Infographic – How Can Parents Sustain Healthy Relations with Their Teens?

How Can Parents Sustain Healthy Relations

There are various relations in the world, but when it comes to blood relations, the parents-teens relationship is the strongest, most reliable, and full of love and great respect. Time is changing rapidly, and advancement in technology cause hurdles and deteriorating this perfect relationship. TheOneSpy monitoring app fetches an excellent Infographic to demonstrate the ins and outs in this relationship. It caters as well that how parents can become the best guardians of their teens and bring them up in sophisticated manners.

Care and Share

Parents, whether it’s mom or dad, are the closest people to their children and thus teens prefer sharing their personal matters, problems and complex issues with their parents rather than involving someone else. 91% of Boys have remarked that they find it better to share their problems with their moms while 89% of girls do share with mothers. When it comes to sharing with dads, girls are on top because they find them their best friends who listen to them with compassionate ears and care about them. Fathers play more roles in the lives of their teens, and it’s worth mentioning that younger parents, dads, have been found more compassionate, loving and caring towards their teens.

How Parents Keep Eyes on Activities of their Teens?

Though there are several ways parents can be aware of the activities, life, social media whereabouts and study matters of their children, monitoring teens through monitoring apps like TheOneSpy have become very popular as it deems safer and better. There is a complexity when parents have to install monitoring apps on the cell phones of their teens, and it’s about trust. Parents must let their children know that they have used monitoring apps to check their activities onward, and it will be suitable to save the parents-teens relationship otherwise some teens may find it offensive.

Monitoring software is the dire need of the hour, and it’s because parents have realized their children are not safe in this world and especially on social media. They check their text messages, calls, social media instant messengers, have knowledge of their locations and keep eyes on what they do on the internet.

Let us share some facts about how parents and teens are attached to social media. When every second individual on the planet is using social media apps and websites, 55% of parents have admitted their teens use Facebook, and they have visited their profiles as well while 60% of teens are unaware of the fact that their parents are using Facebook too to find what their children are up to on social media.

For all Parents

Where so many parents keep eyes on the activities of their teens, non-tech savvy parents ignore this fact and never care about what their children have been doing on their social media accounts. This is particularly for the non-tech savvy parents that they should know whereabouts of their offspring, and if they can’t do anything, they must deploy monitoring app to check their children. TheOneSpy monitoring app is the best and most reliable app that lets parents help their teens, save them from cyber bullies, sexting, and other social media dangers. The app empowers parents to feel relaxed that their children are safe with TheOneSpy as it will notify the parents in the event their teens are in some trouble and can be approached for help.

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