TheOneSpy Launches Campaign Against Underage Smoking

TheOneSpy Launches Campaign Against Underage Smoking

TheOneSpy launches a campaign against the serious issue of underage smoking. We always think and developed technological creatures for the protection of kids and teens. We have credit to launch multiple pieces of tech for the betterment of mankind including children. So, today we are going to bring the attention of the parents towards the curse of underage smoking that is continuously manipulating, exploiting and destroying young lives. When it comes to parenting, its parent’s responsibility to protect their children from drug abuse including the addiction to smoking that is on the rise among children. However, we will aware parents that how a piece of tech can help you out in order to stop your children from lightening up a cigarette or other drug abuse habits.

You light up a cigarette or you lightening up your life

“Tobacco seriously injurious to health” undoubtedly we have listened and have seen these loath quotations. But it does not make a difference and today we have seen things like “Smokers die Younger”. Seemingly, it says people who smoke will die soon, but when we focus a little more, surprisingly things go wrong and we come to know the quotation is not about awareness. It is all about welcoming people and proudly sounds you will die young. On the other hand, targeting young children and teens is nothing a new subject for the tobacco industry and they do it for a whole year. They just believe in making money, but when it comes to TheOneSpy we believe in serving humanity.

According to FDA Campaign against underage smoking & stats

Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

The health issues such as cancer, heart diseases, lungs diseases, tooth issues and wrinkle on faces before age and plenty of skin related problems have been reportedly found in young kids and teenagers who become smokers. Teenagers start it initially as fashion seeing their peers and make their mind they will quit it, but at the end of the day they can’t. Every single day almost 3200 teenagers light up their first cigarette and they don’t realize actually it is opposite; the cigarette is lightning up their own lives, FDA Stated that. Almost 1.5 million packs of cigarette are purchased by the teenagers annually. 30% of teenagers die younger due to smoking-related illness. Moreover, American Journal of Prevention Medicine says heavy smoking may get down nationwide, but casual smoking is on the rose and 1 out 5 high school students are using tobacco related items.

E-cigarette the latest illusion on the name of rehabilitation

E-cigarette is the latest nicotine taking system that has been introduced on the name of leaving the bad habit of consuming cigarette. However, it is providing plenty of flavors to the consumers and it is very appealing for young teenagers.  Teenagers who use e-cigarettes are more likely to smoke traditional cigarettes and at the end of the day become chain smokers, according to the report that has been published in JAMA Pediatrics. So, there are many challenges for children health worldwide and underage smoking is the most dangerous challenge we have these days. The tobacco has taken alive the selling of tobacco with digital techniques and continuously making money.

Let’s go the FDA statistics & quick facts

  • 1 out 5 deaths in the US is due to smoking
  • Smokers die 13 years earlier than non–smokers
  • Single cigarette is taking 13 minutes of your life
  • 28 different sorts of chemicals in tobacco causes cancer
  • Collectively there could be 7000 chemicals in a cigarette smoke
  • 480000 deaths happen in US due to smoking

5 Parenting Questions from Parents

  • Are you concerned about drug abuse of your children, then why you are helpless?
  • Would you carry on letting your children to secretly consume drugs including cigarette?
  • Are you blind enough to not aware of your children drug abuse habits?
  • Are you busy enough to get to know about your child drug abuse habits?
  • Are you a smoker too! And you cannot stop your underage child to quit smoking?

Tobacco industry can use technology as e-cigarette then why you can’t?

Use the piece of tech –and get aware that your teen is a secret smoker

The cell phone technology and the connection with the cyberspace can let you know what your children are doing secretly. You don’t have to spy by yourself on your children; you just need to get control in your hands of your children mobile phones in your own hands. You need to perform both real life and online monitoring of your children. Then no matter how much busy you are, you can remotely keep a hidden eye on your teens to the fullest. All you need to do is to set parental control on your teen’s digital activities and as well as get to know what they are doing in their surround when they are not at home. Yeah, it is true and you may know that your teens are addicted to Facebook, but you may not know that your teens are addicted to smoking as well.

You can use cell phone parenting software on your children cell phones and get to know their real life and digital life activities. You better known young kids and teens share most of their activities on social media apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Whatsapp, Snapchat and on others. You just need to view their shared media such as photos and videos using the mobile phone monitoring software that will help you out to get the information secretly. Moreover, you can listen to their phone calls and get to know what they are planning for the party life activities and can remotely listen to their surrounds by getting control over their cellphone’s MIC. Moreover, you can easily capture surround images and get to know what they are doing at the moment. TheOneSpy will help you out to know each and every single activity on digital media and make you listen to the real-life conversations and to view activities. However, at the end of the day when you get to know they are involved in smoking and another kind of dangerous drug abuse. You can easily track their location with GPS location tracker of the mobile phone monitoring app and get the exact and current location of their whereabouts. So, parents must prep up, before drugs such as an activity of underage smoking exploit your teen’s life.


Underage smoking is the curse that is continuously prevailing among the yo
ung generation worldwide
on the name of so-called Fashion. We are putting our energies and few drops of water on this fire. So, we are expecting parents should realize their responsibility and should join their hands with TheOneSpy to eradicate this evil from our young souls.


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