What Factors Create Concerns Among Parents For Their Kid’s Online Safety?

teens sexting inappropriate content

Enough evidence supports the fact that the Internet can be dangerous for kids. Parents must take the necessary measures to ensure their child’s online safety. Threats range from predators, cyberbullying and inappropriate content online. Which are only some dangers which children need to protect themselves from? Parents aren’t always on the same page following the risk associated with such issues.

According To A Survey Of Northwestern University

Northwestern University, with Microsoft Research, has conducted an online survey. More than 1000 parents participated in 2011 in the United States. Does a study determine why parents have concerns about their children?

Yes, a survey was all about threats found on the Internet. The study took into consideration parents from various demographic and socioeconomic groups. The results of it brought to light some interesting information.

The survey considered several potential threats to children on the Internet. Children could become victims of online bullying and talk to strangers online. Moreover, inappropriate content is one of the most dangerous factors that worry parents.

More than 30% of US teens are sexting and sending their nudes to strangers. 31% of strangers ask teens to send them naked photos, The University of Texas research found that. Sending inappropriate content is dangerous behavior for teens, Dr. Jeff Temple said.

How Are Bullying, Stranger Danger, Adult Content & Violence Online A Threat To Kids?

The Northwestern University survey considered five potential threats found on the Internet. Parents were then asked how concerned they were about dangers. How safe was the Internet for children? Most of them agreed that kids running to strangers on the Internet is the biggest concern. The third most significant concern was violent content. Cyberbullying with children and a bully child ranked fourth and fifth. Survey results found that inappropriate content is more of a threat than cyberbullying.

Dramatically, these are the threats that parents are facing in 2022. Here are the following threats that create concerns among parents.

Why Do Parents Worry About Strangers?

Stranger danger is one of the most potent threats to young children. Young underage kids can access smartphones, the Internet, and social media. So, kids can access the web to interact with strangers. They do chats, chat rooms, text messages, and social messaging apps. Cellphones and the Internet enable children to download Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, and Instagram. All these social networks are full of stranger danger. People, like online predators, approach teens via random messages and chat conversations.

How Is Pornography A Real Challenge For Parents?

Those with moderate or more conservative beliefs found their childhood exposure to Pornography. It is a more critical issue than cyberbullying. The age of the child and gender also had a role to play. Parents of younger kids and girls were more concerned. Parents having boys and older kids are less worried. For parents with kids under the age of 18, Pornography is a challenge. So, adult content is one of the biggest challenges for parents. They want to stop young kids from getting exposed to porn. Parents who were more liberal consider cyberbullying more dangerous than Pornography.

How Do Violent Video Games Create An Element Of Concern For Parents?

Video games feature violence in their content. Kids love to play games like Fortnight. These video games are full of violence that affects children’s brains. Young children who love to play violent video games seem aggressive and irritating. Video games online cause violent behavior and pose adverse effects. So, parents should have a closer look at kids’ cell phones, computers, and internet access.

What Makes Parents Think About Bullying Children?

Cyberbullying is more dangerous than Pornography, violent content, and stranger danger. A victim child could face physical, emotional, and psychological aftershocks. A victim’s child can commit suicide. Social media and chat rooms are responsible for teens’ suicide. The smartphone is one of the significant sources of cyber bullies. Bullying can happen in many ways, like body-shaming, name-calling, slut-shaming, and others. So, parents have to set parental controls to check kids’ online activities.

What Challenges Do Parents Of A Bully Child Up Against?

It is hard for a parent to believe that their child is a bully. Bullies are more likely to be tough, popular, and good-looking kids. The myth is that bully kids are rough and insecure. It makes it hard for parents to believe that their child’s behavior is not normal. Schools are more likely to suspend them, and parents have no choice but to keep them at home. So, several factors create concerns among parents of a predator child.

How Can Parents Remove Their Concerns About Kids’ Online Safety?

Parents seem busy, and single parents have no time to care for their children. Parental responsibilities are on the rise because many factors create concerns among parents. They want to ensure kids’ online safety. Online threats like cyberbullying, stranger danger, porn, and violent content are dangerous for kids. Moreover, the bully child is one of the top challenges for parents.

Parents can set parental controls on kids’ cell phones. Several parental monitoring apps are on the web that you can install on your cell phone. Parental monitoring software can keep tabs on kids’ cell phones and the internet. Social media also pose security risks for kids online.

How To Find The Best Parental Monitoring Software For Kids’ Online Safety?

Choose The Best Hidden Parental Control Software For Kid's Safety.

Parents can get rid of parental concerns unless they find the best parental monitoring app. It would help if you kept a few things in mind before choosing an app to monitor kids 24/7. Here are the following tips for finding out parental tracking apps:

  • Find out an anti-sexting and anti-bullying monitoring app for cell phones.
  • Choose a parental control that captures cyberbullying incidents on kids’ phones.
  • Use an app that offers live screen recording on cell phones and tablet devices.
  • Install an app on a kid’s phone that can record Voice calls on social networking apps.
  • Use a parental tracking app to track the bully child’s whereabouts 24/7.
  • Find an app that blocks inappropriate apps on any cellphone device.
  • Install an app that captures keystrokes of chats, messages, and passwords.
  • Use software to lock and unlock the target cellphone device at any time.
  • Subscribe to parental monitoring software to block calls, texts, and the internet.
  • Use an app that monitors browsing activity on cell phones with a schedule.

Which Best App Sets Parental Controls On Kids’ Cell Phones?

Though many parental monitoring apps are on the web, TheOneSpy is the best app to set parental surveillance on kids’ cell phones. Further, it removes parents’ concerns about kids’ online safety. The parental app takes minutes to complete the configuration process on the kid’s cellphone. TheOneSpy is one of the most popular parental spy software. Parents can install it on the target phone with one-time access on the target device.

Why Is TheOneSpy Best For Kids’ Online Safety?

  • The app is hidden and undetectable on any targeted cellphone
  • The parental app can hide the app icon on the target mobile device
  • App has the best features for limiting screen time and app blocking
  • TheOneSpy works on rooted, non-rooted android phones and Jailbreak iPhones
  • App has remote control features that block messages, calls, internet, and websites

Best Features Of TheOneSpy For Parental Monitoring


Parental responsibilities are rising because cell phones, and internet, and social media pose online safety concerns for kids. So, parental monitoring apps, like TheOneSpy, enable parents to remove their parental concerns. They can keep tabs on kids’ online activities, like who they talk to. Who do they meet online? And what do they share online with strangers?

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