How To Hack WhatsApp On Another Phone?

How to hack WhatsApp on another phone

A few years back, hacking WhatsApp chat, Voice messages, and voice calls secretly was a myth. Today, WhatsApp hacks have become advanced, easy to understand, and easy to use on another phone. You can perform non-intrusive and legitimate hacking on a WhatsApp account active on someone’s phone or on a Chrome browser. Gone are the days when you have to waste your time searching for illogical information to access social networks on android, iPhone, PCs, and MAC devices. Several WhatsApp spying apps and proven ways are there to perform hacking on a social messaging app like never before. Reading this article would create an urge to know how to hack a WhatsApp Messenger account to read messages and chat on someone’s cellphone?

Hack WhatsApp Messenger Chat & Voice Chat On A Mobile or Tablet Device

WhatsApp chat spy is one of the best tools in the web market to access WhatsApp messages on someone’s phone. To View chats and text messages on social networking apps –WhatsApp was never that easy. You can use it on another phone to read and view conversations and text messaging with the schedule. It can hack phone active with the social network and logs the WhatsApp messenger text chat and Voice messages. Users can also discover deleted messages and non-verbal communication without the target person knowing. Several apps are available on the web that muddles through instant messenger tittle-tattle without effort. You need to have the best chat monitoring app for WhatsApp that remains hidden and undetectable on the target phone.

Hack WhatsApp Voice Calls on Someone’s Phone Remotely.

WhatsApp VoIP call recording is a phone spy solution that works on rooted and non-rooted smartphones. It is privy to hack Voice call recording activity on someone’s phone WhatsApp. Users can install the VoIP call recorder on the target phone to record and listen to the incoming-outgoing WhatsApp Voice calls without root. It can access another phone to monitor voice chats remotely on the social network. You can record one-sided VoIP calls on a social messaging app and further send the data of the calls to a separate web control panel. The call recording solution for WhatsApp enables users to download the recorded Voice call data so that users can listen to and get to know what they are talk.

How To Hack WhatsApp Messenger On An Android Phone?

WhatsApp hacks have become the talk of the town, and people look forward to several methods, techniques, and monitoring solutions. However, there is a legitimate and non-intrusive android spy solution that can monitor chats and discover deleted messages, media files, and VoIP calls. Users can use the best spy app for android on someone’s phone to track instant messaging apps –WhatsApp.

Things To Consider Spying On WhatsApp On Android Phones:

Here are the things that could make any monitoring app the best in the business to perform WhatsApp hacking better than ever before:

  • Get your hands on the hidden WhatsApp monitoring app.
  • The app should remain hidden-undetectable.
  • The app should have the best hacking tools for WhatsApp.
  • The monitoring app needs to have non-rooted features.
  • Choose WhatsApp hacks that work on android 9, 10, 11, and 12.
  • Remotely perform spying on instant messenger after one-time physical access on the mobile.
  • The application should have tamper-proof attributes and for legitimate purposes.
  • A commercial WhatsApp tracking tool is necessary to monitor someone’s WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Hacking On Jailbreak iPhone Devices

iPhone monitoring is not a walkover for everyone, and today individuals look forward to getting their hands on a free WhatsApp hacking tool for iPhone that seems funny and a waste of time.

  • iPhone security is impressive, and it is not an open-source like android OS.
  • You need to consider the powerful solution to execute, and you need to know how to hack WhatsApp on jailbroken iPhone devices?
  • You can find out iPhone spy solution to hack and track WhatsApp on iOS devices.

How To Hack WhatsApp On iPhone?

  • Find out the best iPhone monitoring solution to monitor WhatsApp messenger
  • Jailbreak your target iOS device and get physical access to perform the installation process successfully
  • Use the iPhone spy app dashboard to activate the WhatsApp spying tools
  • The user will easily monitor WhatsApp logs, like text messages, chat conversations, and shared media files.

Use TheOneSpy WhatsApp Spy App To Hack WhatsApp Chats, Voice Messages & Voice Calls?

TheOneSpy is one of the best WhatsApp hacking applications intended to monitor every activity on the social messaging app. Users can install it on the target phone with one-time physical access. Further, activate the spy app for WhatsApp successfully. Moreover, use its powerful WhatsApp hacking tools that deliver timely results via its web control panel. Here are the tools best in the business to do surveillance on someone’s WhatsApp account.

Top TheOneSpy Features For Hacking WhatsApp Messaging App

Whatsapp Screen Recording

Whatsapp Screen recording has the best spying and monitoring tools. It is a solution that empowers you to record videos on the target phone screen active with the messaging app and send the data to the dashboard. Users can download the videos to watch and examine every activity performed on the social messaging app in real time. Users can read messages, chats conversations, Voice messages, and VoIP call logs with the schedule.


Users can use the TheOneSpy dashboard and schedule screenshots on another phone active with the messaging app. It captures 5 screenshots, and each would take 15 seconds gape to take another screenshot.

WhatsApp Call Recording

You can record WhatsApp calls audio-video using WhatsApp spying software. It empowers you to record and listen to the one-sided WhatsApp VoIP calls and deliver data to the TheOneSpy dashboard.

WhatsApp Keystrokes Logging

Keystrokes logging can capture and hack WhatsApp keystrokes on another mobile, like chat keystrokes, email keystrokes and text messages keypad strikes.

WhatsApp Screen Time

Users can access the target phone and use the screen-time feature to block every application, like WhatsApp, to decrease the time limit of the target person.

6 Proven Ways To Hack Whatsapp Without Their Phone

Here are the top ways that provide you access to someone’s WhatsApp account without their phone:

Hack Whatsapp Messenger Using The Target Person's Phone Number

You can use the target mobile number to hack WhatsApp. You need to install the instant messenger on your phone and receive a verification code through an SMS.

Step1: Tap on the WhatsApp application and use the target cell phone number to hack WhatsApp on another phone.

Step2: The application will ask you about a pin you received via SMS on the target device.

Step3: You can use the pin and login into the WhatsApp account, and you are free to read messages, chats and watch shared media and VoIP calls.

Verdict: This method is not that much safer because sooner or later target phone users will receive a notification when you have logged in, and they can reject your login activity and log in again unless you set a new password.

Hack Whatsapp On Another Phone Without A Chrome Browser

Here are the steps you need to perform to hack WhatsApp using Chrome:

Step1: Get access to the chrome browser on your computer PC and visit

Step2: You have to scan the QR code on the target mobile phone.

Step3: It will empower you to spy on WhatsApp without using the spy app for WhatsApp on the target device.

Note: Android OS version 7.0 up to 12 will constantly send notifications on the target mobile that someone has access to your WhatsApp account.

Verdict: The latest Android OS versions will notify the target person that your WhatsApp account has access to the chrome browser on another PC. So, this method will show the WhatsApp web icon on the target person’s phone.

Hack WhatsApp Messenger Using The Phone Number For MAC With A Spoofing Method

Physical access is necessary on the target phone to retrieve little data to use spoofing techniques to hack WhatsApp.

Steps are as follows to get the job done:

Step1: Delete the WhatsApp application on the target phone that you look forward to hacking at the moment.

Step2: Try to find out the MAC address and use the following

Chose settings>General >about and go to the Wi-Fi address.

Step3: Use tools that can Hack WhatsApp on the target device.

You can use Busy Box and Terminal Emulator on the target MAC device.

Step4: Change your Wi-Fi MAC computer address

You have to change the Wi-Fi internet address on your phone with the MAC address using the two applications.

Step5: Install the social messaging app WhatsApp on the target device and use the contact number of the target device.

You will receive a verification code on the target device. You need to catch the code and use it to log in to the WhatsApp account of a target device. You will get text messages and chats conversation on your smartphone. 

Verdict: This method is hectic, and non-tech savvy people cannot use it properly. Therefore, you need to use a commercial spy app for WhatsApp to hack messages, chats, Voice chats, and media shared on the social messaging app.

Hack WhatsApp With Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth monitoring tools is productive unless the target device is closer. You can make connection with the target device within meters of range. The data sharing could become possible with good frequency, and hacker would remain hidden and undetectable.

Step by step process to hack WhatsApp using Bluetooth tracker:

Step1: intercept the target device

Step2: remotely scan the device

Step3: don’t allow to track the data by checking tenderness of target device.

Step4: Hack the data from the target device

Step5: pass the monitored data to the monitoring device

Hack Someone's Whatsapp By Sending Spam Links

Do you want to hack WhatsApp account? Do you want to know how to perform WhatsApp hacking using spam links? Well! You can send spam links on target cellphone and crash the device. You can send the spam links using the mobile number of the target device by sending SMS or by making phone calls. You can also prevent spam links on your phone unless you use anti-virus to get rid of spam links.

Hack Whatsapp By Exporting Chat History

Following are the steps to hack WhatsApp on the target phone:

Step1: You need to access WhatsApp on another phone.

Step2: Get access to the messages, and chat conversations

Step3: Use the vertical dots in the upper right corner of the instant messenger screen, and visit options to export chats.

Step4: it empowers you to choose between with media or without media.

Step5: Once you have chosen an option, you can send the data to Gmail, Drive, and other places.

Step6: You can choose an option suitable for you to get the job done.

What Are The Legitimate Ways To Hack WhatsApp On A Cellphone?

Here are the following ways that you can perform WhatsApp hacking for legitimate reasons:

Digital Parenting

Parents are scared about kids’ online activities, especially on a social messaging app like WhatsApp. They want to limit their screen time, interaction with strangers, and access to explicit content. WhatsApp hacking tools can set parental controls on target phones active with WhatsApp. Parents can safeguard kids online for their digital well-being.

Employee / Staff Monitoring

Business professionals want to read chats, monitor text messages, and listen to VoIP calls. They want to prevent time-wasting and disgruntled employees from using WhatsApp on business devices. You can hack WhatsApp for monitoring employees such as to prevent data breaching and time-wasting activity on WhatsApp messenger.

Frequently Asked Question About Hacking WhatsApp Messaging App

Yes. Over the years, hacking WhatsApp accounts has become possible, but more chances that you may get caught. So, use a commercial spy application TheOneSpy, to monitor and track WhatsApp accounts. Users can read chats and messages and record and listen to the VoIP calls on android and iPhone devices.

It is an application that works at the back end of the target device, and you can use its powerful features to spy on and hack WhatsApp without the target person’s knowledge. Users can capture screenshots, screen recordings, keystrokes, and VoIP call recorder for WhatsApp.

Yes of course the user can easily track and hack WhatsApp messenger without rooting the Android device. The TheOneSpy app can perform ethical hacking and surveillance activities on both types of rooted and un-rooted Android cell phones.

TheOneSpy is one of the best applications that empower you to hack the social messaging apps on the target device. It is a hidden and undetectable spy app that you can use on another phone to monitor and track every activity on a social network.

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