Obesity Control Tips: How to Monitor Obese?


The world most powerful and developed country “The United States of America” is dramatical, running with the dangerous diseases known as obesity. Obesity can be defined as, a person having huge massive body fats which impact badly on their health, according to the World Health organization. Since last 30 years, the childhood obesity number has doubled, the young children age 12 up to 19 were 5% in late 1980’s but until the mid of second decade of 21ist century figures have increased nearly 21%. Almost on third of America’s child population is overweight or obese.

The disease is not penetrating among the young children only; it is the same with the adults in the United States. The highest number of obese people including young children is living in the states such as Mississippi 35%, West Virginia 34.4% and in Delaware 34.3 percent. Generally, almost 600 million people are the victims of Obesity all across the globe, nearly 1.6 million young children up to an age of 18 are obese or overweight, use of technology and the cheap food chains is the main factor behind increasing obesity, According to the reports of WHO (World Health Organization).

Reasons Behind the Rapid Increase in Obesity:

The main factor of increasing in obesity is the cheap fast food chains, small cheap stores, lack of superstores and usage of cheap products such as chips, soda, candies, and burgers. The products which are made of sugar are very cheap as compare to other natural low calories products. The shopkeepers in the united stated stalk the products which are made of organic compounds, because these products have long age as compare to the natural food such vegetables, beans and many other things. Store owners bring cheap products in poor neighborhoods; people have less time to prepare their own food because of having multiple jobs to feed their kids and family.

How To Monitor Obese?

Obesity can be controlled by implementing some rules on obese peoples, being parents you are worried about your child who is obese, then parents can monitor each and every single activity In order to prevent obesity. Use TheOneSpy monitoring application to monitor your kids, if he/she is using the tech gadgets and obsessed with the social messaging apps. Use IM’s feature of the monitoring app to track the instant messaging apps.

Do spy on all text messages of your kid’s device, if he/she is planning to buy online fast food through fast food chains by using the Spy on messages feature of the spy app.

If parents realize that their young kid is visiting some places to eat fast food which will impact on health, parents can locate their GPS location through Track GPS location feature of TheOneSpy tracking app.

Parents should encourage their children to do some physical activities which help their kids to lose some weight, but if they don’t abide their parent’s advice and play games online and do other internet activities. Then use the spy software and track all the internet activities through monitor internet activities feature of TOS surveillance app.

Parents also record surrounding sounds and make short videos when their kids are visiting some fast food chains places by using the monitoring application.

so, the obese should be under observance using spy software that they would not get access to fast food and to digital media activities which cause obesity. ultimately you will see the major positive change in obese health. hence, we can claim that monitoring can prevent obesity.

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