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Are you aware of the fact that WhatsApp has one of the biggest fans following worldwide? It has more than 100 million users. It is obvious that employees, young kids and teens have their smartphones, they have probably installed WhatsApp messenger. They share text, multimedia; they do calls and Chat conversations. Monitoring the social networking app has to be necessary for parents and employers because it is rapidly converting into a hub of online bullies, scammers, data breaching and for criminals. If we look into the states almost 64 billion messages and 1.6 billion images and photos are spread each day particularly on WhatsApp messenger, ultimately we are inviting plenty of types cyber-crimes. Therefore, it is need of the hour to use the WhatsApp spy app to deal with all the challenges which you are facing in any form. There are some plenty of issues which are floating on the greatest instant messaging app and make it so vulnerable.

According to the Stats

An average user is spending more than half an hour on this particular social messaging platform. Resultantly, there are highest chances that your employees are wasting their time on company’s owned devices within the working hours or it might be possible that they are clicking on the links which may contain malware. Resultantly, an employer loses their confidential data.

Growing Trend of Cyber Bullying

When young kids and teens spend them all day long and half night on social messaging apps, they may get trapped by online bullies. Bullies are everywhere in the digital world, they are always looking for young kids and teens to make their victims. But on the other hand, parent willingly buying modern cell phone devices for their young teens and kid without knowing the risks they may face while using instant messengers such as Whatsapp. It is very simple to understand that a social app which is so popular among everyone, then definitely cyber-bullies are not the supernatural people or out of this world.  Young kids and teens may not see with their own eyes to these evil peoples, who are waiting to ruin their lives, to humiliate them, to make fun of and also threatened them by using the abusive language.

A young kid or teen who get bullied online may face symptoms such as depression, anxiety and psychological issues which could remain long lasted in their lives. Parents are the well-wishers of their kids and teens; they need to think what they can do to protect their kids from WhatsApp dangers. They just need to use the Whatsapp spy software in order to monitor teen’s incoming and outgoing calls, Chats and multimedia file they share on the social messaging app. The cell phone spy app enables a user to monitor on calls, view IM’s logs, IM’s chats, and even VOIP calls.

Data Breaching is on the Rise

The current year is the most threatening year for business point of view, the companies data had breached dramatically no time ever before. Let’s think for a while, why it happened? Because of the weak security and lack of data backup measures taken by the business enterprises within the company’s owned devices. They assigned the devices to their employees for work purposes and employees use these gadgets for the entertainment purposes. Employees do chatting, calls, share media files on instant messengers installed within the device such as Whatsapp. Employers need to look after the devices of the company which can lead them towards serious issues, data breaching, low productivity and non-serious behavior of the employees need to be monitored.

Employers can monitor on their employee’s smartphone devices and even the instant messaging apps installed on the devices. If they want to keep an eye on their employee’s single move, they should use the monitoring app for WhatsApp. The user can use Keylogger of the cell phone tracking software. It allows the user to view all the keystrokes applied to the target device. They can see password keystrokes, Messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and Email keystrokes.

Once an employer all the keystrokes, then it is easy to get access to the target device and they can know whom they are talking to on calls, what sort of messages they have sent and what kind of websites and apps they are visiting through browsing history of the smartphone surveillance app. An employer can even track the location of their employees by using the GPS location tracker of the mobile phone tracking software. The user can use the use the cell phone monitoring app as the data-backup tool, in-case your device has been theft, lost or hacked by someone, you can get your data back by sign-in the control panel of TheOneSpy app.


Get your hands on all the activities such as calls, chat conversations and multimedia files which teens and employees have done on WhatsApp by using the WhatsApp monitoring software.

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