Now iPhone as iPorn: Cell Phones Exposing Teens to Adult Content

iphone as iporn cell phones exposing teens to adult content

Traditionally, parents have been used to putting laptops and desktop computers in public areas of the house to monitor kids’ and teens’ browsing activities. However, in the advanced digital era, smartphones have gained popularity. It is difficult for parents to observe children’s online browsing behavior. Apple products are famous, and most teens are iPhone users.

So, children and teens are connecting with porn or with the predators using their iOS devices. The ratio of addiction is increasing as a study shows the majority of teens, about 60%, are addicted to using cell phones. Smartphone addiction can lead teens towards pornography as they use their iPhones as iPorn, and it’s been on the rise among teens worldwide.

It’s alarming that exposure to adult content has negatively influenced the lifestyles of teenagers. Moreover, cellphone pornography gives rise to depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts among children. This article provides insight into how it is essential to guide children about safe online browsing to counter the usage of iPhones as iPorn in children.

Dramatically, in the current world teens and sexual predators are a way ahead of parents when it comes to the use of technology, “Donnas Rice Hughes, president of Enough Is Enough, a child safety group said that.

Is iPhone Serving as iPorn: Statistics About Cell Phone Pornography?

The majority of teens own smartphones, browsing the internet without supervision. They spend more time with their phone watching videos, gaming, and pornography. The high screen time among teens can affect them emotionally and mentally.

Anne Longfield works for youth well-being and highlights the importance of addressing addiction. She recently introduced the Online Safety Act in the UK to protect children against harmful online issues.

She said it’s not safe to leave children with their smartphones alone. Parents should see that addiction to social media is like poisoning their children. Parents must be conscious of protecting their children from online predators the same way they protect them from eating junk food daily.

What are Statistics about Cell Phone Pornography? Need To Know

Cell phone pornography involves internet browsing behaviors in children via smartphones to access the adultery contents. The following statistics highlight the prevailing trends of watching pornography in children using smartphones.

  • Recent research by Common Sense Media about the level of media consumption in children shows that screen time is higher among children, as they spend 5 to 8 hours per day using media.
  • Another research by Common Sense Media indicates about 58% of teenagers are likely to watch pornography accidentally.
  • Teenagers, including 57% girls and 83% boys, are involved in online group sex activities.
  • Before the age of 18, boys are more likely to be exposed to pornography as compared to girls.
  • The average age at which boys watch adult videos is 12 years old.
  • Child pornography can promote child molestation. Another study reveals that 15% of girls and 9% of boys used to watch online child pornography.
  • The research to study the reaction of youth discussing pornography finds that 90% of teens and 96% of adults are motivated and encouraged to have sex talks with peers.
  • Young kids and teens reportedly hover over adult content in the shape of sexually explicit videos; a large portion, 38% of children, usually see porn on portable laptops, 33% use iPhones as iPorn, and 24% on desktop computers. According to the reports of BBC news
  • Research also says that 28% of kids and teens were accidentally exposed to the iPorn via pop-up advertising, and 19% intentionally searched adult videos on their iPads and iPhones and used other smartphones and gadgets connected to the internet.

The Popularity of Using iPhones in Teens

The social media platforms set different trends, effectively influencing teens’ and adults’ thinking. Nowadays, having an iPhone makes teens feel like they have met the standard of high-class status.


iPhones have become children’s first choice of smartphone. A survey conducted by Piper Sandler shows that about 87% of teens in the U.S. are iPhone users, and 88% choose to buy an iPhone as their next smartphone device.


The growing popularity of the iPhone has led parents to explore their children’s media consumption. This curiosity has led them to investigate what content teens watch on their iPhones. Statistics show that teens use their smartphones for various purposes. About 64% of teens watch videos and 43% play games on their smartphones.


The fact shocked the parents, as about 71% of teenagers are exposed to pornography at 17, while 54% watch adultery at 13. So, addiction to iPhones can increase addiction to iPorn.

Using iPhone as iPorn Poses Risk to Children’s Online Security

Teens having iPhones in their hands connected to the internet are used to digging out inappropriate content, reading and viewing stuff that encourages adultery, and ultimately opening up iPhones for iPorn.


Highlighting the study facts, it is evident that the addiction level of pornography in children is getting high. It makes children vulnerable to the adverse effects of pornography.


Ultimately, there will be potential dangers for teens, such as using iPhones for pornography can also encounter stalkers, cyberbullies, sexual predators, and other immoral activities such as sexting and blind dating or uncommitted sexual activities.


Watching iPorn on iPhones can affect their mental health as it promotes sexual behaviors, online group sex, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, it leads to poor academic performance and also creates difficulties in forming relationships in the future.

Why Parents are Helpless Against iPorn & Other Cyber Dangers?

Parents should know that one out of five children visits inappropriate content on their cell phones. Teens don’t want to share their browsing activities, as about 71% use ways to keep them private. They don’t want their parents to expose them, so they prevent them from investigating their online browsing.


Nearly 13% of teenagers use security settings on their cell phones. But this is not enough to ensure children’s online safety. However, 46% of parents don’t know the necessity of mobile phone monitoring to prevent teens from using iOS devices for porn.


Parents must adopt an appropriate approach to help overcome the issues of pornography addiction in teens. It includes utilizing innovative parenting technology and techniques to promote healthy online browsing behaviors.

Solution for Parents: iPhone Monitoring

Parents can avoid the risks of watching Porn on an iPhone in children by monitoring and controlling their kids’ smartphone devices. There are two ways of tracking iPhones.

iPhone Monitoring with Jailbreak

This solution is best because it allows parents to monitor all web activities while children use VPN and incognito mode. Because without a jailbreak solution, not allowing real-time monitoring serves limited tracking.

So, to fully leverage parental control apps, you need to jailbreak your children’s iPhones. This ensures the monitoring app’s smooth operation and gives you remote access to control your child’s device.

Use Non-jailbreak Solution to Prevent Teens Using iPhone as iPorn?

Parents can use a non-jailbreak solution for iPhones and quickly learn about kids’ and teens’ iPhone browsing activities without jailbreak. However, parents can also track their children’s internet usage behaviors without installing the parental control app for iPhone on the target iOS device.

They don’t need to jailbreak it. Because you just need to have iCloud credentials for your teen’s non-jailbreak iOS device. Moreover, you will have access to the non-jailbreak solution for the iOS control panel; once you have gotten the subscription online, you must visit the sync iCloud button, where you need to put the iCloud credentials.

Now, you have access to all the data on the target device within minutes, including browsing and social messaging app activities. So, you can finally control your children’s online activities and decide whether to prevent them from using iPhones such as iPorn or if there is nothing to worry about.


The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most advanced cell phones these days. But when it comes to young kids and teens, they are used to browsing porn content. So, parents should stop teens from using iPhones as iPorn with an appropriate monitoring approach.

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