The Negativity of Hike Messenger

hike messenger nagitivities

The hike is the cross-platform instant messaging service for smartphones. It uses the internet for the sake of communication; users can do text messaging, emoticons, videos, images, audio files, voice messages, contacts, and user location as well. It is one of the highest downloading App from an app store. Hike has almost 100 million users. ”It is the unbelievable milestone that we have achieved” “the company owner said that in a statement. The Hike Messenger allows you to do text messages, photos, voice messaging and you can talk in group chats. The hike is the most popular app among young users. Out of 15 million users, 80 percent are under age youngsters who daily use this particular messenger. Hike has bought free voice calling company zip phones enable it to announce free app-based calling service. Hike attracts the designers to make new stickers, 30% of traffic is coming due to the stickers. The owner did not expect a huge amount of appreciation made by the users.

Now the question arises that, is hike the appropriate social app for young generation? The simple answer is not at all. Why is it so? Here is a reason behind.

A Huge Amount of Carnal Content:

As we all well aware of The Hike Messenger has its features to post and share videos, that is the main reason that hike messenger is not the appropriate platform for young teenagers. Some users post an infinite number of adult content on hike messenger, young underage users go through these videos and get an urge to post and share the same kind of videos on hike messenger.

The Online Games on Hike Messenger:

Especially the young users are very fond of playing online games on Hike messenger. States show that users have played almost 1.3 billion games on the hike messenger. The average spent time by the young user is 2 hours on” online Games”. So, the trend of online games on Hike messenger has severe effects on the young generation. They always keep themselves busy playing games on hike messenger rather than paying attention to other important activities like education and physical exercise.

Cyberbullying on Hike Messenger:

The Hike messenger and cyber bullying are very associated with each other. The young teenagers post their videos with a racial slogan. Videos are mostly related to the individuals in which, someone uses abusive language, someone. So, young teens get inspired, and there will be maximum chances to repeat the same thing which they have seen in the videos.

What Should Parents Do?

Having all the best features available in the Hike Messenger; still, it is not safe for the young generation. Parents should keep an eye on their kids whenever they have the cell phone in their child’s hands. What kind of chatting they are doing in groups or individually, what sort of content they are viewing, what kind of sites they are visiting through their cell phones and parents can monitor their smartphones remotely with the help of monitoring apps such as TheOneSpy. You can also monitor your child’s phone keystrokes with keylogging feature in which you will manage to monitor E-mail keystrokes, password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes and SMS keystrokes.

TheOneSpy gives you an opportunity to do monitoring on your teen’s smartphone. It will give you access to the browsing history of your target device. You will enable to know what sort of things your child is visiting, and you will be able restrict him for things which you don’t let them visit.

How Hike Messenger Spy Feature Works?

TheOneSpy app has more than 130 features and 16 instant messengers including Hike messenger spy. To monitor Hike messenger, you have to make sure that your device is previously rooted and after that, you have to get the premier package of TheOneSpy. You will get the desired package which will base on one month, three months, six months and one-year package, and install it in your targeted Android device. Now you will get the logs of Hike Messenger. Just visit the control panel login with your user credentials and visit the IM log section to the right side menu of your screen to check hike messenger logs.

Look deep inside and make a decision that you will protect your child at anycast. TheOneSpy is here to protect your child from the negativity of Hike Messenger.

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