Adult WhatsApp Group Links: Side Effects on Digital Teens

adult whatsapp group side effects on digital teens

WhatsApp has crossed 1 billion active users. It is the single most used instant messaging app that has surpassed Facebook and skype and others. It is very surprising for everyone that more than 50% of messages are now being sent via social apps. compared to the traditional Sms text messages on cellular networks of a cell phone. .The important question for parents is: Why do teens need so much privacy? If they are going to such great lengths to hide their messages, then parents should be appropriately concerned.

One of the concerns parents has that WhatsApp is highly popular among teens. It enables kids to message their fellow friends privately without showing text messages history. The instant messaging app came up with an end to end encryption, which provides privacy for messages and other activities like calls. Now a question arises why do teens need so much privacy? Parents should be concerned because of the hidden chat of teens because adult WhatsApp group links are everywhere on the social app.

More than 470000 thousand  adult WhatsApp group links such as child abuse sex images have exposed in Google search results experts are warning parents to protect teens from these groups, according to the Dailymail reports.

There are hundreds of social media app groups, including adult ones floating on the Google search engine. The instant messaging app has proven “unsecure irrespective of users thinking” a digitally created invite link users can share to anyone on the social messaging app.

WhatsAppening? Strangers can invite your teens on adult WhatsApp groups

Parents should be aware of the fact that teens are receiving hundreds of thousands of strangers’ group invitations via the WhatsApp chat. The security of the instant messenger has compromised, and online predators, sex-offenders, and many others can invite your teens via instant messaging apps chat links. All these sorts of links are visible on Google searches.

How teens can join Adult WhatsApp groups?

Young teens obsessed with social messaging apps are more likely to join groups such as dating groups, sex groups, porn groups, and young girls groups. The biggest threat behind these groups is sexually explicit videos and images that don’t bother to activate age restrictions. Teens can easily join WhatsApp group chats when someone sends them an invite link made in-app.

In addition to that, these adult social media app links are dangerous for teens. All the links are easily available in search results where teens can get in without the question of age limitation. More than 470,000 groups chat invite links are approachable via Google. So, teens can receive the adult WhatsApp group invitation from anyone, because their contacts could leak at any point in time.

All the exposed invite links initially were posted elsewhere on cyberspace, but Google is no more offering these links -however, it may appear on other search engines. Peer pressure is one of the most reliable sources of these kinds of adult links. Young teens used to share plenty of things with their friends. Friends of your teens can share these sorts of inappropriate links on the instant messaging app.

Should Parents be Worried about Adults’ WhatsApp groups links?

Lack of Age Restrictions:

No age restrictions are the reason behind the inappropriate social media app groups that teens used to receive and then share with their peers. The lack of a mechanism that forces the age requirement is one of the biggest concerns on the adult links that teens are receiving. Therefore, teens easily get access to the sexual groups, online hookups and porn groups shared on the WhatsApp

Customized Photos/videos on social media groups:

Parents should be concerned about the WhatsApp activities of teens and the groups they are using secretly for sexting in terms of videos and photos. The contact of your child could be leaked at any point in time and on the other side, a stranger can send or share inappropriate links to the teens.

No Adult Content Restrictions:

There are a number of social messaging apps where authorities have strictly limited the posting of adult content such as nudity, pornography, and sexual suggestive posses. However, WhatsApp instant messenger is lacking with the no adult content policy. On the other hand, teens are receiving invitations of adult groups for the purposes of online dating, porn clips, online dating, and many others alike to both young teens male and females.

Predators Online

Have you heard of a word known as “grooming”? Online predators like sex -offenders and stalkers do believe in this world and they approach young teens online. They used to share sexually explicit images, videos, and sext messages to teens. However, when it comes to grooming on WhatsApp a predator must have a cell phone number. Once they have got the contact, then they can easily create a digital link of the group where teens can watch adult content. So, teens, these days are facing online grooming via WhatsApp chat. Strangers can easily send anonymous adult social media groups to your teens. Once teens start using the group they will definitely share it with friends in their contact or friendly groups.

What should parents do against adult WhatsApp group links

Parents should make use of the parental monitoring software. It empowers you to get access to the cellphone and tablet devices. In addition to that, parents can get the logs of all the instant messaging apps like WhatsApp without rooting. Users can monitor messaging, chat conversations in groups, private chat, voice messages logs, and multimedia sharing activities. However, the parental control app enables parents to perform live screen recording of IM’s running on a kid’s mobile device in real-time. Parents can record short videos of teen’s phones screen when they are up to the social messaging app.


If your teens are receiving links of inappropriate adult WhatsApp group links and they are doing adult activities, then use cell phone parental control app. It enables parents to get rid of all the concerns to keep themselves updated all the time.

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