CIA Hacking Android And iPhone Smartphones: Tech Companies Pushing for Fixes


Wikileaks released a trove that users of Android, iPhones smartphones and use of instant messaging applications and social websites and sharing information on tech devices are being compromised by CIA and tech companies pushing for fixes.

May you think that are you a terrorist? Are you the only person on this planet that the powerful Central Intelligence Agency, a third party doing a vulnerable unethical activity by breaching and spying your privacy. The well-known cyber security analyst “Nigel Phair” from Canberra University is used to of creating awareness among the masses that they should take care of their smartphone devices, but now even he is not able to speak that how general public are able to counter against the powerful intelligence agency (CIA).

“Nothing is possible to make secure anything which has the connection with internet service, he stated that. I would prefer to through into the water having any device after listing the Wikileaks revelations, he further stated that.

The world is full of device-addicted people, therefore we cannot claim to secure our privacy and we cannot say that no one is spying on us.

Let’s suppose that you have an Android, iPhone smartphone and you are using an instant messaging application like Facebook, Tinder, Vine or being very wise you are using secure end to end encryption based WhatsApp even then you are not safe from the hidden eye of the American CIA.

It’s because Wikileaks says that the CIA and it’s all companion security agencies also has the power to do the same thing which the CIA has to spy smartphones and monitor the social messaging applications available in any sort of smartphones weather its running with the Android or OS operating system.

Did you remember that that last year, the Australian Signals Directorate stated that the WhatsApp was the only approved service to share classified and sensitive sharing the information, but the CIA has developed tools like hacking to make target the iPhones and Android smartphone devices and another type of software including windows, internet routers, and even vehicles as well.


It sounds not good when you come to know that the CIA has the special unit which has the task to breach the security and privacy of the cell phone devices like iPhones, Android phones and iPad’s to monitor the information and every single activity performed on the cell phone device, according to the Vault 7 documents.

According to Wikileaks reports, The CIA’s Mobile development branch creating viruses to spy, control and eliminate data from Android, iPhone’s and other Apple’s devices running with OS operating systems like iPads.

The SPY Agency reportedly has complete information regarding loopholes exists in OS software which even unknown to Apple’s manufacturers that could be oppressed¬, known as “Zero Day” because the vendors have yet to discover the susceptibility and chunk it.

The main reason behind breaching the Apple and Android smartphones privacy is because of the popularity of these smartphones devices in The United States, and social websites and instant messaging apps use by the social, diplomatic, political and business elites.

A unit of CIA has also targeted the tablet devices which have the Google Android software, which makes possible to run the majority of the Android smartphones of the world.

Wikileaks reportedly stated that the Central Intelligence Agency has no more a full control on its hacking ordnance which includes viruses, Trojans, zero-days, and malware. So, plenty of other notorious android spy groups may find them and exploit them.

On the other hand, Wikileaks stated that it will not publish the computer codes of real cyber weapons until and unless unanimity occurs technically as well as political nature of the CIA’s spy mission and how all the hacking arsenal should be scrutinized, neutralized and published.

Stronger proves upraises revealing that CIA& FBI knows about the loopholes existed in the Android and Apple’s cell phone in America but they don’t patch to make spy possible.

More leaks have yet to come, but the initial dump vault 7 contains 7818 page along with the 943 attachments, Wikileaks stated that.

It is the huge setback, leaking of secret data of US Supreme Intelligence Agency (CIA) since the x NSA agent Edward Snowden leaked confidential information regarding the US government’s mass spying missions.

The former NSA agent Edward Snowden, who is living in Russia in exile, has been remarkably vociferous on social media platform this morning about the latest revelations.

The leaks of The CIA documents is the largest US intelligence leak since the Snowden NSA files.

Can anyone have realized that is their data is safe or not? It may be compromised or hacked and finally sold by hackers in order to get high amounts. It is the start of electronic warfare between the two communities, good and evil hackers. Make your focus on your digital security, do you feel safe or not?

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