Snapchat Introduces Parental Controls Under The App Section Called “Family Center”

snapchat parental control family section

Snapchat has introduced the first-ever parental control in the history of a social networking app. The company has intended to develop a “Family Center” parental control feature for parents to see who teens chat with and to keep tabs on other activities on the self-destructive messaging app –Snapchat. The built-in monitoring feature will now be able to see activity logs of teens on Snapchat, but the content of the conversations remains hidden.

Snapchat introduced its parental control feature under the “Family Center” app section.  An official from the company said the Congress feature aims to help parents to keep their kids safe.

Family Center supports parents with parenting activities as they do in the real world. Parents can see who their teens are friends with and what they plan on a social messaging app. It does not unveil the hidden conversations, messages, VoIP calls, media sharing, and other activities, “the company has published in a blog post.

What Makes SnapChat Company To Have Built-In Parental Controls?

Congress has grilled the company executives from Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram about steps they have taken to safeguard teens. The revelations from mighty Facebook Whistleblower last fall have uplifted reservations about the social networks’ impacts on the generation.

Democrats & Republicans Raised Concerns On Social Networks

Democrats and Republicans in the Senate Commerce subcommittee on consumer safety have uplifted questions that messaging apps worked to damage teens’ mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Instant messaging apps are promoting harmful acts that are as follows:

Jennifer Stout, an official from the company, said to Congress. We still have much to do. We are developing result-oriented Parental controls for Snapchat that help parents safeguard teens from cyberbullies, sexting, sextortion, social media challenges, violence, drug abuse, and others.

Snap Company Faced Several Law-Suits From Grieving Parents

Snapchat parental controls have become necessary for the company because Snapchat disappearing messages feature enables teens to engage with predators, bullying, sexting, abuse, and other inappropriate activities.

So, Snap has become a top-of-the-line subject to several lawsuits because of grieving parents whose teens became the victim of online predators, bullying, and a few committed suicides.

Parents had a point of view that Snapchat encourages sexting, cyberbullying, and potential sexual predators. So, the company has to revamp its policies and offer parental controls under an app section called Family Center.

Parental Controls Options That Social Media Networks Introduced

Here the following social media apps have introduced parental controls that are as follows:

SnapChat Parental Controls

Snapchat parental controls have swept the web since the news broke out that Snapchat is introducing a parental monitoring feature for parents called “Family Center”.

The Feature has several safety measures for generation Z, like teens, having to be a mutual friend before starting a conversation, and don’t create a public Snapchat profile.

Snap official has stated that they have plans to add more Snapchat parental controls in its Family Center.  New tools will allow parents to know about added new friends in teens’ accounts, enable parents to report dangerous accounts that interact with teens, and allow teens to notify parents whenever they report an account or explicit content.

The company has said they have an expert opinion in developing parental control features for Snapchat messenger.

TikTok Parental Controls

TikTok is known as a live short video broadcasting app. It has introduced to set screen time parental controls. The app can enable restricted modes for young teens that are as follows:

  • Turn off search
  • Set accounts to private
  • Block messaging on TikTok
  • Controls that can see likes
  • Controls who can comment on posts


Instagram Parental Controls

Instagram has also introduced parental controls for Instagram that enable parents to protect teens online.

Here are the few Kids’ Safety Features you can Set Up on Kids’ Instagram Accounts.

  • Parents can see how much time teens have spent on the photo-sharing app and reduce time on the social messaging app.
  • Get notifications whenever your child shares something.
  • Get regular updates on what accounts teens follow and what accounts have followed your child.

Is The Built-In SnapChat Parental Control Enough To Protect Teens?

No.  Built-in parental controls for Snapchat are not enough –because the social network still has a lot to do.  Parents have to install Snapchat on their phones to connect teens’ accounts with their accounts to know which teens are having conversations.

The Fluctuations In SnapChat Parental Controls:

  • Parents cannot read the content and context of the conversations on teens’ Snapchat accounts.
  • The self-destructive messaging app will not unveil the conversations to parents at all.
  • Parents can only report the conversations and other activities to the Family Center but cannot access the activities other than the Friend list.
  • Snapchat parental controls provide little insight to the parent about the use of the app. It does not allow parents to prevent bullying, sexting, and exploitation. The company is still serving for teen’s privacy rather than their well-being.
  • Friend list monitoring is not sufficient because parents cannot memorize the names except a few.
  • Parents cannot restrict teens from sending explicit photos and videos to their friends.
  • Parents cannot stop teens to be friends with someone on Snapchat
  • Parents cannot stop teens from sharing their live GPS location with someone on Snapchat.

Snapchat has a Discover section for adults, but it does not restrict anyone from accessing porn, sex video games, and article. So, the Family Center of the app has no control over this part of the social messaging app.

Therefore, parents have to use parental control software for SnapChat that offers a feature to unveil chats, media sharing, VoIP calls, friend lists, and activities in the Search section.

Privacy is not larger than a teen’s life and well-being. Parents can set parental controls on a teen’s Snapchat account unless the target phone belongs to them.

Which Is The Best Snapchat Parental Control Software To Protect Teens?

Several Parental monitoring apps float on the web offering services to set parental controls on kids’ Snapchat accounts, but TheOneSpy is the best one.

Do you still have concerns over Snapchat’s built-in parental controls Family Center? Opt for the best parental monitoring software for Snapchat.

TheOneSpy will remove your concerns and give you a piece of mind with its best and result-oriented Features.

Capture Your Teen’s Chats Keystrokes On Snapchat

Concerned parents can access Snapchat on another phone without their kids knowing. Further, use the keystrokes logging feature to capture and record keystrokes such as passwords keystrokes, Snapchat messages keypad strikes, and chat conversation keystrokes in real-time.

Contrary to the Snap Family Center, TheOneSpy allows parents to read and unveil teens’ hidden chats with strangers, sexting, and other explicit conversations.

Unveils The Self-Destructing Messages On Snapchat

Parents can see and read the self-destructive messages, because it encourages teens to interact with the strangers, online bullies, and with the child abusers.  TheOneSpy discovers every chat and messages on the instant messaging app within no time.

Record Short Videos On The SnapChat Screen In Real-Time

Live screen recording is a tool that our best parental monitoring app offers to concerned parents. You can use it on another phone active with Snapchat to record back-to-back videos on the Snapchat screen. Further, send the videos to the web control panel. Parents can download the videos and watch live messaging, photo sharing, video sharing, VoIP calls, friend lists, streaks, and discover searches. Parents can see live location sharing of teens.

Set A Time Limit On SnapChat By Blocking It For Several Hours

Parents can block the Snapchat messaging app on another cellphone from 1-hour to 12 hours to limit their teen’s screen time. Parents can unblock the application whenever they want using the TheOneSpy dashboard.

View Installed Apps To See Other Than The Snapchat Messenger

You can access kids’ cellphone to see the list of installed applications other; including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, BigoLive, YouTube, and many more. TheOneSpy single-handedly can set parental controls on all the social messaging apps potentially dangerous for teens.

Monitor Teen’s Whereabouts & Listen To Surroundings

Snapchat is one of those apps that allow the teen to use their cell phone cameras and microphones to the maximum. Parents can control cameras and microphones to listen to the phone’s surroundings in real-time.

Further, parents can use the live camera streaming feature to get live streaming of the cell phone surroundings by switching front and back cameras with audio.

Concerned parents can see live cell phone screen activity with screen sharing and listen to their surroundings to know where teens are at the moment.


TheOneSpy is one of the best Snapchat parental controls that help parents to protect teens online and in real life. Parents who believe Snap Family center is enough for teens’ safety and opt for parental control software. They can read their messages, chats, media sharing, and hidden messages and track GPS locations to find-out teens’ hidden whereabouts.

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