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Online Predator using Instant Messengers as Cover to Harm Teens

Online Predator using Instant Messengers as cover to harm teens

The term “Online Predators” has introduced since the internet has come into existence. The people who perform internet facilitated sex-crimes against the minors and started adult or abusive communication with the young kids and teens having the aim of coercing them into illegal sexual activity. Having the facility of the internet with the passage of time the real-life predators use technology such as chat rooms, instant messaging, and Internet forums, social networking sites and cell phones and finally a new term formed known as online predators. So, generally, the predators who seek to exploit vulnerable children for sexual or other abusive motives with the help of cyberspace are cyber predators. Therefore, they collect information and use communications technology and internet to track, victimize the minors such as teens.

Cyber Predators Using Social networking apps as cover

The Facts

Online predators happen mostly in chat rooms or social media apps; the New England Journal of Public Policy reported that. However any social app or online spaces that empower young users to make contacts with the strangers without the moderation or without the age verification can permits contacts between the kids and the adults and these adults could be anyone, an online predator. On the other hand’s teens used to of exploring the adult sites, chat rooms and also use dating apps such as Tinder, Snapchat, Yahoo and others out of curiosity regarding sex and romance. So, having these kinds of facts cyber predators are using social messaging apps such as Facebook, Kik, Line, Vine, Instagram and others as their cover.

Why Online Predators using Social media to Victimize minors?

Obviously, the technology in the shape of instant messaging apps provides cover and anonymity to the cyber predators. They can operate sitting in their sleeper cells and can make contact with their target without exposing their identity. Moreover, they can chase more than one target at the same time and they just have to send a flying message to a young flame and there will be possible chances they can trap them easily. There are following things that really suits to an online predator.

  • High successful rate
  • Cover & anonymity
  • No risk factor to get caught
  • Easy to operate

How Online Predators Usually Operates?

Predators use technology and contact with the teens through conversations in chat rooms, instant messengers, and email or discussion boards. Further, teens use “peers support” online forums to get a solution to their issues. Online predators also visit online stuff in order to chase the vulnerable victims. They gradually seduce the minors in a generous way such as attention, affection, kindness and even with the gifts and for the most to spend online time with teens to attract them fully. They slowly introduce sexual content and use seductive words in a conversation.  However, some teens are faster than the predators and they really want to have someone to expose sexual feelings to them and this thing makes the work easier for the cyber predators.

The Facts

  • Almost 5% of online predators lie that they are kids and most of them reveal they are older that become more appealing to the teens in the age of 12-15 years old.
  • There are some predators that want to have the sexual conversation and ask for the pictures of teens instantly.
  • Few are like to engage themselves in “bunny hunting”, it is a method of online predators to choose a potential victim for grooming. They go to the social media apps profiles and see the likes and dislikes of their target.
  • So, they engage the target in the friendly way and get the contact and started conversations on phone calls rather than on instant messengers and finally get the trust. Then at the end of the day, they ask for a compromising picture with the help of their bold compliments and involve teens in “sextortion” and then ask for the meeting in real life. This is the most effective things for an online predator and dangerous one for teens.

Usual targets for online cyber predators

Online predator doesn’t play with the magic; obviously, there are some things that favor them to hunt their target. Cyber predators engage the target mostly on social media platforms because they are fully aware of the fact that social networking apps are the biggest platforms where young teens are present frequently. So they adopt social messengers as cover to hunt them online. There are following facts that really help cyber predators to engage the target teens. TOS Parental monitoring app enables parents to spy on instant messaging apps because these apps are totally dangerous for young kids and teens.

The Facts

  • Online predators target minors and teens that used to of revealing their identity, pictures, and love to engage in the sex talk on social messaging apps.
  • Mostly they target teens and tweens between the age of 12-15 and it seems prime targets. Girls are the most frequent targets for the cyber predators.
  • Young boys in their teenage are the second-most targeted group because they feel talking online rather than in real life. Child abusers usually chase young boys online.
  • Teens who love to share the contact with the strangers and they often trapped by the stalkers.
  • Young teens and tweens who want to feel special and need compliments about their body and facial features are the easiest targets for teens.

Most often, young tweens and teens willingly go for the relationship with the stalkers, sexual predators and do blind dates. Others become the victim of cyber bullies because they just want to humiliate teens online for the sake of fun.

Online predators –statistics

  • 95% of Americans between the ages of 12-17 are online on social media apps and three out four teens have access to the internet on cell phones, tablets, and on other mobile phone gadgets.
  • Almost 30% of young boys are the victims of the online predator through social media platforms.
  • One out five teens in the U.S who regularly use digital media apps and receive un-wanted sexual solicitation through the web (digital apps).
  • Online predator ten to fall betw
    een the ages of 18-55 and their target tend to fall between the ages of 12-15.
  • 100% of teens who are the victims willingly go for meeting an online predator in real life.
  • There are almost 799,041 registered sex offenders in the U.S.
  • Almost 16% of teens considerably meet someone who meets online and out of all 8% meet the people in real-life because they had the interaction online via social media platforms.
  • 75% children share their information such as pictures, contact number, home address and school name.
  • 33% of teens meet with the Facebook friends whom they don’t know in real life before the meeting.
  • 40% of teens are using Kik social media app in the United States and online predators have moved towards Kik, according to the report is the collaboration between British Investigative media company Point and Forbes.

How Can Parents protect teens in the quest of stats?

If Predators can become online predators: Then why not parents can be digital parents. They should behave similarly to the cyber predators. They should use the technology in order to protect teens from all forms of cyber predators such as stalkers, cyberbullies, sexual predators and child abusers. They should set a parental control on the medium through kids and teens use the web and social messaging apps. Setting parental control on cell phone gadgets will effectively reduce the chances and may illuminate all the nightmares that your teens are facing. Before using the parental control app on teen’s cell phone, parents have to have conversations with teens that always love to make contacts online with the strangers.

Parents should use following

  • Parents should educate teens about “Netiquette”.
  • Educate young kids and teens about the dangers of sexual predators and online dangers.
  • Internet should be connected to open areas of the house don’t give access to bedrooms.
  • Parents should be role model when children are growing.
  • Guide your kids and teens don’t respond to the strangers on social media and on other platforms.

If you are not satisfied: use cell phone spying software

Simply subscribe to the mobile phone monitoring software and install it on your teen’s phone and once you have installed it successfully. Then nothing is left about to worry. It enables parents to remotely control teen’s smartphone with remotely phone controller for the best cell phone spyware.

You can record incoming calls remotely from strangers on teen and kid’s smartphone, block text messages and even you can block the internet. Furthermore, parents can cell phone message spy and can read all the sent and receive the text message to the fullest. You can record live calls and listen to it with the help of hidden spy and remote call recorder of the cell phone surveillance software.

Track social media apps logs, chat conversations, messages, shared media files such as photos and videos and VOICE Messages through IM’s social media of the cell phone tracking spyware. However, a user can view live activities happen on teens smartphone screen by using the TOS spy 360 live screen recording. It empowers parents to broadcast the cell phone screen of teens lives into the cell phone spyware app web portal.


Discover the online predator and expose there cover on social media platforms and show it to your teens in order to protect them from all the hidden online predators. All you need to have best PC and mobile spy on your children’s phone.

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