because they have to look after children in real –life. Nowadays, parents are helpless all the time, and they have to keep an eye on the teens and tweens in particular in the real world and the virtual world as well. Therefore, you need to use the technology to make sure the safety of the children since the sex offenders granted anonymity, and you can no longer detect a child abuser, rapist, and others to restrict your child from a place to hang out.

Track Your Kids Than Tracking Sex –Offenders

Previously, we have come up with the news that you can monitor the location of the sexual predators in your surroundings, but not all sexual predators are convicts. Therefore, rather than wasting time seeing the predator GPS location in your surroundings, you need to track the GPS location of your children to restrict their movements. You can use technology that helps you out to know where teens and children are hanging out with friends on the occasion of Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and in daily routine life.

How Can Technology Make Parents Get Rid Of Sex –Offenders?

Technology has made its way to the next level, and your cellphone addicted kids enable you to keep their tabs all the time on the virtual world and in the real –world. You can use cellphone parental monitoring software in kid’s cellphone devices. It enables parents to know to whom kids and teens are talking on cellphone calls, social messaging apps, and on the digital playgrounds. You can keep your children at bay by setting Geo-fence when you are children moving freely outside the house.

You can verbally guide your teens to stay at certain places and then check them out virtually whether they are following your instructions or not. Parents can set a Geo-fence on the Google map by using a cellphone monitoring app. You can see whether children are in the created online fence or outside of it. Moreover, parents can listen to and see the surroundings and further can unveil the hidden whereabouts of the children virtually. Parents can see the pinpoint location of teens, location history, and the route map of the teens on the map.


The convicts are free to go back on the streets again, and they could involve in sexual assaults. Therefore, parents are on their own to safeguard teens and young children. You can make use of the piece of the technology rather than cursing the lawmakers. Law enforcers do have their limitations, but you have your rights to protect your loved ones to the fullest.

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