UnZip the Power of Real Spying, NSA vs Spy Apps

UnZip the Power of Real spy

It’s intriguing to compare NSA’s spying with that of the spy apps. The intentions of the two spying mechanisms are completely contradictory. While the government organization might claim to be monitoring us to ensure our own safety and to monitor the ever escalating crime rate, the facts are still quite shocking.

The kind of data and information that the NSA collects breaches privacy. Whether they are doing it to catch criminals or not, owing to NSA’s maneuvers, none of us can feel secure in their private lives. That they keep all our information for up to five years is just the icing on this espionage cake.

When compared to NSA, the spy apps seem like philanthropists. Through the spy apps you aren’t just keeping an eye on whoever you want; the act of monitoring is focused and has purpose. And unlike NSA, the spy apps actually do endeavor to safeguard loved ones, or bolster business. Monitoring your children’s activities online or keeping tabs on what your employees are doing can ensure peace of mind. The NSA, meanwhile, causes a major breach of the Americans’ privacy on a daily basis, 24/7.

Our infographic juxtaposes NSA’s monitoring activity with that of the spy apps. It reveals the startling differences between the two kinds of spying. The infographic also reveals how despite NSA’s multitudinous claims about safeguarding the Americans and securing the country, it’s actually the spy apps that are doing a lot more for safety, security and the general peace of mind of people living in the U.S.

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