“Binge Drinking” in teens on Christmas Parties: Reckless or Realistic

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The partying season has already hit the stride, and Christmas is right around the corner. Parents, on the other hand, have got plenty of fears in their heads about the safety of the teenagers. The new trend “Binge Drinking” has emerged and reaches the full pitch.

You being parents start thinking about the underage or teens drinking and suddenly an image comes in mind of your teen with blur eyes in the house. Moreover, you suddenly remind your own teenage time when you got drunk in a park with friends but remain sneaky from parents. Nowadays, the time has got changed the Skin-cum Facebook generation has got a new emerging trend “Binge Drinking”. It suddenly makes teens get out of consciousness after drinking the number of drinks at once. So, underage drinking in teens on Holidays, particularly on Christmas parties, is on the rise –it still ambiguous for some parents whether activities like that in teens are reckless or realistic.

Binge drinking in teens in U.S is common as substance abuse

In the United States, substance abuse in teens is on the rise and currently the trend of underage drinking making headlines especially in the Holiday season and specifically on Christmas parties. So, experts do believe that apart from serious public health issues “Binge drinking” leading a Facebook generation towards sexual violence. The teenagers between ages 11 to 18 are consuming 11% of the alcohol in the United States and 90% of it consumed at Holidays particularly on Christmas parties in terms of underage drinking.

Moreover, underage drinking is leading a young generation to accidents, injuries, and sexual violence and some to death. The matter has been discussed plenty of times via open communication, campaigns to educate youth regarding the risk factors attached to alcoholism.

What is Binge Drinking in teens? A growing trend on Christmas Parties

According to the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

As per the (SAMHSA) report the binge drinking considered as four or more than 4 drinks on the same occasion for female teens and five or more drinks in male teens would considers as heavy use of alcohol.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism

As per the (NIAAA) report underage drinking in teens defined as the drinking patterns that result in the blood of the consumer with a high level of alcohol such as five drinks in male teens and 4.2 drinks in female’s teens on the same occasion.

Binge Drinking in teen’s statistics on Holidays & Christmas parties

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has come up with the risk behavior in youth survey stats of twelfth graders. Let’s discuss the brutal stats; underage drinking on Holidays like Christmas Eve and other occasions.

  • Almost 5% of children in the age of 13 take their first alcoholic drink –more than 5 sips
  • Almost 8% of teens reportedly got drunken 30 days prior to the survey
  • 6% of boys got drunken 30 days prior to the survey
  • 29% of teens drank alcohol at parties specifically
  • Almost 13.5% teens get involved in trends like binge drinking on occasions like Christmas & on other Holidays
  • 5% teens drove vehicles drinking alcohol

Almost 4.5 million tenens between the ages of 12 to 18 are Binge Drinkers at least once a month

Almost 0.9 million of 12 to 20 years old become binge Drinkers 5 or more times over the last month

Binge drinking in teens become the victim of sexual Violence

Apart from the health issues due to excessive use of alcohol in teens such as lack of cognitive development, and the addiction of alcoholism cause teens long terms behavior issues. However, there are plenty of other dangers are associated with underage drinkings such as impaired judgment, drinking and driving, and sexual violence such as sexual assaults in gatherings such as on Holidays or at Christmas parties. It also leads youth towards other drug abuses to play a role in sudden deaths estimated more than 4,358 youngsters.

Sexual violence due to binge drinking in teens has become a common phenomenon over the years. Today sexual violence has affected millions of American teens. After every 73-second American teens, sexually assaulted due to underage drinking at parties and almost 433648 young teens at the age of 12 or older have to face rap and sexual assault every year in the U.S.

Teens at Holiday parties like Christmas are at greater risk of sexual violence

Youngsters in the age of 12 to 24 are more likely to become the victim of rape and violence due to in mix gathering. Teens and tweens that follow the trend of underage drinking lost their consciousness and end the end of the day encounter with the sexual predator. Furthermore, the sexual activities in teens are not reckless most of the time; such activities in teens have become reality to have a fun in parties. Teens got sexually assaulted, get raped or having sex with partners in parties also got the serious issues of adolescent or teens unwanted pregnancy issues.

  • Almost 82% of the juvenile rap victims are due to use of alcohol
  • Teens between the ages of 16 to 19 are 4 times more at risk of rape in mix gathering and use of alcohol or underage drinking is the root causes

5 major Effects of sexual violence in teens

  • 94% of teens got Post-traumatic stress which is very common
  • 33% of the victims got sexual assault attempted suicide
  • More than 70% of teens assaulted sexually got server distress
  • 4 times of the victim teens become drug abusers such as marijuana, cocaine
  • Victims become violent even with the parents and other family members

Today, TheOneSpy has taken a step forward to address the world Nations, particularly to parents how they can prevent teens from binge drinking curse.

Prevent Binge Drinking in teens & from sexual violence on Christmas

Now its parent’s responsibility to stop young teens to get involved in trends likes “Binge Drinking”. Parents may think that how they can get to know about teens is drinking alcohol and they are drug abusers. We have mentioned earlier the modern youths are Facebook or social media savvy generation and all the time they are connected to cyberspace using their digital cellphones and tablets. Nowadays, teens are used to revealing of routine activities of social media and even make plans with their friends and even with strangers on social networking platforms. They share images and videos on social sites of drinking and abusing drugs. So, parents have the best chance to know what they are doing in real –life and even on the web with TheOneSpy.

Parents can monitor teen’s Pre–Christmas planning with a parental monitoring app

You can get social media apps logs in terms of conversations, messages, videos, photos they post on social media. You can record live cellphone calls and even you can get to know their hidden whereabouts where they meet friends to have fun in parties on holidays and even Christmas by tracking live GPS location of teens. TheOneSpy has come up with a safe Christmas 90% off on its premier packages. Get the subscription and start protecting your teens from the activities like Binge drinking and as well as from sexual violence to the fullest.

The Bottom Line is:

Install parental control software on children’s and teens’ digital phones and other devices and know the sneaky activities of teens with the pinpoint location. Let’s celebrate this Christmas without having fear in mind, we wish you a very happy Christmas.

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