How to Jailbreak iOS 13.5 on Windows Tutorial

jailbreak ios 135 on windows

Previously, we have covered a tutorial that how you can jailbreak iOS 13.5 on macOS. Today we are going to discuss another tutorial. Let’s discuss how to jailbreak iOS 13.5 using windows devices because not all users are MAC users. Moreover, we are going to showcase how to anchor pesky Could not find AltServer error message.

Except for a few key differences, the method of jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad is quite similar on windows devices.

Biggest difference jailbreaking iOS 13.5 on MAC/windows machines

Well, as we have discussed earlier that it is quite the same, jailbreaking iOS 13.5 on Windows and MAC devices. However, the real difference is that iTunes does not remain important stuff on macOS, but when it comes to windows iTunes has its importance.

Let’s read our user–friendly tutorial!

17 Crucial Steps Jailbreak IOS 13.5 IPhone/IPad on Windows Using Uncover


Go to & get AltStore beta for windows


Excerpt the content on AltStore & complete setup to activate AltServer


Tap on menu & lauch AltServer


In-case you don’t have iTunes & iCloud then AltServer recommends both

If you have already got the Apple –provided versions for likewise iTunes and iCloud then you can skip this step and turn to the 5th one.

The very best thing you can get about AltServer is that it will provide you with the download direct links of both iTunes and iCloud respectively. However, jailbreak does not compatible with the Windows Store version, so you have to follow the download direct links to get your hands on both iTunes and iCloud from Apple directly.

step 1 to jailbreak 1355

Now keep in your mind that windows device will tell you to initiate your PC at each installation, but you need to save the restart until iCloud get downloaded and end up with its setup.

step 2 to jailbreak 1355

Once you have successfully downloaded the iTunes, then you will have to launch AltServer again to evoke the iCloud download and complete its setup as well.

step 3 to jailbreak 1355

The installation of iTunes from Apple is on the go

However, you see that iCloud login request has been received in the shape of pop –up then you can skip it. In addition to that, you don’t need to log into iCloud on your windows devices to use the jailbreak.

step 4 to jailbreak 1355

The installation of iCloud form Apple is on the go


Now, all you need to do is to connect your iOS device running with iOS 13.5 with your windows computer device using a lightning to USB cable. In addition to that, press the Trust button on your iOS device, when it appears on it, and then use the password instantly. You have to make sure that your device is seen in iTunes.


Tap on AltServer icon in the system tray on the right bottom side, & choose install

AltStore> <name of your iPhone device>

step 5 to jailbreak 1355


The appearance of something on the prompt, you have to use the credentials of your Apple ID and password to make sure the authenticity with Apple, and tap on install button. Once the authenticity made, it empowers you to sideload the AltStore app on your iOs iPhone device is needed.

step 6 to jailbreak 1355


After for a little while you will encounter with AltStore app visible on your iOS device.

step 7 to jailbreak 1355


Now use the iPhone/iPad device and visit the settings>General> Device management>Your Apple ID> & click on the Trust button for the sake of your Apple ID.


Visit the Home screen & launch the AltStore


Now all you need to tap on the settings and then you have to go through the right-hand corner side, and click on the Apple ID. Now once again you have to enter your Apple credentials to verify with Apple server to get permissions for an additional sideload, but this time it is all for the Unc0ver usage.

step 8 to jailbreak 1355

You will see a message pop –up on the screen “an error message stating Could not find AltServer”, then instantly remove the iPhone from your Windows PC. Make sure that, iTunes is recognizing your iOS device, and sign again.


Close AltStore & Use Safari & go to

step 9 to jailbreak 1355


Now it is the right time for you to get access to AltStore button and you need to make a lick on the open button. In the AltStore you will use a loading signal at the top to show the download information about the Unc0ver jailbreak utility. Once it’s been completed with the downloading then it will visible in the list the Apps that are activated in AltStore.


In addition to that, make a click on the 7 Days button near to the Unc0ver utility and it will activate Unc0ver on your iOS device’s home screen.

step 10 to jailbreak 1355


Now activate Unc0ver & tap jailbreak. Click on “OK” button to reboot device.

step 11 to jailbreak 1355

During the process of jailbreaking


Now again launch Unc0ver and click on the jailbreak. Now it’s time to make a click on reboot one more time.


When the reboot got ended, Cydia will pop –up on your device screen, it further empowers you to install your favorite jailbreak tweaks and further jailbreak themes.

step 12 to jailbreak 1355

Cydia Icon

When you have done with the reboot, you have to run the Unc0ver jailbreak one more time to again process the jailbreak. It will take a little time for sure.

From 9 to 5MAC take

If you are used to do iPhone jailbreak, it used to very risky, but nowadays, such a magnificent release against this very best contemporary version of iOS is unique and worthy enough.

step 13 to jailbreak 1355

Cydia get installed on iOS phone SE 13.5


I hope this tutorial will help you a lot to customize your device for better themes, mods, and for different third party applications likewise, cellphone monitoring application to make sure kid’s safety on iOS iPhones and iPads, and for many more. In addition to that, I would like to add that jailbreaking has contributed a lot to iOS innovation over the last decade.

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