Terrorists Use Audio Calls in Digital Games to Lure Kids to Trouble

terrorists uses audio calls in digital games to lure kids to trouble

Terrorist organizations worldwide use audio calls to lure kids via digital games. They have started hidden recruitment methods in digital games via chats and voice calls to trap your children into trouble. They are communicating their lethal ideas and taking control over the young users of the games.

We are living in the age of technology, and our kids have become digital citizens. Everyone has digital devices like cellphones, PCs, and computer devices in homes. People have increasingly accepted the internet and digital devices.

Youngsters love to spend time on screens, and the opportunities have increased for the terrorists. The radical elements are continuously enhancing their expertise to use technology like phones, PCs, and digital games for the sake of terrorist activity.

Nowadays, they are recruiting young kids into their organizations without seeking the permission of the parents to lure their kids into terrorism via digital games. They use audio calls and chat rooms of the games online to spread their ideas and take over the target device user playing the digital game. Safeguard your children and the community you have in your surroundings before it is too late.

How are Terrorists Recruiting Young Boys to Achieve their Objectives?

Terrorist groups over the recent years are kidnapping young children to recruit them into their terrorist operations. They are seeking the help of technology to get their destructive objectives.

Recruitment via Digital Games

  • They manipulate kids via false rewards via video games
  • They play mind games, and trained boys, and prepare them to get their objectives
  • Contact kids online via anonymous nicknames
  • Share radical thoughts on social media networks to fascinate kids
  • Use encrypted chatting websites to interact with youth
  • Play mind games with under 18 to extremist intellectual & prodigal groups
  • They isolate young users from real-world & trap them through video call games

Have Your Child Faced Subjected Terrorist Recruitment Methods Without Knowing?

Nowadays, extremist elements are not doing the direct recruitment methods. They use advanced and twisted methods to spread terrorist content. They also use exploiting video games and sell weapons and manipulate the emotions of the young boys.

So, they market fighting games and violent content in digital games. They spread the electronic games via social media posts and take them into the adventures scenes in the video online games.

Young kids love to play exploiting games, and extremists hack these games online. Finally, kids got trap via rewards and financial gains. Terrorist groups use encrypted chat conversations and bring them into the activity of selling weapons using encrypted currency. Once a young boy gets involved in any illegal activity, the extremists start blackmailing them and offer them to join their organization permanently.

They take young boys into the organization to arm them and trained them. They fulfill their objectives in the name of religion and teach them extremist ideology.

Devious Methods of Terrorists for Recruiting Boys for Terrorism

Extremists groups in the world are using many devious methods for recruiting young boys. They commission them into their squad. Some of the most secretive practices of terrorists are as follows. Here are the factors that usually look into kids to recruit them.

  • They spread a spirit of frustration & disappointments
  • Spread misconceptions
  • Role-Models daring by nature
  • Social isolation
  • Boys with the sense of stardom
  • Boys in slums & leisure

Young kids are more likely to embrace radical thoughts and often force them towards daredevil activities and self-annihilation. 

Types of Terrorist Recruitment Methods Every Parent Needs to Know

Here is the following type of recruitment radical people implement that parents need to know, and they should aware kids to stay away from such people.

Recruitment Online

In this method, people spread the message, slogans and try to propagate such activities based on violence, and after that, they call for violent and radical acts.

Ideological Recruitment

It is one of the most effective but time tacking techniques of the terrorists. Extremists do play mind games and gradually manipulate the emotions of the target audience and get their dark motives.

Direct Recruitment

They interact with the people of the same ideology and seek the help of extremists groups.


They exploit young children and brainwashed them to be a part of their terrorist organization.

How to Protect Yourself & Your Young Boys from Terrorism Spread?

Here are the following things you can do to protect your boys from extremists and terrorists groups manually:

  • By raising awareness about these kind of terrorism groups
  • Necessary to report immediately
  • Conscious observation of the content kids are viewing
  • View installed social Apps & video games on kids PCs or phone
  • Conduct conversational sessions at homes ad in school
  • Discuss the concerns, problems, and dangers faced by kids
  • Beware of their twisted recruitment methods

Why Don’t You Recruit A Digital Spy for the Safety of Your Boys?

Terrorist organizations are supposed to lure your boys via digital games, electronic games, and direct recruitment methods. You must use spy technology that monitors and tracks digital phones, PCs, and computer devices.

We are talking about a digital guardian for your boys; TheOneSpy software. It is an application that has several products for cell phones and PCs. You can use spy software on digital devices to record their live conversation while playing war mobile video games.

You can watch the live screen of PCs and cellphones to stay updated about kids’ activities. It also tracks the GPS location of your boys, location history, and route maps virtually. It keeps you informed about kids’ social media networks and what kinds of applications, digital games, and conversations they do in the chat rooms.

Though manual security efforts help parents, spy applications can deliver complete insight into digital phones and computers via their online dashboards.

None of the activity of your underage teens remains hidden because it continuously examines and reports you. From browsing history to social media logs and surround recording to live camera streaming, you have everything to ensure young boys’ safety.


Terrorists and extremists groups are active on social media and digital games these days. They are avoiding direct recruitment and using electronic games to recruit boys into their organizations. Use TheOneSpy as your spy agent to safeguard kids to the fullest.

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