Stalker Alert – Signs that Your Child is being Stalked?

child is being stalked

A stalker, no matter how cunning or cautions he may be, will always leave a trail of breadcrumbs in his or her wake. While most of us are too busy living and creating the best life that we possibly can, these notorious and nefarious people lurk in the sidelines to take it all away from you in any way that they deem fit. It is things like these that make it all the more important that you watch out for such people before they harm you and your loved ones.

When it comes to such situations i.e. the situations that involve things like cyber stalking and children, it is you that needs to be cautious and on your guard for the sake of your children because;

  • They are too young and carefree to even contemplate what is going on and how cyber-stalking can impact their lives in the grand scheme of things.
  • They are easy targets. We live in a time where it is sort of necessary for both parents to work and earn a living in order to make ends meets. This means that as soon as the children are capable of looking after themselves, they are left on their own by the parents, which leaves the kids feeling a tad bit lonely at times. This makes it easier for stalker and such people to prey on them because of lack of parental monitoring.

Who is a Stalker?

One may call anybody that follows them around wherever they go or eat or visit places they are known to frequent as a stalker even though that person tends to keep his or her distance and coincidentally also happens to be their neighbor. Even though you might believe that such a person exhibits all the signs of a stalker, they cannot be legally termed as one as long as their activities do not seem to be life-threatening to you or may cause you bodily harm. The same goes for a cyber stalker. As long as the cyber stalker has not threatened you in any way or forms, no matter how many text messages he or she sends you or how paranoid you may feel unless you have proof of the act, they cannot be classified as a stalker.

Signs That Your Child Is Being Stalked

With the definition out of the way, let’s move on to the things that make a stalker actually a stalker. These are a few signs of the things that stalkers do that should have you on high alert from the get go.

  •  They have been contacting your child a number of times every day, even when your child doesn’t seem to know him/her.
  • They do everything they possibly can to get a reply from your child.
  • They keep demanding for your personal information.
  • They seem to be way too interested in your child, a bit too soon.
  • They keep changing their reasons and their story for wanting to be your child’s friend.
  • They even know about the things that your child has never told them.
  • They get way too demanding and want to know why your child is friends with all those people on his or her Facebook.
  • They become way too controlling than they ought to be.
  • They always seem to find your child online, no matter when.
  • They always seem to show up in chat rooms where your child frequents.
  • They have begun adding your family member’s and your child’s friends as their Facebook friends.
  • You have caught them talking about your child with other people and they seem to be saying things that have no basis in reality.

What Can You Do About It?

In situations such as this one, it is crucial that you become an invisible protective shield for your child, as you ought to as a good and responsible parent. Your teen might be living to carefree a life to even notice that there is someone out there who is cyberstalking them, but they same does not go for you. The moment you gave your child unadulterated access to the internet, you took on a responsibility to protect them on that front as well. Thus, even if you have to physically monitor them by stand over their shoulder or use TOS parental monitoring app to provide you with assistance in the matter, you have to do it no matter what.

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