Online World: A WarZone for Kids (Cyber Terrors List)

warzone for kids theonespy

Kids love independence while running wild and free. And the one place where they can have these uninhibited liberties is in the Online World. However, the digital world is one of the scariest nightmares for parents too. With its hidden horrors and closet terrors, the online world has become a really traumatizing experience for many unfortunate victims. With its vast expanse, the digital world is hurling new and upgraded terrors by the minute hence not only making it even more dangerous for these innocent young adults but also concerning parents with added security measures for their kids’ safety. While caging up kids and never letting them out of their sights seems like a very tempting idea, it is nonetheless impossible to accomplish. However, why not beat technology with technology by using monitoring applications like TheOneSpy application to protect kids and their ever growing interests? Here’s how these applications can come in handy:

Terror 1: Pornography

Pornography is one of the many facets within the widely used term “inappropriate content”. Such content needs to be kept far away from the prying eyes of kids for their own benefit because adult content can have a very negative effect you’re your kid’s sexual growth. Moreover, there can also be adverse effects on your kids’ psychological health. Unlike the old idea of pornography, the industry has to this day evolved tremendously making it very complex and hence very dangerous for kids.

Protective measures: As a parent, you can use monitoring applications like TheOneSpy application to block these sites and unwanted applications off your kids’ gadgets completely by using filters. Ever monitoring application allows parents to add filters either in the form of words or complete phrases which will not only block porn sites but also other inappropriate content from popping up in the form of unwanted advertisements etc.

Terror 2: Cyber Bullying

Backyard bullying has phenomenally evolved since back in the day. However today social media and the internet has paved the way to cyber bullying whereby the victim’s image is completely tarnished without any repercussions for the bully. Basically, rumors can fly high in the cyber world and hence can get lost and become fabricated over time. This can lead your kid to lose their self-esteem and confidence levels.

Protective measures: Parents can use TOS cell phone monitoring applications to keep a check on their kids’ online activities and basically check who is contacting them or talking about them. Monitoring applications give parents the liberty to go through their kid’s online social media accounts easily and pin point any shaky business.

Terror 3: Predators

Online predators feel much more comfortable attacking their victims through the cyber world rather than directly. This is because the cyber world allows them the liberty to groom their victims slowly and steadily. Such encounters usually start very innocently whereby the kid happens across a kind and compassionate individual through a chat room or some fake profile on a social media website. However, predators can lead kids astray and even harm them physically at some point.

Protective measures: Instant Messengers & Social Media spy feature by TOS app is the perfect means of keeping an eye on your kids’ online usage. Basically, by installing a TOS monitoring application on the target gadgets you are paving way for safe measures by virtually tracking your kids’ every move online. An online cloud stores everything; every click, every site visited etc. Moreover, such applications also allow you to tap into your kid’s phone remotely and check their activities.

Terror 4: Excessive Gaming

Addiction can not only be caused by drugs and other induced stimulants. In every age group, addiction can harbor itself in various different forms. In the case of kids, addiction takes place in the form of online gaming rooms where children get hooked on the game and can automatically loose interests in other aspects of life. Such excessive gaming can lead to hours flying by hence making it difficult for parents to get in some healthy physical activity for the kids. Occasionally kids may also happen upon different violent games that could justly affect their psychological growth.

Protective measures: Addiction via excessive gaming can be easily countered via TheOneSpy monitoring application whereby parents can put limits on internet usage. Basically what happens is that parents can a lot a time for which the gadget will be receiving the internet connection. However, once that time period is finished, the internet connection gets lost and can only be restored via a key or pin number that the parent only knows about. This way kids can get involved in other activities as well rather than just be stuck on online games.

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