Is it Possible to Monitor Someone Else Computer Devices?

Is it Possible to Monitor Someone Else Computer Devices?

Monitoring of someone else computer devices brings consequences. However, there are quite narrow exceptions such as monitoring of your employees and kid’s computer machines. So, at the end of the day somehow you want to manage to monitor your employees or children in terms of their laptop and desktop computer devices provided by parents or employers respectively. Forgetting things done, you have to be fall in parenting and employee monitoring activities to track target PCs. Otherwise, it would consider unethical spying and you may have to face serious charges for breaching someone’s privacy.

Anyhow, always keep in mind that spying on someone’s computer devices without the consent isn’t wrong only; it would consider a federal crime. Moreover, there are few certain conditions that allow you to monitor someone else’s computer such as an employer wants to spy on their employees desktop computer machine that he/she actually own.

On the other hand, the parent can track their teen’s activities because they are the guardian of their children. So, except these situations and exceptions, there is no wiggle room, and I think there probably should not be.

Don’t Cross the Line

What so ever the cases where employee monitoring becomes legal, even then there are some red lines that you cannot cross. Be careful because there are still open yourself up to the privacy lawsuits if you behave casually.

It might be possible that you ended up with tracking employees’ keystrokes of computer device including social messaging apps and further, you have used it to get access private message. It would consider you have crossed the line in case you have not alerted your employees that company’s owned devices are not authorized for personal activities.

However, spying on someone’s PC without consent (no matter if it is legal to do it) you are certainly breaking their trust. Being parents of children and teens, monitoring of browsing history on computer devices could be “OK”.

But you have alienated them and no matter what you do after the monitoring legal and ethical justifications cannot fix the broken trust of your teens and kids and employees and Vice Versa. Therefore, what activity you are going to spy on computer devices of your children and employees, consent or written agreement is necessary.

Why Monitor Your Employees & Children Computer Machines?

Obviously, getting knowledge about anyone’s activities on the computer is not seems easy. But initially, you need to clear about what you are certainly looking for. Being parent it is your fundamental right and duty to protect your children from real-life & online dangers.

But at the same time, you have to take care of their privacy and need to make sure they are using seeder parts of the cyberspace using laptops and desktops computers. Moreover, you don’t allow your children and teens to engage online with the stalkers, humiliated by the bullies, trap by sexual predators and won’t let them involve in sexual hookups. Furthermore, young teens become social media obsessed adults later in their life.

However, it is reportedly been stated that young teens having access to the computer machines connected with the internet get involve in sexting and self-obscenity. On the other hand, if you are an owner of a business organization and you want to protect your business from dishonest employees. Moreover, you want a hidden eye on employee’s wrongdoings and you want to log everything running on company’s owned MAC desktop machines.

Therefore, when it comes to digital parenting and employee monitoring for productivity you may have several options such as filtering, surveillance on windows and MAC computers. In short, you should keep several options in mind.

Generally, Digital parenting and Employee Monitoring Falls in three

There are three following categories when it comes to determining to monitor kids and teen’s computer devices or you want to track your employee’s activities within the working hours.

Tracking on specific activities

If you want to make an attempt of monitoring such as you want to get access to the employee’s communication on the skype or you want to see your teens browsing activities. Then you just need to stay specific and should get access to the messenger and as well as the installed browser on the computer device. All you need to have the employee’s device skype messenger keystrokes and to monitor browsing history of your children. Apart from these, you don’t need to monitor each and every single activity happens on the target windows computer.

Monitor activities of certain apps

In case employers are looking forward to spying on certain apps such as social messaging apps such as Facebook skype, yahoo, line and others alike compatible with MAC and Windows desktop machines. Moreover, you want to monitor the emails, chat conversations on social media apps then the selective monitoring would be enough. You don’t need to spy any further activity that makes to cross the legality of your monitoring activity.

Spy on all activities of a computer device

However, you want to track each and every single activity of your children or employees. For the sake of protecting your business from dishonest employees and you want to protect your children from the digital obsession and from the vulnerabilities. Then you need to choose the best of the best computer monitoring software that allows you to get access to target MAC and windows device. This would be possible only if you have surveillance software that is compatible with the OS of your children and employees devices. Rise and the rise in surveillance at the workplace makes every employer monitor their company’s owned devices for better productivity and catch dishonest employees red-handedly.

Use Windows & Mac Monitoring App

It would give you a cunning edge and prior information against the obvious dangers that can destroy your business entities and as well as exploit your child to the fullest. Therefore, you need to have physical access on your targeted device and once you have installed the computer spying software for Windows and MAC. Then you will be able to remotely get access to the activities of your kids and teens and employees respectively.

Parents and employers can use computer tracking app and can block all inappropriate websites usually accessed at your tar
get end. You can put the URLs into the filters and can block the websites. Then employers won’t be able to waste time and young kids the carnal content at all. Moreover, windows spy software enable users both employers and parents to get user-friendly reports in terms of top categories, sent/ received emails, activity logs, alarm logs, visited websites and apps. Further, a user can perform the monitoring of the target windows machine of employees and children in real –time.

So, you can take action against your children and employees activities. A user can also remotely capture multiple screenshots of the target window device screen and stay updated all the time. Additionally, computer surveillance software empowers parents and employees to remotely get control over the target MAC device MIC and can listen to the surround sounds clear. However, employers can also capture on target MAC camera and can get to know employees are up to their devices or just hanging out in the company’s premises.

MAC monitoring app gives you the advantage to get your hands on all the keystrokes applied on the target device and get access to the passwords, messenger keystrokes, chat conversation and email keystrokes. Last but not the least parents and employer can also use screen recording of the MAC spy software and can perform screen recording and make short back to back videos of the screen and stay updated about teens and employees activities whenever they want it.

Bottom line:

Since technology has advanced and business has shifted on computers employers have to monitor the employee’s activities within the working hours for the protection and for the productivity of the business. However, digital parenting has got its importance the time digital devices connected to the internet become common among the young generation and digital vulnerabilities have been on the rise. Software like computer tracking app is necessary for online parenting and to keep a check on employees.

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