mark restricted area

Mark Restricted Areas

Receive alert notifications as they cross restricted boundaries

TheOneSpy Geo-fencing empowers you to set safe geographical boundaries for your children and employees alike. Now you can mark restricted areas on a map given on your control panel, and be instantly notified as the target violates the prohibited boundaries.

How TOS Geo-Fencing (Mark Restrict Area) helps you?

Do you want to keep your children from visiting certain places or people? Do you want to be sure that your employees do not trick you into wandering about into leisure places during working hours? With TOS, you would not remain blindfolded anymore? TheOneSpy lets you set geographical barriers for your target phone. Erecting these Geo fences helps you to remain informed about their every move. Whether your kid enters any place inappropriate for their age or your employee hops into your competitor’s office, you will always know.

  • Define boundaries and mark restricted areas on the map given in your online TOS control panel.
  • Get an instant notification as soon as the target device steps out of the pre-defined geographical boundary.
  • Choose whether you want to be notified via SMS, email or both.

Here is the More Use of TheOneSpy Location Tracker:

Mark Restricted Areas is a blessing for worried parents and employers.  The user cannot only restricted any special area on map but he/she can remotely check the below mentioned GPS information of the targeted cell phone remotely.

  • Live GPS Location
  • View GPS Location History
  • View Current GPS Location
  • Weekly GPS History Tracker
  • Mark Safe Areas

How to install Geo Fencing (Mark prohibited area) on mobile phone?

You can remove all your concerns with TheOneSpy Geo –Fencing app. It empowers you to remotely mark restricted areas around the device on the Google map and get alerts if target person go outside the fence. However, you have to install mobile phone spy app to monitor and restrict the location of the target device. When you have completed the process of installation on target cell phone device then setup it on the targeted device. Further activate the Geo –fencing tool having access to the web control panel of the cell phone location tracking app. It will enable you to restrict the target device on the MAP remotely and get time to time alerts of the movement.

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Benefits for parents

Parents can remotely get to know where kids and teens are moving while they are outside the house. Moreover, parents can come to know at what place they spend most of their time and as well as their hidden whereabouts. In addition, parents can remotely mark restricted areas on Google MAP using Geo –Fence tool.  User will get instant alerts if target person is moving outside the fence or when moving towards the restricted areas.

Benefits for Individuals

Individuals can use this tool for building trust and make the relationship stronger. In addition, people in relationship can use Geo –fence tool with mutual consent and install it on each other mobile phone. At the end of the day the will be able to know where their spouse is moving and mark restricted places on MAP.

Benefits for Employers

Employers can get real benefits out of this particular TheOneSpy mark restricted places tool. They can use it on company’s owned digital devices. At the end of the day employee who is taking the device outside the premises of the company, employers will get to know either employee is going towards the assigned place or not. However, employers can use Geo –fence and create a circle around the place. When employees moving outside the circle within the working hours employers will get instant notifications.

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