How to Monitor an Android Phone Remotely? (Updated)

Monitor Android Phone Remotely

The rise and rise of Android phone technology over the years have brought plenty of insecurities among certain groups of people. I have received plenty of messages from people asking me how to monitor my android phone remotely. So, we have got plenty of these kinds of queries from different sorts of people having different kinds of issues.

Therefore, today we have decided to tell you about android monitoring, including cell phones and gadgets. The common reason behind tracking android cell phones is that Android has emerged over the year as the most significant smartphone OS worldwide.

According to the reports, almost 85% of cell phone devices worldwide are of the Android operating system. Then people would love to have cell phones under surveillance running with the Android OS.

Why Parents Want to Snoop on Teen’s Android Phone?

Parents are the ones at the top that want to monitor their teenage kids because they are being so secretive, and parents desperately want to know what they are up to on their devices all day long.

Pew Research Center:

According to the survey by the Pew Research center, almost half of the teens said they use Android smartphones and are addicted to them; even 36% of parents do believe the same. Some parents have come to know that teens harbor sexual fantasies on Android devices. A whopping 72% of young teens, and kids have admitted that they check messages as soon as they wake early in the morning. So, cell phone technology addiction is been on the rise over the last decade or more, usually centered on a young lot.

Moreover, addicted teens are susceptible to problematic behaviors and excessive use of android mobile phones, especially regarding social media usage. According to the research center surveyed, teens between the age of 13 -17 are more likely to have issues and trouble unplugging android devices.

Parents want to know how to clone the android phone remotely. In addition, 54% of the young teens said they use smartphones all day and perform plenty of activities on them apart from android phone calls and text messages. Still, the internet and social media apps are in a particular use.

Almost 72% of teens said they check messages, notifications on their cell phones of android OS as soon as possible waking up early in the morning. Dramatically 57% of parents do the same, and teens got them as a role model

Cell phone addiction at the end of the day cause negative effects, but the very first sing of its negativity is its effect on attention. Almost 39% of teens have lost attention or focus during school classes being busy on their Android devices. Moreover, apart from addiction, teens have got issues of stalking, bullying online, shaming online and last but not the least sexting using sneaky texting codes on digital android smartphones.

Parents really want their teens should start weaning themselves off cell phones, social media, and the internet, dating apps – or at least modulating and take control of their usage. However, parents themselves want to keep a constant check on the teen’s cell phone to the fullest. Still, the question arises how parents can track android mobile phones of the teens.

Don’t Monitor Spouse Android Phone: You are Breaching Privacy!

Disturbing spouses that are insecure about their partners might either be cheating or get involved in infidelity online using social media apps and dating apps on their Android devices. But this type of hacking means you are going to do intrusive and illicit surveillance by breaching someone’s privacy.

Most of the female spouses are running with this issue and they suspect their partner is cheating on them using digital devices likewise cell phone, internet, and social media. This is a very common social issue that is running in society due to today’s connected world. There are few stats in the following that can do second my arguments.

  • Almost 46% of the men do believe that online affairs are the same as adultery, DivorceMag stated that.
  • 37% of mean and 22% of women have admitted that are or they have been involved in affairs online using android cell phones. Researchers have their opinion that millions of people visit chat rooms have multiple special friends, Dr. Bob Lanier,
  • Almost one –third of divorce litigations happen due to cyber infidelity
  • 70% of the spouses spend time online using their Android mobile phone devices by sending emails, chat room interactions and the majority of the conversations are romantic in nature, Dr. Michel Adams, Ph.D. and co-author of “Affairs of the Net. Said that!

You cannot breach even your spouse privacy at least when you have consent to build trust in your relationship. So, android monitoring for the sake spying on spouse would be against the privacy laws. So, we don’t encourage anyone of our user to track spouse android cell phone to prevent infidelity or cheating in a relationship. However, if you have common agreement then you can do it. In addition you can report abuse and violation.

Note: We don’t encourage indulging in intrusive & Illicit Surveillance at all. If someone gets involved in he/she will be responsible on their own in the court of law and we will support the victim to the fullest.

Why Employers Want to Track Android Phone of Employees?

Business organizations these days are highly equipped with digital devices likewise android mobile phones and gadgets. Employee’s use this company’s owned devices personally to get involved in something fishy or to just waste time within the working hours. Therefore, employers have the right to monitor android cell phones, gadgets to protect business secrets, to avoid employee time-wasting activities.

International Data Crop report:

There are plenty of reasons behind employers want to put company’s owned mobile phone under constant surveillance.

  • 30 -40% of the workers have internet access on the digital devices including android devices and they don’t perform work related activities
  • 21 to 31% of employees send, receive emails and sell secret information of the company intellectual property. That’s why employers want to stop and identify rouge employees before they become serious threat to company’s secret information.
  • 60% of the employees make purchases online via company’s mobile
  • In U.S 40% productivity losses happen due to goldbricking habits of employees using digital devices and employees time wasting activities are at the top
Therefore, employers of business organizations really want to protect their business by identifying rouge employees by tracking company’s owned Android mobile phone devices to the fullest.

You can monitor any android device of your children, teens and even of your employees any time from anyplace remotely. But you need to get physical access on the target device; otherwise you won’t be able to do it what so ever.

Install Android Phone Tracking App to Monitor it Remotely

Simply you need to go to the web page of the most advanced cell phone spy software for android and then you need to get subscription online. Moreover, you will get the credentials through an email once you have finished with the process of subscription; in addition, you need to have physical access on the target device and then you need to get started spy app process of installation. When you have done with the installation properly simply you need to use the login credentials of your online control panel and get ingress to it.

Now you have plenty of tools to monitor an android cell phone that empowers you to stay updated about the target device activities. You can monitor surrounds of the target device and further you record and listen to the incoming and outgoing calls with the use of android secret call recording app. Furthermore, you can track social media activities on the target cell phone in terms of logs, text messages, conversations, audio, and video calls, shared media and snoop WhatsApp Voice messages on Android.

In addition, you can perform live screen recording on android to make short videos of the screen and you can watch it having access to the web portal. It further empowers you to track live GPS location with location tracking software for Android. The end user can monitor emails, spy on text messages and even get to know about the browsing activities. Android mobile phone surveillance software enables you to remotely block messages, incoming calls, and internet remotely and effectively on android phone.

Android tracking software is the best tool that enables the user to remotely monitor the target android cell phone with the help of its multiple tools. However, it prevents you to have fake, legit, discreet tech –tools to save you time and money
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