US Agencies Warns Parents Against the Use of SnapChat Among Children


Every minute a new social application crops up on the internet. The problem is that these applications come with their set of risks. Abusing any of these can have dire consequences. Only recently, many cases have cropped up where applications like Snapchat have been involved in advocating criminal activity against children. These applications tend to draw data from the harboring gadgets and phones which hackers can get their hands on easily. This then puts the kids in a vulnerable position. Only recently FBI has warned parents against the use of Snapchat among children because it compromises the kids’ safety. However, with the help of monitoring applications, kids’ safety, and security can be guaranteed. Here’s how monitoring applications like TheOneSpy application can help.

Keeping an eye on Internet activities

Parents can keep a close eye on their kids’ internet activities like the sites they visit. These include different social media websites where kids these days are very active. Social media websites allow kids to post pictures and openly tag themselves at different locations. This can become hazardous because predators occasionally take out different activity patterns from such check-ins which then makes kids vulnerable. When parents keep an eye on their kids’ social media and other internet activities they can make sure their kids are not putting out personal information that can jeopardize their safety.

Other applications like Snapchat can also be monitored as parents can make sure their kids are not actively posting too many Snaps on that is revealing their activities and location.

Controlling Uploading and Downloading Preferences

Kids occasionally enjoy uploading different multimedia on their social media accounts which help form a personal identity on the internet. However, posting too many pictures and videos can be harmful to the kids’ safety and these only distinguishable put the kids in the limelight. At the same time, downloading multimedia can be harmful as well. When you download different things off the internet from uncertain websites, your IP address gets shared at the same time. The IP address can be used to identify your location.

Moreover, with the help of TOS monitoring application, parents can also place controls on which applications can be downloaded and which cannot be. This means the kid will not be able to download applications from insecure sites. This is especially important because when you download an application n to any of your gadgets it seeks permission to different parts of your phone like multimedia, camera, and contact list.

Having Remote Access to the Target Device

Remote access is one of the most powerful tools when using TheOneSpy software. This is because; by having remote access parents can check and modify different aspects of their kid’s gadgets. For example, they can make sure their “location” settings are turned off. This is especially important because Google tends to receive location data from the target gadget timely and stores it onto their servers. This can be easily hacked into hence compromising your kids’ safety. This is also important because applications like Snapchat also receive your location history in order to allow the use of different filters and location tags.

Other than that, remote access can also allow parents to check their multimedia folders to check what has been downloaded or will be uploaded anytime soon. This also helps parents delete material that is irrelevant or may become harmful later.

Checking Calendar Activities

Keeping an eye on the kids’ calendar actives can help parents know where their kids plan on being in the near future. Applications like Snapchat offer different geotags for specific locations and events along with a live feed of each which children are usually very excited to be a part of. However, it only puts your kid out there more and compromises your kids’ safety and security. Calendar activities also help parents become vigilant about their kid’s upcoming activities and how they can become a part of them. For example, if your kid has a plan of going to the concert later in the week, as a parent you can maybe clear up your schedule and offer to chaperone them and their friends.


With digital citizenship rising, our kids’ safety is becoming a serious issue that parents are really worried about. Every day different problems are cropping up which forces like FBI are looking into as the number of victims increases. It’s important that parents start taking the right digital measures to ensure their kid’s safety.

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