15 Key Features for Parental Monitoring Software

15 Key Features for Parental Monitoring software

Are you wondering about parental control software? We all know that parental control apps are the tools that enable parents to safeguard kids online. Usage of Parental monitoring software is the contemporary approach of the parents to keep a hidden eye on kids’ online and offline activities. Everyone does their best to find an online product that gives value to your spent money in return. You can get the best surveillance system for parenting unless you have at least these 15 essential features:

Use Parental Monitoring Software That Monitors Kid’s Digital Devices

Young kids are cell phones, gaming consoles, tablets, and iPhone addicts. They use internet-connected phones at home, at school, and with friends all day long. Parents these days have to be overly invasive to protect kids online.

You can use TheOneSpy on your minor’s phone and activate key features for parental control & monitoring. It can secretly access the target phone to monitor social media networks, calls, messages, multimedia, and location.

Further, you can reduce screen time, monitor browsing history, and many more. Here are the following key features of the parental monitoring app that enable you to monitor and track the digital devices of children:

1) Parental Control That Track Social Media Networks

Track social networking apps and their activities on Facebook, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Line, Vine, Skype, Viber, and others. Kids are more likely to have more than one social networking account on their phones. Parents can do surveillance on social networks on their minors’ smartphones with smartphone monitoring software. Parents must discover self-deleted text messages and chats to know what sort of conversations kids do with peers and what activities they do online such as messages, Voice calls, and media sharing. Protect your teens from cyber-bullying, stalking, and explicit live streaming activities on social platforms that offer live broadcasting.

2) An App That Monitors Calls & Text Messages On Kids’ Phone

Use parental control solutions that enable users to monitor call logs on another phone and text messages. Parents can access their child’s cell phone to record and listen to the calls incoming-outgoing in real-time and send the data to the dashboard. You can download the data and listen to the call recording. Users can secretly read text messages sent/ received on cellular networks and messaging apps. The monitoring app allows parents to read text messages and listen to calls without kids knowing. You can keep an eye on calls and messaging to prevent strangers from contacting your teen and build a relationship in person.

3) Discover Photos & Videos Shared Online & Stored In The Phone Gallery

A young teen could share photos and videos stored in their phone gallery on social media and to someone in person. It will put your teen in trouble. Predators can blackmail your child with the wrong motives. So, you have to set parental monitoring on your kid’s cell phone to view the phone’s gallery and multimedia they post or share on social networks with strangers and with their peers online. Teens can share photos on Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Parental control software empowers parents to access the cell phone gallery and shared multimedia.

4) Track The GPS Location Of Your Child Without Them Knowing

The hidden whereabouts of your children can harm them. So, use GPS location tracking software on the target cell phone. It will let you know about the hidden and pinpoint whereabouts of children and enable you to mark safe and dangerous places virtually on Google Maps. Further, parents can track the live GPS location and weekly location history to know where they are and what route maps they adopt to go to schools and playgrounds. Parental control solutions can safeguard kids from drug abuse, abduction, abuse, and much more.

5) Send You Email Alerts When A Child Is In Danger

TheOneSpy is one of the few parental control apps that enable parents to receive instant email alerts whenever a child is in danger unless they have used the Geo-Fencing feature. Parents can set Geo-Fence virtually on Maps to create an electronic circumference around their child’s GPS location. Further, it sends email alerts whenever your children enter or leave the electronic fence. Therefore, key-featured monitoring app has become necessary for the safety of children online and offline.

6) Limit Screen-Time Of Children On Cellphones

Screen time is one of the factors that bring negative effects on minors’ cognitive growth. So, you have to take care of your mental health by limiting the screen time on devices, and you have to bring a parental control feature of smartphone monitoring software that allows you to reduce the screen time on cell phones. Parents can block every app running on the target cell phone without root from 1 hour to 12 hours using an online dashboard. You need to install an app that limits the time spent on the cell phone screen connected to cyberspace.

7) Monitors Browsing History On Phone Browsers

Every smartphone device has built-in and installed web browsers, like chrome, safari, Firefox, and others. Internet-connected children access gaming websites, porn, live broadcasting websites, and other explicit website. Complete parental monitoring software let users monitor visited websites, bookmarked pages, and URLs with the schedule. It helps parents prevent kids from accessing explicit and profane content without using profanity filters. Should our kids be protected with profanity filters only? We would say no! A well-balanced parental control app with essential features can perform parental surveillance on your child’s phone.

8) Block Explicit Text Messaging Remotely On Kids’ Phone

Parental monitoring software should have anti-sexting & sextortion features. TheOneSpy is the one that is packed with the feature to block sexting messages sent and received on another phone. Parents can block text messages and chats conversations on tween cellphones. Moreover, Parents can stop children from sending and receiving sexting messages on social networks by blocking internet access on another phone without them knowing. Parents can also use the feature for anti-bullying activity on cellular messaging and instant messaging platforms.

9) Block Incoming Calls Of Strangers On Your Child’s Device

Are you wondering about kids how their contact numbers get exposed to online predators? Young teens are more likely to share contacts online using social media platforms with strangers. They talk with strangers online to build an emotional attachment and share contacts. Young teens commit with strangers for an in-person meeting that can bring consequences. So, parents can use one of the key features of parental tracking software that can block incoming calls from another phone. You can also intercept up to 5 contact numbers to prevent kids talk to strangers on cell phone calls.

10) Record Real-Time Screen On Children’s Cell Phone

Screen recording is one of the best features that parental monitoring solutions should have on its dashboard. Users can activate this feature to record live videos on cellphone screens and send the dashboard.  Screen recorder is all-in-one parental monitoring software and increases the demand for the kids monitoring app. It is a tool that brings live insight into the kids’ activities on cell phone screens and gets enough evidence of your child’s activity on smartphone screens. Users can watch social media, phone calls, VoIP calls, shared media, emails, browsing history, and many more.

11) Lock Unlock Minor’s Smartphone Remotely

Password-protected phones are one of the issues that prevent parental monitoring on a cell phone. Lock unlock device is a feature that diminishes the worries of the parents. It can lock or unlock the phone by cracking pattern and digit passwords on your child’s phone. So, before you buy a cellphone for your child, install monitoring software to access password-protect cell phones within no time to set parental controls. You can access any cell phone device at any point in time to know what your child is up to at the moment.

12) Read Phrases In Text Messages & Chats By Capturing Keystrokes

Do you know how the keystrokes logging feature is essential for a parental monitoring solution? It is one of the necessities that parental control app is incomplete without it. It empowers you to provide full-text types on a phone or social media app. It allows parents to filter sneaky texting codes and phrases and put everything typed into context.

13) Discord Deleted Messages On Kids’ Phones Sent & Received

Parental monitoring is not as easy these days as you think it is. Discord is one of the few social media community apps that allow parents to create servers and join any community without parents’ knowledge. Therefore, the Discord app monitoring tool is one of the formidable key features of any parental tracking software. It would discover self-deleted text messages and chats, join communities, and make audio-video VoIP calls.

14) View Installed App List On The Target Phone

View how many apps your child has installed on their smartphone running with Android and iOS operating systems. View installed app is one of the best features of parental control software for android and iPhone devices. It enables parents to view a list of installed applications and gives an idea of what they can do on their cellphone devices connected to the internet. You can view social media apps, gaming apps, online dating apps, porn apps, and many more.

15) Hack Cameras & Cell Phone Microphones Remotely

Do you know what makes a parental monitoring app an exclusive one? An app that can hack a child’s phone front and back cameras and microphone and connect it with the dashboard to get live streaming of the surrounds with audio and share screen to the users. Live spy 360 feature is a phenomenon that only one cell phone surveillance software has introduced that guarantees parents their kids’ online safety.


These 15 key features of the TheOneSpy Parental control app empower parents to supervise children online and offline. The parental solution has developed these monitoring and tracking solutions for cellphones for the digital well-being of the children.

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