Ground Realities of Monitoring Employees


Employee monitoring empowers a business to track staff activities and track the workers at workplace-related tasks. In a business organization, surveillance on employees really matters a lot. It can increase the productivity, monitor attendance, fortify security and provide proves how much a person has worked in a shift. The modern staffs monitoring tools are the contemporary implementations, but the exercise itself has been executing for a long time. If we put our little effort and do research in the history, the very first timesheet was contrived since 1988.  In the modern world, business is enabling to keep an eye on their staff individually and entirely. Now employers have the power to know how much employees spend their time at work. How much are they productive? For what purposes they have used the internet, what sort of applications they are using, on what assigned tasks they are struggling and when they do best in their work on company’s assigned devices or gadgets. The modern technology has to be appreciated, now companies can monitor effectively all the activities such as the use of internet and the applications usage, Emails, keystrokes, cell phone usage, computer screen recording, audio and video surveillance, GPS location tracking and ability to control the company’s assigned devices efficiently.

Shapes of Employees Monitoring:

Staff monitoring may come in many shapes, some out of all you may not have clue. Employee monitoring software would be very handy for business while tracking different types of employees activities in a workplace. Let’s hover over to the most common forms.

Use of Internet in a Business:

Approximately two-third of business organizations track their staff usage of internet on their assigned devices.  No doubt about that, it would be very useful to know what type activities your team members are doing on the internet. Let’s suppose that if they spend time browsing online and visit websites such as shopping websites, using messengers for fun and others entertaining activities.

Then you are certain about your workers that they are not working seriously. But sometimes this type of monitoring is very problematic for business, let’s suppose a social media manager is working under you and all the time he/she is visiting social media websites such Facebook, Instagram, and others but it would not be objectionable, but at the same time either that it would be productive or not.

However, the monitoring app like TheOneSpy you can come to know how much time they spend and for what purposes they use social media platforms and you will make better judgments what your employee exactly do online. You can visit browsing history and bookmarked websites to deeply analyze the interests of your staff member.


Surprisingly, almost 43% of business owners monitor their staff emails. It really helps out the companies to solve the problems even before they are going to occurs. Emails monitoring is very effective to settle disputes. Once a Massachusetts judge summoned an employer who’d got two sexual harassments claims have to search his employee’s emails. Almost three-fourth of the companies which spy on emails use spy software such as TOS Emails tracking app, it allows you view incoming/outgoing emails and view Gmail.


Being an employer you know that, customer care department is the backbone of every business organizations. Therefore,  you may record your staff communication level with the clients, it would be obvious the customer care representatives who guide their clients showing nice behavior would have good customer care states as compared to your other customer care staff. That’s the reason business has to track the calls and Messages Company’s owned cell phone devices.  Bosses can record live calls and spy on messages by using employee surveillance app. Companies who concerned about companies owned smartphone misuse than it allows employers to view call history. It further empowers you to monitor MMS, iMessage and BBM chat messages as well.

Voice Mails:

There are 9% of companies who spy on employee’s voicemails. If we look in the past at very before email or chat, people use voice mails to convey a message to communicate. Now in the modern world, this practice is limited but present within the offices, less than a one-tenth population of the United States uses it. So, who really want to monitor it, they can use IM’s social media logging of cell phone spy software and can listen to the short voice messages because in current world voice messages being used through instant messaging applications.


A business which has mobile employees actually supplies products to their clients. According to some studies which have been conducted since 2012, almost 62% of companies what have “roaming” workforces and they keep surveillance of their movement.  Therefore, employers who have mobile employees on company owned vehicles and they pretend to reach to the assigned area. You can use GPS location tracker, it allows you to view the current location of your employee, location history and view weekly tracked GPS location history.

The Pros of Monitoring Employee:

Business owners, executives, and team leader can really make a difference and can reap a lot of awards through monitoring employee application. Let’s take a look at the pros.

No One will Waste Time:

When an employee knows that he/she is being monitored through employee monitoring software, then it would be obvious that the employees don’t waste time and focus on their work. They will not waste their time just hanging on social media websites and apps and will not spend their time on internet playing games and other stuff. In short staff monitoring really make difference to make employees more disciplined than ever before.

Fewer Errors:

Let’s suppose that when you have more insight into your team’s work and one of your team members is making a blunder in assigned task and you have the capacity to scrutinize your employee’s work performance. Through getting screen shots of targeted employee’s smartphone screen you can view the situation of your employees work and you can halt him/her when he/she went wrong.

The increase in productivity:

Obviously, when we know that a hidden eye is watching us than we put our best efforts in our work to avoid employer’s serious arguments. Ultimately, the productivity of a business automatically increases. Actually, employee tracking software makes people responsible for what they are assigned to.

 < strong>More transparency:

Having thousands of employees it would be difficult for employers to make a judgment on their employees who is more transparent in their work, but having employee surveillance app you can get access to data on every single employee. Employers can get their hands on the high level and granular view of employee activities.

Lack of Data Breaching:

The modern technology heavily affected by the online ransomware cyber-attacks. Ultimately, employers are very concerned about the safety of their company’s confidential data. Data breach becomes impossible if you are using employee monitoring software.

The Cons of Employee Monitoring:

Everything has its side effects, but drawbacks are comparatively far less than the pros of employee monitoring.

Bad impact on morale:

When you scrutinize the activities of your employees then automatically a thing comes in your mind that your executives don’t trust you. At the end, it really affects employee’s moral badly and as well as the relationship and trust between the employer and employee.


Most of the employee doesn’t pay full attention to their work because they feel pressure and stress when employers are looking their every single move.

Legalities of Monitoring Employees:

  • When you are looking forward to employee monitoring then you have to consider so many things.
  • There are not any federal laws present which stops private companies from doing surveillance on employees.
  • Most importantly, private employees don’t claim for having rights on privacy issues.
  • In case, if you are the private employer with the federal contract in which you are bound keeping records, or you are the public company, then monitoring rights are limited.
  • Despite the fact that, lack of federal laws forces some states to make their laws.
  • Before monitoring your employee, you are requiring taking his consensus, then monitoring is legal.
  • Monitoring is allowed on company’s owned devices such as cell phones, computers, and other tech gadgets.
  • An employer can monitor phone calls, text messages and voice messages, and GPS location can be tracked legally with the consent of the employee if the employee has a company’s owned device.
  • Employers can evaluate the working hours performance of his/her employee through TOS employee monitoring app.

How to Pick a Perfect Employee Monitoring Software?

If you are looking for the application which enables you to track your employees then if following three things an employee monitoring have then go for it.

  • Is it helpful for the productivity of your business? If, yes then get the employee surveillance app.
  • Will it avoid liabilities?
  • Is it helpful for spotting problems before they happen?

Conclusion: Employers have to take into considerations all the dos and don’ts while monitoring the activities and they should choose ultimate and reliable employee monitoring software.

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