How to Deal with No Mobile Phone Phobia?

How to deal with No Mobile Phone phobia

No mobile phone phobia or Nomophobia is rising among everyone in this digital-dependent world. It is a modern-day phobia in which you could have trouble putting down your cellphone device. You could feel anxious when you know that your mobile data got ended. You may start thinking and feeling fear without your phone. It means you have a Nomophobia that creates an extreme fear of being without your phone. We got hijacked by our cell phone devices. Everyone loves to spend time on their cell phone devices for the internet, social media, and with a cellular network connection.

UK Post Office Study About No Mobile Phone Phobia

The UK Post Office has conducted a study about Nomophobia which says, almost 50% of cell phone users in Great Britain become worried when they lose their phone or internet connection. Nomophobia is the term derived from No-Mobile-Phone phobia.

In the United States, almost 60% of phone users suffer from the fear of being without a phone. However, there are plenty of ways to get rid of losing your phone phobia.

So, the fear of losing your cell phone is prevailing among everyone irrespective of gender, color, country, and creed. You could become worried suddenly about not being able to see your cell phone, and thoughts come around us about photos, videos, contacts, confidential documents, and other information.

The study says excessive cell phone usage causes stress, depression, anxiety, and mood swings. It could also cause effects, like low self-esteem, school grades, aggression, and sleeping disorders.

What are Typical Symptoms of No Mobile Phone Phobia?

Phobia is a state of fear in which a person got irrational scary thoughts about an object or a situation. So, the fear of No mobile phone phobia happens when the phone is out of your reach, lost, and without internet service. Here are a few symptoms that you need to know:

  • Not able to turn your phone off
  • Checking your phone screen to see notifications, calls, messages & social media
  • Still charging your phone when your phone has enough battery
  • Using cell phones everywhere, like in washroom, bed, and during mealtime
  • After a few minutes making sure that you have your cell phone
  • Scary feeling without having an internet connection on the phone
  • Full of anxiety not being able to connect yourself with the digital world
  • Skipping your social life with peers but spending hours on cell phone

You Would Never Lose Your Phone Again!

TheOneSpy is a cell phone tracker app that will promise that you will never lose your mobile device. Users can deal with your no mobile phone phobia and prevent your kids from Nomophobia using exceptional features to give you alerts.

  • Have you forgotten your phone somewhere and you suddenly realize that you have lost your phone?
  • Could you fear losing your private data and your device?

Phone tracking software will let you track your cell phone location in real-time and location history if the device has gone in the wrong hands. Cell phone tracking features, like GPS location, remote lock unlock your device, social media monitoring, screen recording, and many more best against your phobia.

Losing your phone can cause a data breach and other valuable information. You need to use TheOneSpy on your devices and others that you have provided to your kids and employees. You can use features to track your lost, theft, forgotten devices.

The TheOneSpy phone tracker can activate the real-time location tracking tool. Further, to trace real-time locations that you can view via Google Maps. Moreover, users can also track location history, like daily and weekly location history logs. You can also track your lost and forgotten cell phone location without using the GPS by sending an SMS command and tracking sent and received SMS and phone calls.

Say No to Nomophobia Among Young Teens?

No Mobile Phone Phobia has prevailed among teens no time ever before. Parents struggle to prevent teens from excessive screen-time, social media addiction, and access to activities that make teens spend hours and hours on cell phone devices. Parents can say no to Nomophobia with the TheOneSpy phone tracker.

Nomophobia teens feel empty without having a cell phone. So, the phobia has prevailed among college students and caused poor sleeping eating patterns.

According to a Study about Fear of Without Being Phone in Teens:

A study says that almost 89% of teens have no mobile phobia. Young teens are more likely to have sleeping issues, eating disorders, loneliness, and many more. The cell phone is a prevailing night owl habit among teens. Teens want to connect with the internet, social media, and their online presence 24/7.

How to Prevent Teens from Excessive Screen-Time & being Nomo phobic?

No mobile phone phobia is frustrating for parents because they have to deal with it when their teens get an issue.  Here are a few tips to prevent teens from losing cell phone fear all the time. 

  • Decrease your child excessive screen-time
  • Monitor your teen’s cell phone activities
  • Don’t allow your child to use the phone at meal-time
  • Track their phone frequently to avoid their fear of losing phones
  • Make them spend time with friends and family
  • Set parental controls to view their browsing history
  • Back up teen’s cell phone data, like photos and videos

The TheOneSpy Phone Tracker Has More Than Thrilling.

Parents and individuals suffering from no mobile phone phobia can eliminate their worries with phone tracking software. You need to get familiar with phone tracker features and say goodbye to Nomophobia once for all. Users can get those features that other cell phone tracker apps lack. It allows you to trace your lost phone and prevent teens from cellphone obsession. Parents can track their phones and protect teens’ data on cell phones.

Phone Tracker Features other Tracking Location:


By far, it is the best mobile phone tracker handy for people suffering from no mobile phone phobia. Remove your suspicions and keep tracking your personal and teen’s devices when they leave cellphones unattended. You can track lost phones in real-time, trace lost or theft phones without using GPS. Back up your phones full of photos, videos, and other information. Say no to fear when you and your kids are not connected to cell phones.

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