“WHO” Introduces COVID-19 Alert Service With WhatsApp & Facebook!

WHO COVID-19 alert service with Facebook and WhatsApp

Since the pandemic has spread, cases are on the rise. Millions of people worldwide are affected. Every country is on the brink of destruction and imposing new instructions on people’s movement one after the other.

The World Health Organization has conducted a media briefing to create awareness about the pandemic via streamed Live last Friday, 20 March. The organization has introduced an alert messaging service with the cooperation of WhatsApp and Facebook. People can use the service and get answers to queries about the virus.

Here’s what worried parents and business professionals need to know about the outbreak of the COVID-19 from WHO officials in Geneva. Before we go into the details, our cause is to tell parents how they can protect kids and teens from surrounding infected areas, further how can business professionals can alarm their employees from the infected areas.

Tips For Keeping Individuals, Kids & Employees Safe During Covid-19

As WHO officials have shared tips to protect people from the Covid-19 outbreak, do you think the WHO health alert bot via WhatsApp and Facebook is enough for individuals, kids, and businesses ‘ safety? No matter, how much information you got unless you have a solution to prevent your loved ones and your workforce from the infected area. 

Following are the tips that can help you to stay away from dangerous and infected places and people.

5 Tips For Parents To Protect Kids from Covid-19 Using WhatsApp & Facebook

  • Apart from the “WHO” health alert bot, parents can use messenger and WhatsApp spy tools on kid’s cellphones to get regular updates. It enables parents to monitor kid’s messages, chat, and shared media files on both might messaging apps.
  • Parents can track the live GPS location of kids while they are at school. They can get to know what areas they are visiting and they are following your instructions maintaining distance from infected places.
  • Parents can remotely create an electronic fence around the places on infected places and get notified via email when kids are approaching red zones.
  • Parents spy on WhatsApp on kid’s phone to know whether they are planning with friends to visit places full of mob
  • Parents can watch the location history of kids using the messenger spy app. It further tracks route maps by tracking cellphones remotely.

Tips For Employers To Protect Workforce from Covid-19 Using WhatsApp & Facebook

Business professionals have the right to spy on business-owned devices, and now they aware of employees to follow the WHO latest Facebook and WhatsApp alert service. Every year billions of dollars of U.S companies are paying for the health insurance of their employees. During the pandemic insurance, companies are facing huge drawbacks. So, employers have to alarm their employees to protect themselves from the outbreak.

There are the following tips for employers to protect the workforce using messaging apps, like WhatsApp and Facebook:

  • Employers can spy on business devices, like cellphones, PCs, and computer devices of employees working from home. It helps them out to use the WhatsApp spyware to monitor and track what they are talking about regarding the pandemic.
  • Tell your employees to comply with restrictions on traveling and in movement at a large mob. For this, employers can keep an eye on employees by tracking GPS location. Employees can Use the WHO COVID alert service to get more information using WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.
  • Guide your employees to get National travel advice for moving on business trips.
  • Keep tracking your employee’s WhatsApp and the Facebook messenger if they got infected and hiding from their bosses.

WHO Tips to Keep Individuals & Communities Safe & Healthy

There are following tips suggested by the WHO officials that keep people and communities safe and healthy from the pandemic.

  • WHO (World Health Organization) has recommended 30 minutes of exercise for adults and 1 hour a day for kids. WHO Director-General suggests watching online videos based on exercise
  • Business professionals should take little breaks while working from home during the pandemic and avoid sitting in the same position for so long
  • Maria Van Kerkhove WHO technical lead, says that people should practice physical distancing rather than social distancing. WHO Director said that: Compassion is medicine”.
  • People should practice logical guidelines to avoid the COVID -19 spread
  • We have to protect our workers at a business firm or working at a health care department by wearing a mask when they are taking care of you

Facebook & WhatsApp Launches "WHO" Health Alert to Spread Covid-19 Awareness

Facebook and WhatsApp have joined WHO (World Health Organization) and introduces health alert services on social messaging apps. It enables users to get updated information and answer the questions of people about the COVID-19 pandemic. The World Health Organization has come up with a COVID-19 alert service on messaging apps, like WhatsApp and messenger with the support of Sprinklr.

It will help people to provide timely information and precautions to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic.  WHO has taken a well-thought initiative by reaching out updated information to billions of messenger and WhatsApp users? Its health alert allows people to ask questions and get instant answers.

Join WHO's Health Alert on WhatsApp:

People can access the service by using a link for an open conversation on WhatsApp by sending hi message to the number 0041798931892. Once a user has got access, you can go through the menu and ask queries and get an instant answer, WHO officials said that.

People can access to the WHO Facebook page or via WhatsApp link. It enables people to get the information directly from the WHO at any point in time.

How Do Messaging Apps Helping Out People From Remote Areas About COVID-19?

The messaging volume has increased to 50%. In remote regions, WhatsApp and messenger app are spreading accurate information to people regarding the pandemic. The additional health alert service has launched by WHO (World Health Organization) facilitating people with accurate and updated information about the pandemic.

It could play a positive role in controlling Covid-19 and having direct information from WHO can negate all the misinformation. Both of the social messengers can help out of billions of people around the world by sharing critical updated about the pandemic.


Everyone is scared of the waves of the pandemic outbreak. The lives of individuals, business professionals, and school-going kids worldwide are at stake. People should follow the WHO guidelines and health alert service. However, every individual has the responsibility to keep a social distance and keep tracking your kids, loved ones, and people working in your organization WhatsApp and Facebook.

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