How To Spy On WhatsApp Messages With 4 Efficient Methods? (Updated)

How to Spy on WhatsApp

We have read many queries about WhatsApp messenger. Most people worldwide want to spy on WhatsApp messages, and there are plenty of reasons behind it. We have seen people asking too many WhatsApp questions on Quora. It is the most effective query platform. We have seen many answers, but every one of them was tough. They need the expertise to spy on WhatsApp conversations, messages, and media. So, we have decided to help those seeking help with the most trusted and accurate answer. Today, in this post, we will guide you with the best of our expertise, but before, you need to know about the reasons:

Who Needs To Spy On Whatsapp Messages?

The above-mentioned question is a million-dollar one. How to spy on WhatsApp conversations these days? Everyone uses WhatsApp on their cell phone. Somehow this question comes to everyone’s mind. The answer is easy: You must have a hidden WhatsApp spy solution. Further, it does not raise concerns for the users. They might get caught while reading messages on WhatsApp.

  • There could be dozens of reasons behind using the WhatsApp spy app. People may want to spy on someone’s messages and chats conversations. Let’s know the reasons that push everyone to spy on WhatsApp text conversations.
  • Individuals face betrayals from their loved ones or significant others. So, they want to monitor WhatsApp messages of people who betray them.
  • Parents also want to use WhatsApp spy services on their kids’ cell phones. They want to see the WhatsApp logs of their minors and teens. Technological tools are best for keeping tabs on their kids to protect them.
  • Employers are people that want to access WhatsApp messages on business devices. They install WhatsApp spy to sneak into the chats, news, group chats, and shared media of employees.

So, let’s know how to spy on WhatsApp messages or spy on someone’s WhatsApp conversations on another phone.

Efficient WhatsApp Spy Methods To Monitor Messages & Chats Conversations

Do you want to spy on WhatsApp Messages? It would help if you used efficient ways of WhatsApp spying tools. You can use the ways on another phone active with WhatsApp messenger to spy on someone’s text messages, chats, voice calls, and media sharing. Here are the following methods you need to know to spy on WhatsApp.

Method No.1: Spy On WhatsApp Messages With The Android Spy App

Monitor and read someone’s WhatsApp messages on any android phone and use the spy app for android. You must find the best spy software installed on your target phone active with WhatsApp. Before you spy on WhatsApp, you need to have an app that can spy on messages, chats, and voice messages on your cellphone.

How To Find Out The Best WhatsApp Spy App For Android?
  • First, you need to have a remote monitoring app for WhatsApp messenger.
  • Use an app that allows users to spy on cell phones active with IMs, like WhatsApp.
  • Install an invisible app that can secretly monitor messages, chats, and others on WhatsApp
  • Opt for an undetectable WhatsApp spy tool that does not pop up due to the usage of the Anti-spyware app.
  • Use a spy solution on rooted and non-rooted Android devices active with WhatsApp.
  • Find a spy solution that offers many features to monitor WhatsApp messages and other activities.
How Do You Use The Android Monitoring App To Spy On WhatsApp Chats On Any Cellphone?

Subscribe to your chosen Android monitoring software, like TheOneSpy. Further, get physical access on your target non-rooted android device. Install the app and ends up with a successful installation process. Use the password and ID to log in to the dashboard and activate the following features to spy on WhatsApp messages.

The Top Feature Of A Spy App For Android To Monitor WhatsApp Messages:

Screen Recording

Live screen recording is one of the best spying tools for WhatsApp. Users can record short videos on any android screen and send the recorded videos to the web control panel. Download the videos from the web portal and watch them to see the live messages, chats, and media sharing on WhatsApp.


You can schedule screenshots on another android phone with a spy app for WhatsApp. It empowers you to capture screenshots in a row and send the captured screenshots to the dashboard. You can see the screenshots and see chat and messaging activities.

Keystrokes Logging

Keystrokes logger is one of the few tools you can use on your target phone. It captures and records keystrokes applied on WhatsApp messages, chats, and group chats with the schedule. So, users can spy on WhatsApp messages secretly.

IM’s Activity Logs

Social media monitoring is the best tool that offers WhatsApp activity logs. Users can see the logs of chats, text messages, shared photos, videos, voice calls, and voice messages.

Spy360 Screen Sharing

Live camera streaming offers a sub-feature that is screen sharing. It connects the target android phone screen with the TheOneSpy dashboard. Users will get live screen sharing and streaming into the dashboard. You can see every activity on WhatsApp, such as chats, voice chats, and voice messages.

Method No.2: Monitor WhatsApp on Jailbreak iPhone with iPhone Monitoring App

You may want to spy on WhatsApp messages on another iPhone device. Here is the following method that you can use to monitor WhatsApp on any iPhone without them knowing:

  • Subscribe to the iPhone spy solution by visiting the official webpage of TheOneSpy.
  • Get the password and ID via email.
  • Jailbreak your target iPhone device to configure the application
  • Install the hidden iPhone spy software on your target device active with WhatsApp
  • Active the WhatsApp spy app for iPhone on your target device
  • Use the password and ID to login into the web control panel
  • Activate the dashboard and launch the features to spy on WhatsApp messages
Use WhatsApp Spy Solution For iPhone To Monitor Messages & Chats

WhatsApp Logs

It is the best feature to spy on WhatsApp text message logs sent and received. Further, users can spy on chat conversations, voice calls, media sharing, and other activities.

View Installed Apps

Users can use the view installed apps feature to see the installed applications list with names. Users can ensure whether the target person has installed WhatsApp messenger on another iPhone.

Method No.3: Spy On Someone’s WhatsApp On Your PC With Windows Monitoring App

You have surprised to see that you can spy on WhatsApp messages on windows laptops and desktop devices. Here is the following method to monitor messages and chats on a Laptop active with WhatsApp.

Step 1: You must browse  on the target windows laptop device.

Step 2: Open the website on your target Windows desktop device.

Step 3: Use a social engineering method and get the target phone into your hands active with WhatsApp messenger. Further, scan the QR code of your target cell phone device on your target windows device.

Step 4: Install the Windows monitoring solution on your target laptop device active with the WhatsApp messaging app. You also need one-time access to the target PC to install the spy app for windows.

Step 5: Log in to the dashboard of the spy app for WhatsApp on your cell phone with a password and ID. Now launch the features remotely on your target windows device.

Windows Monitoring App Features To Spy On WhatsApp Messages & Chats.

On-Demand Screenshots

Windows monitoring is possible to spy on WhatsApp messages. Users can Schedule screenshots Intervals using the windows spy dashboard app. You can set intervals, like 5 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 45 seconds. It will start capturing screenshots and send them to the dashboard. Users can see the screenshots to spy on WhatsApp messages and text conversations.

Windows Keylogger

Windows keylogger is the best tool that empowers you to capture live keystrokes of chats and messages on WhatsApp. Users can capture WhatsApp message keys, chat keystrokes, and others with the schedule.

Hidden Windows Screen Recorder

Windows screen recorders can record short videos on PCs when someone uses WhatsApp messenger. It can record back-to-back short videos and send the data to the online dashboard. Users can secretly see the videos to spy on WhatsApp messages and text chat.

Method No.4: Use MAC Spy Software On Your Desktop Computer To Monitor Someone’s’ WhatsApp

Are you struggling to spy on WhatsApp chats and messages on a MAC laptop and desktop? Here are the following steps to get the job done without effort:

Step 1: First, you must visit WhatsApp on the MAC desktop browser.  

Step 2: Open the website on a Laptop & Desktop Mac device.

Step 3: Using social engineering, you must get your hands on the target cell phone device active with WhatsApp. Scan the QR Code of the target cell phone on the MAC device. Now you have access to another cell phone WhatsApp into your MAC device.

Step 4: Install the MAC monitoring software on your MAC laptop or desktop device with physical access.

Step 5: Log in with the dashboard after success installation process using a password and ID. Further, use MAC monitoring features to spy on WhatsApp messages and other activities.

MAC Spy Solution Features Spying On WhatsApp Messages On Desktops


It is a feature that lets you spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages on your MAC computer device. You can use a keylogging tool to capture text messages and group chat keystrokes. Further, send the recorded keys to the windows spy –dashboard.

Live Screen Recording

A live screen recorder is one of the best tools for MAC devices. Users can use this tool on their MAC device to spy on WhatsApp messages and other activities. It can record short videos on a MAC screen and send data to the dashboard. You can download the videos and see text messaging, media sharing, and other activities on someone’s WhatsApp.

Schedule Screenshots

You can also schedule screenshots on your MAC computer device to monitor someone’s WhatsApp activities. Users can spy on messages, shared videos, photos, voice call logs, and others.


Gone are the days when you struggle to spy on WhatsApp messages on android, iPhone, MAC, and windows. Use TheOneSpy cell phone and computer monitoring products on your target devices. You can monitor WhatsApp messenger chats, text messages, and other activities without effort.

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