How Digital Parenting Done – Infographic

The rise and rise of technology especially in the form of the cellphones, gadgets and computer machines and excessive use of these devices connected to the internet makes compulsive use of digital parenting. Young kids and teens are obsessed with the virtual world and they use social media apps, explore the cyberspace for more and more information and for educational purposes. However, technology may have come with advantages, but when it comes to children it has also brought numerous risk factor that can harm kids mentally, socially and emotionally. Today children are the victims of cyber bullies, stalkers, and sexual predators may get involved in sexual hookups, sexting, and obsession with social messaging apps.

However, parents have a very irrational approach against digital activities; they are aware but have multiple thoughts about digital parenting. The age is the main factor for parents to monitor their kids and teens digital activities. Parents themselves spend a number of hours on digital devices. Parents have the habit of checking the kids and teens social media accounts on regular basis. However, they also make a check on their digital activities of teens.

Parents have a number of challenges when it comes digital parenting. They have to deal with the restrictive meditation, intrusive meditation and last but not the least is co-viewing where both parents and kids get involved in using the artificial world to the fullest. However, co-learning of the digital world has become very important for the parents. However, co-presence is another issue among parents and children too. Where everybody in the house sticks with their mobile phones and gadget connected to the internet.

Even the World’s biggest name in the field of the technology “Bill Gates” has put a restriction on their children. He doesn’t allow young kids and teens to use the mobile phones and gadgets at dinner time at all, according to an interview he has given to the Mirror.

Teens almost spend an average of 9 hours a day on the media and gadgets such as TV, social media and even on the online games, CNN–Reports stated that.

However, parents can perform a number of digital parenting tips that can really help out parents to protect teens and kids from digital obsession and vulnerabilities. Parents can talk to the children and remain calm and cool. They can have conversations on regular basis and talk to the children to the point. Moreover, parents need to have a little bit tech–savvy and get information about the digital parenting and about the digital world. Parents can set parental control on kids devices and get to know what they are doing on smartphones, gadgets, and PCs.

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