Deepfake Technology Effects on Females

deepfake technology

From a layman to the well-known celebrities of the world everybody these days is fighting back against the Deepfake technology. Since technology has become more and more consumer-friendly, Deepfake videos are on the rise alarmingly. Can you imagine for a while that you see yourself in a sexually explicit video in which you have never participated ever? So, there is so hard for women whether a celebrity or a non-famous woman living in the age of artificial technology (AI). It means Deepfake tech has effects on females more than anyone else.

It is a kind of technology that allows anyone to orchestrate human images particularly of female using artificial intelligence. It empowers the user to create modified images and videos of someone using machine learning techniques. Moreover, you can setup someone in a video or an image that looks strikingly authentic. Even well-known celebrities have cut their fingers under their jaw teeth while watching their Deepfake videos. A video went viral over the internet in which comedian Bill Hader’s face transformed in such a way end up with Tom Cruise. The entire video seemingly authentic and has created a sensation in cyberspace.

How Difficult is it to Create DeepFake Tech in the Current Scenario?

According to the Senior (AI) reporter Karen Hao at MIT technology Review; “The technology is becoming more and more user-friendly. However, it initially begins, it did require a lot more technical skills and it was more likely to borrow because it was in their initial phases and it was in the hand of researchers and developers and also require computational power to run some of these (AI) algorithms. That’s why the particular Deepfake technology was very rare and everyone does not have that many resources. On the other hand, since technology has improved the user interface in technology has improved as well.

Nowadays, technically you are using any application face modified things. So, you can easily create Deepfake without facing hassles. Even middle and high school going kids and teens can create Deepfake using different sorts of applications. The technology does allow users to swap things whichever you want it. You can create things were never happen before you want to and definitely, you can create DeepFakes having high possibility, she added.

I think in the current state there are some technical barriers, but what interesting is a lot of researchers have found that DeepFake Technology is not harmful itself, but the idea could of using it be brutal, Senior (AI) reporter further stated that.”

DeepFake Technology Allow User to Create Revenge Porn Against Female

The biggest threat and concern against the dignity of the female is that people are creating revenge porn against females and then upload to the social websites, internet and even on porn websites. You may have seen the case of Representative Katie Hill, in which she has ended up with her political career due to one of the victims of revenge porn using Deepfake technology. So, the (AI) has turned to new dimensions and potentially impact a wider range of the population. The fake images against women are nothing new, but in-case of Deepfake technology, they transformed images or videos using manipulation techniques look authentic and impossible to judge by the layman. People can swap faces, expressions, and instincts of any female with someone who is a porn actress working in a porn video very easily. There are plenty of female celebrities of Hollywood that has to face the revenge porn incidents due to the rise in the rise of Deepfake technology.

Furthermore, the unreal revenge porn videos uploaded on the web to defame, harassment and humiliation women, and growing fear of Deepfakes have made women think that they are potential targets at any point in time of their lives. The abusers are using Deepfake apps available on the web and creating horribly realistic machine-generated images and videos taken from the web or from someone social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and many more. So, females need to keep their personal videos and photos in secrecy before they become the victim of revenge porn.

Today females whether teens are adults feel nauseated and mortified when they heard about someone who has shared Deepfakes of her on the web or anywhere else. Females are scared that what their family, her friends think about her and why would they believe that it was all fake, said Drew Harwell in The Washington Post.

Victims of women could feel violated because of the icky sort of violation, and females are also worried Deepfakes can damage their relationship, career, and social life, he further said that. This weird sort of feeling makes you wipe off everything from the internet, is it possible?

Deepfake Technology is being used for Sinister Reasons Against Females

The rise and the rise of fake videos of females using Deepfake technology are damaging already emotional and physical relationships. Furthermore, the technology of Deepfakes is being misused as a weapon against women. Therefore, it has unnerved females and they are avoiding capturing photos and video recordings with someone to avoid non-consensual porn which could be uploaded on the web without taking consent. Today, videos of young females or adults are easily available having little info about someone’s social media accounts.

Moreover, anyone can create Deep-nudes using computer software or via the program, applications to convert any videos or images of females into pornographic stuff by swapping facial expressions and instincts. On the other hand, these days it is a matter of just a couple of hours to replace an ordinary female face with the porn actress and then create a long porn video. So, perpetrators can easily hack someone’s face and expressions and then fix on another adult personality to defaming someone, harassment, blackmailing, slut-shaming and for plenty of other activities. So, we can say that Deepfake technology is being used for sinister reasons against young and adult females. The dirty minds can hack anyone’s female face from the internet and defame or blackmail her any point of time and then share it with the cyber-mob.

How Social Media Helping Cyber Predators to use "Deep Fake" Technology against Teens?

Young females are on the brink of being the victims of deep fakes. The social media accounts include Facebook, photo-sharing apps Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and many others. Teens are not aware of the fact of Deepfake technology and Deepfake videos. Teens make videos with friends and boyfriends at numerous places and then share them on social media platforms without realizing the consequences. Cell phone technology has made it more accessible for teens to create videos and photos to fill their social media profiles.
Moreover, teens are used to sharing their videos and videos with strangers and don’t bother to make privacy. This could be devastating for teens and other female adults who share photos and videos via cell phone cameras on their social media accounts. Strangers can pop up on their social media accounts and steal their videos and pictures for sinister and other wrong reasons. Cyber predators who love to target young teens online would create Deepfakes or nonconsensual pornographic videos of teens.

Teen’s Social Media Statistics:

Plenty of applications like TikTok, Bigo Live, and other live video streaming applications are available on the web, where teens used to share their private videos to get viewers’ appreciation. Almost 95% of teens have access to cell phone devices, and they use the rear and front cameras to make self–videos,s and photos and then share it on social sites and apps.

  • 49% of teens are used to uploading videos on social websites
  • 75% of teens seek advice from people to make a YouTube channel
  • 85% of youth are obsessed with YouTube &, and they share videos on it
  • 72% of teens use Instagram, which allows them to share videos and photos
  • 69% of teens are using Snapchat. It also allows teens to share videos
  • 51% of teens are addicted to Facebook to share images and videos
  • 9% of teens share videos on Tumblr

Parents should take care of their teens, especially in the presence of Deepfake technology that allows online predators to swap their teen’s faces with sexually explicit videos of someone else. So, parents need to keep a hidden eye on their teen’s cell phones and social media activities to protect them from “Deep Nudes” or “Deep Fakes.”

Final Thoughts

Online predators like bullies online, stalkers, and sexual predators can manipulate, harass, blackmail, and embarrass your teens using Deepfake technology, having their hands on multimedia in photos and videos. Parents should set parental control on teens’ social media activities with TheOneSpy mobile tracker before it is too late. Moreover, guide your teens on why this piece of tech affects females.

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