Green Dot on iPhone Indicates–Someone has an Eye on You

green dot on new ios 14

If you are wondering that an app keeps an eye on you through the iPhone camera, Apple has come up with a solution. The new iOS 14 version has introduced a new “warning dot” Feature that alarms you whenever your camera or microphone is activated. It means, if any app snooping into your device and do recording, you will get to know about it abruptly.

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A Green Dot Comes to Light in the Upper Right Corner of the iPhone Screen

green dot orange dot camera mic indicator

In the latest iOS version 14, a green dot will show in the upper right corner of the iPhone screen at the time cameras working. If the microphone is active on your iPhone, it will appear orange. You can ingress into the Control Center of your device you will get to know about the particular app that is currently using the microphone. If you further want to make sure that something up, you can check the permission in the settings of your device. You can discard the access permissions to your cameras and microphone instantly. You can get rid of the worries by deleting the apps at the same time.

orange dot for mic indication

“The privacy is the fundamental right of everyone, and we are doing to protect your privacy with best of our abilities, Apple officials said that.” “We are offering you more control of your data and privacy in iOS 14 versions.”

“The indicator will show at the top of your iPhone screen whenever an application is controlling the cameras and microphones. You can make a check on your device using Control Center if any third-party application has used microphones and cameras, Apple further added.

Users will Show Rough Locations with Apps –Apple Explains

Users will allow approximate locations to the apps looking for GPS location on your device instead of sharing pinpoint location. It means an app could show the nearest possible location and unable to know your current and exact location. People have a reservation that apps are spying on them over the years.

There are infinite numbers of Facebook users that do believe that they have talked about adverts out loud, and it came to light the very next moment on the app. Moreover, Facebook users further said that they have never searched for the content; it means something was there to snooping.

Many users say Facebook is controlling your cellphone microphone and record surround conversations to help out the advertisement. Is it true? Facebook officials have their stance that they are not bugging microphones to listen to the surroundings to target ads.

Why it Seems Like Facebook is Spying on You?

The truth behind targeting advertising is that they are using your psychology against you and show you the relevant ads. Facebook does not need to spy on your FB conversations because you have delivered so much information to them. Facebook knows everything about you and plays with your mind by sending links that can stagger everything running on your mind. The advertisers have all the information because you have done a lot on the web and on the devices which they need, and they use it against you.

They know everything about you very well, where do you live, whom you are friends with, your income, and what your political affiliations are. So, when you get targeted by the ads, you have spoken out loud, and they can predict your interest and believes to the fullest.

You may have encountered the campaign, and you have seen the ads and ignored them. You may have spoken about the ads and never noticed that you saw the advertising. Later on, you suddenly saw the ads, and it might seem suspicious to you. You may have planned for the holidays at some plays, and later on, you have seen the advertisement related to your plan.

Facebook Uses Your Information for Ads

You may think that you have never searched for anything that is coming in the ads. Meanwhile, Facebook is cleverly using the info that you have submitted to it in any way, about your wealth, your visited locations, your own location, and many other activities you have shared or do on the web or Facebook. Seemingly, the snooping in your mind is just a piece of sensible advertising concerning the information on Facebook.

An official said, Facebook is not bugging your phone’s microphone to listen to the surroundings and not provide information to anyone.  Facebook is listening to the surroundings of the users and delivering the interest of the user to the advertisers. Facebook is snooping at all.

We used to share ads by using the user’s interests via their profiles on which you have expressed many things. “We do spy on your cellphone microphone if you have permitted our apps or, you are using kind of features that require the access of the microphone to record the audio, he added.

It may include the video recording by using some optional features we have introduced in the past, music, and audio features on your status updates. There is none no single verified proof that Facebook is recording your real-life surroundings, according to the Facebook official.

End–to–End Encryption Unable to Stop FB to Access WhatsApp Chat

Facebook is using WhatsApp data to target Ads, but these days you can choose it. Since Facebook has bought the social network, it is trying to make WhatsApp to generate more revenue.

Key Points:

  • WhatsApp chat is encrypted. It means no one can read your messages but you as a sender and another person as the receiver. Moreover, your messages are unable to post on Facebook or unable to use for advertising purposes.
  • You may not have seen ads on instant messaging app currently, but near future, it could receive ads.
  • Facebook can get your WhatsApp data and the person you have chats. It means it shares the data to Facebook for advertising.

Is WhatsApp Chat Encrypted a Myth?

It is ambiguous. We all know that messages are end-to-end encrypted when you send them on the social messaging app.  The database that gathers your chat messages on the iPhone is unable to get the benefit because of the layer of encryption. The iOS data protection standard makes it secure that decrypt files on the fly.

There is no further encryption. Schedule, messages, contacts, phone numbers, and names are there in the database that is enough to create a chat history. iOS developers can take a little time to setup code in both Facebook and WhatsApp apps and can copy the database from apps to another via the shared container.

In this post, we are not claiming that Facebook, WhatsApp, and other applications that can access the iOS device camera and microphone are snooping on you. However, tools are there and telling a different story. There are numerous apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more that access mic, cameras and ask for permissions green dot on your iOS version 14 will indicate that someone has an eye on you.


It is possible that third–party rouge applications are spying on you, and they could listen to what you are saying and could watch what you are doing. Therefore, Apple has introduced a perfect safety measure for the apps that can snoop into your privacy.

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