How to Monitor Their Contacts and Why


One of the features offered by TheOneSpy to our users is the contacts monitoring feature. Whether your target device is an Android, iPhone, iPad or a BlackBerry, you can find out all the details of the contacts stored on its hard drive. Parents and Employers can monitor the contacts list on target mobile phone with the interesting feature of TOS contact spying of a smartphone.

What does TOS Contacts Monitoring Do?

TheOneSpy’s contact monitor enables you to inspect the contacts stored on any given device. You won’t just get to see their names, but also their contact numbers – cellphone or landline – email addresses, mailing addresses as well as social media pages’ details – as long as all of this information is stored on the device you are monitoring.

How to Monitor their Contacts Using TheOneSpy Contacts Spy

Monitoring their contacts is easy with TheOneSpy spying app for phone contacts list. All you have to do is purchase a license for TOS software, and install it on the device – or devices – you wish to monitor. As soon as you purchase a license with us, you will be assigned a dashboard that only you can access. All of the information extracted from all the devices you install the software on would be stored and saved on your dashboard as long as you want. This also includes the contact details stored on the given devices. Simply click on the contacts section, and find out the complete details of the contacts saved on each device.

Why You Need Contacts list Backup and Spying

Whether you are a concerned parent, spouse or employee, you do not have any idea whom your loved ones or employees are befriending. For parents, it is a huge concern as they do not want their children to fall into bad company. To spouses, it matters a lot whom their partners are contacting – they could be keeping company with someone they promised they would stay away from. For employees, it is imperative to keep an eye on their employees’ contacts list for the protection of their company’s valuable information – they could be contacting the wrong people for the wrong reasons. This is why you should know whose contact information your children, spouses or employees keep stored in their devices. And TheOneSpy secret contacts monitoring app can help you do just that.[/vc_column_text]

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