Dangers of Drug Abuse in Workplace – Infographics

Drug abusers in the workplace cause global employers billions of dollars annually. Recent study show confounding results regarding the trending illegal drug use by employees. Use of the illicit substance or misuse of controlled substance, alcohol, marijuana or other drugs is called drug abuse. Employers have concerns about drug abuse stem from the ways it alters work behavior, causing increased tardiness and absenteeism, lower productivity, a higher rate of mistakes and more industrial accidents.

It also causes antagonistic behavior of employees which leads to workplace violence. According to the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drug Information (NCDA), in U.S k lost to companies causes due to substance abuse up to 100 billion a year. Therefore, employers are looking forward to lowering the cost and increase in productivity by keeping their employees in supervision. Let’s take a look at the info-graphics of the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace and how employers can get rid of it.

Problems caused due to drug abuse at a workplace

Apart from accidents, sudden deaths, lack of productivity there are other problems associated:

  • Sleepy at workplace
  • Lack of decision making
  • Damages the morale of co –workers
  • Offering drugs to other employees
  • Fights & arguments with colleagues/supervisors

Drug abuse in workplace in U.S causes issues like increase cost in medical, social and effect both employers and employees

Aftershocks of drug abuse of an employee: NCADI stats

  • Far less productive compare to normal employees
  • More likely to injure themselves or anyone else
  • 5 times more likely to file worker’s compensation claim
  • Always makes excuses & involvement in workplace conspiracies

According to a survey, 9% of drinkers & drug abusers skip work due to:

  • Hangover
  • 11% of drinkers skipped work in the past month
  • 18% of the drug abusers skipped work in past month

How Marijuana Employers’ biggest challenge?

86% of employers are concerned about the usage of marijuana in workplace
83% of employers do believe marijuana contributes to lack of quality work
86% of employers do believe employee’s drug abuse causes operating costs

  1. More employees claims for compensation
  2. Increases health insurance cost
  3. Litigation cost because of lawful uncertainty

Factors that causes Employee substance abuse

  • Accepting employees drug abuse as a culture
  • Workplace isolation
  • Presence of drugs at workplace

Electronic supervision to prevent drug abuse in workplace

Supervision can reduced the drug abuse according to U.S department of labor

  • Almost 91% of employees decrease in absenteeism
  • 88% of employees decrease issues with supervisors
  • 93% of employees decrease in mistakes
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