The Terrible Side of Online Blackmail (Updated)

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Do you know sex offenders are more tech-savvy than ever before? So, they use the internet and often lie about their identity. They lie to young kids and teens while having conversations to harm them. We will discuss online blackmail and encourage all parents and guardians to discuss it with their teens. Please turn to the online risks that every parent should identify to protect their children online. Since young teens have got digital citizenship, they have many online opportunities. So, they interact with people online. They make connections online, develop relationships, and for web searching. The legitimacy of online friends and contacts is very tough to judge them. Young kids can become sneaky while interacting with their connections online. So, offenders online in groups and individuals play tricky games with children to push them to unveil their privacy.

What You Need To Know About Online Blackmail?

Online blackmail is an act of threatening or harassing someone to share their information. Likewise, an online blackmailer can ask to send videos, photos, and other things in public or in-person unless offender got satisfied. Online blackmail can happen online, via social messaging apps, websites, and in chat rooms.

Online blackmailing usually happens on the online platforms, like on popular IM networks to share their private information.

People can easily send and received images, photos, videos, voice, and other media on social media networks. The online blackmailer and the victim are more likely to be adults, and young people.

Is There Anything That Happens When A Young Person Is Being Blackmailed Online?

Many online blackmail incidents have happened over the years. Online blackmailers do many tricky and manipulative things with young people. They coerce young teens online to share the following things to blackmail them:

Ask For Nudes

They adopt plenty of things to trick teens online. The offenders interact online with the young tweens and teens via social media platforms and other online dating apps. They become friends with them and show interest in them. They express fake feelings with the teens, get closer to their hearts, and ask for nudes.

Young teens become emotional blackmail and often share their semi-nude, nude videos and photos with the offenders online. So, they unmask their real-faced by asking for their nudes after blackmailing them. They ask for many things on behalf of the nudes they have got from teens.

 Do Sexual Assault Online.

Sexual assault online is one of the few things offenders do with teens. They push teens to open their mobile cameras in a video chat. Further, groom them to show their body parts individually and secretly record the videos from live streaming on video calls. They break teens’ trust and blackmail them online in the end.

Hack Teens Webcams

Online offenders or online blackmailers also are tech savvy. They secretly hack webcams of teens obsessed with porn. They record their sexual activities by hacking their phones and PCs’ webcams. So, they scare teens to send them money or more nudes. Otherwise, they threaten to post them online. So, young teens have no choice either to send more nudes or money.

The trapped teens are more likely to meet with the offenders blackmailing and often lose too much money. Tweens become scared of the consequences and often meet with the sex offenders when they force to have meetings. Many teens become victims of real-life sexual assault and get raped after being blackmailed.

Why Online Blackmailing Impacts Young Victims Badly?

Here is how online blackmailing impacts young victims badly. A victim can only bear the aftershocks of online blackmail. Let’s discuss the harmful impacts of the following:

Online Blackmailing Victims Become Frightened.

The victim of online blackmail becomes scared, and it hits the mental level too profoundly. The victims often get psychological, physical, and emotional issues after they become victims of online offenders. Victims are unable to forget them because teens usually face emotional blackmailing. They start lonely and don’t spend time with their family, friends, siblings, or friends. Parents are more likely to remain helpless and unable to know why their teens have behavior issues.

Victims Teens Become Embarrassed Online.

Victim teens who share nudes with strangers online are likely to become embarrassed. Many teens don’t meet the demand of the offenders, and in return, their videos and nudes become viral online. Revenge porn is one of the best examples because many x lovers get involved in online blackmailing.

They Become Scared Of Going To Their Parents

Many victims of online blackmail become scared to go to their parents first. Online victims have not committed a mistake; this is what parents should believe in them. They should supervise their teens online when they got at least a cell phone and internet connection. Parents should examine why their kids are scared and what happened to them. Online blackmailing is a curse that parents should be aware of about their kids never before.

What Should Parents Do To Safeguard Themselves From Online Blackmail?

Here are the steps parents should take to protect their kids and teens from offenders never before. Let’s discuss the steps one by one in the following:

Talk To Your Kids:

Parents need to have good terms with their teens. Once parents have established a good relationship with their children, they can protect teens from offenders’ online blackmail. You have to talk with your kids frequently. Be a friend with your teens, and discuss the cyber world when you hand over a smartphone and interaction. Guide your kids on how offenders can trap them online and also dos blackmail them.

  • Parents should talk to their kids about too got to be true offers. You can encourage teens to ask any question to have in their mind.
  • Guide your teens; don’t hide anything from them, no matter whether or discuss the issue with a trusted adult, like a mother, teacher, uncle, and father.
  • Guide your teens about sex and relationships. A mother can discuss the sex and relationship truth with the female teens. A father can guide male teens about the sex life of a human being. Parents can guide their teens on how online blackmailers can trap them online. Teach your kids never to share their nudes online and with anyone.
  • Guide your teen never to share money or other nudes with an offender who blackmails you for your buffs. Encourage your teens to discuss the issue with their parents, regardless of their crimes. It will make your teens confident, and no online offender would blackmail your child.
  • Teach your child where they can report whenever someone tries to blackmail them online. Also, guide your teen not to record or capture their nudes via cell phone cameras. Guide them on how offenders can hack their phone cameras and record their buffs.

Set Parental Controls On Kids Online To Ensure Their Safety From Offenders Online

Are you scared of online blackmail? Install TheOneSpy parental controls on teens’ cell phones connected to cyberspace. It is a spy app that parents can install on teens’ cell phones to prevent sex offenders from blackmailing their teens online. Once you have installed the parental monitoring solution on the teen’s phone, use the following mentioned tools:

Limit Screen-Time

Parents can limit the teens’ screen time to prevent teen interaction with the offenders online. You can block every social media app active on a teen’s cell phone from 1 hour to 12 hours. Teens cannot use risky social apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others. So, parents can protect teens from online blackmail.

Live Screen Recording

Live screen recording allows parents to record and watch live activities of the teens on cell phone screens. The screen recorder feature can record short videos on the cell phone screen and send them to the dashboard. Parents can download the videos and see if teens interact with strangers online.


Parents can schedule screenshots on teens’ cell phone screens and capture snapshots to see what they are doing on the phone. The screenshots feature will let parents know what teens do on their cell phones.

Screen Sharing

Live screen sharing is a feature that provides live streaming of your teen’s cell phone screen into the TheOneSpy dashboard. Parents can see to whom teens are texting, sharing media, and other things. Parents can make quick decisions whenever an offender tries to blackmail their child online.


TheOneSpy is the best tool for parents to safeguard teens from sharing nudes and videos with blackmailers online. Parents can also remote control teens’ cell phone cameras whenever they try to capture inappropriate images and videos. Parents can monitor the teens’ social media activities and keep themselves up to date 24/7.

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