Intend to These Tactics Before Spying Employees Using GPS Tracking

intend to these tactics before spying employees using gps tracking

Employers have deemed different measures in order to observe their employees working hours since the salaries as well as the working hours has increased simultaneously in the state of Florida where plenty of “Fair Labor Standards Acts” cases has been found. Therefore, they have arranged it to safeguard themselves against any sort of false assert done by the employee. However, employers have made some further tactics in the shape of spying devices as well as mobile apps in order to make coherence, to tackle problems regarding security, to make sure that employees obey the rules and regulations of the company, the security of company’s equipment and for customer assistance as well.  Companies have fixed The Global positioning system GPS not only in automobiles, iPad’s and smartphones for the sake of checks and balances.

A small number of courts has been raised the issue on the usage of GPS system in order to monitor employees by the employers, but even then there are many states where employers are using the GPS system on the assets of the company and their employees have not had the belief regarding seclusion in this situation. There are many states like Tennessee, Texas, California and much more where the law doesn’t permit the use of spy apps in mobile phones and devices in automobiles, except if the owner allows this action with its device.

Since 2016, a third-party platform named “Tsheets” has done a survey on 1000 employees in the United States regarding the use of GPS monitoring systems in working hours. Almost 322 employees said they have experience of GPS monitoring while others were asked what arguments they have if they are being a spied by the employers.

In their research work, Tsheets stated that in summary “The Surprising Truth: What Employees Think Of GPS Tracking in the Workplace” they mention their view in the shape of some key points.

Employees Reaction Towards GPS System:

  • On 95% workplaces employees had 54% positive gesture towards GPS, 41% remained neutral and 95% had their view that they are happy to enable location service on their perusal apps or devices.
  • Almost 62% employees don’t use the GPS service in their working experiencing while 16% think positively about it and 42% had a neutral stance. Almost 84% think that they are happy to enable GPS system on their personal apps.

How Employers Monitor Their Employees Through GPS:

  • They were tracked during working hours almost 55% of employees stated that.
  • They were monitored 24/7, 15% of employees said that.
  • We don’t know how they tracked us, 30% of employees had their views.

Major Concerns of Employees Regarding GPS:

  • I had a conversation with my manager about GPS
  • I have shared my concerns with my colleagues

Only 6% of employees said that their bosses warned them to wither they should quit the job or they will dismiss.

Employee’s Insecurities Regarding GPS System:

  • They were tracked even after working hours
  • Their complete personal data had been monitored
  • Their phone device battery consumption is highly increased

Researchers had their view that, those who were aware of GPS have less concern as compare to those who did not have the awareness about the tracking system. 68% employees who did not have awareness have insecurities regarding GPS, while those who have experienced GPS 52% have insecurity regarding GPS system.

Advantages of GPS System:

  • It can monitor traveling time
  • Employees do their work properly otherwise they will have to face serious consequences
  • A great tool for accountability

Researchers find out that those who have experience of GPS show a positive behavior towards their work, while those who don’t have experience of GPS were a bit lazy towards their work.

The Reason Behind Using GPS with Personal App:

  • App is secure and trustworthy
  • If app has requirement of GPS
  • It is good for saving time

GPS system is very trustworthy technology, therefore people rely on it, and either they show their faith in the app or felt secure about it.

Instead of the agreement of the employee, it is the employer who need to make some measures, where or where not the employee should use the device or vehicle alongside with employees anticipations regarding privacy. Employers should need to understand the expectations of their employees and at what point of level the monitoring is adequate for an employee. It is more important, whether GPS has attached with the personal device of the employee or with the equipment owned by the company, either employee can use the device after working hours or in the case of employees own device can be tracked after working hours as well.

Monitoring of employees after the working hours is notoriously the violation of the privacy of the employee whether the monitoring has done on either company’s owned equipment or by the employees. Whenever a monitoring device gathered personal information of an employee after the working hours should be considered the violation of the privacy of the employee, sometimes it leads towards the dismissal of the employee, which is the totally perspicacious act done by the employers.

So, cut, in short, an act of monitoring through GPS monitoring system should be implemented specifically related for the purposes of job performance, an employee should be dismissed if violate the rules of the company during working hours and employees performance has not up to mark. Monitoring should be recognized valid for business purposes where GPS system should run and before the implementation employees should be well aware that they are being monitored by the company’s management only in working hours. TheOneSpy is the ultimate remedy for all problems you have had. The world no.1 powerful spy app enables employers to monitor GPS locationof their employees 24/7. It has the exception to tracking “live root map” of your employee, where he or she is currently present, where your employee is moving and in what direction he or she is going at the moment. TOS gives you privilege to record surrounding sounds as well as making pictures and short videos by using the targeted device back and front camera. These particular exceptions will make tracking more accurate if any employee makes a false statement and not willing to admit their wrong move. Employers will have strong proves in order to prosecute their employee.

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