Do You Want to Run Your Own Phone Spy Business?

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What is TheOneSpy Reseller Program?

If you are interested in running your own spy phone business but you are lacking with technology. There is no need to produce counterfeit product, simply join TheOneSpy reseller program and rebrand our product and sell it at your chosen price to get 100% profit on every single sale. We will provide you our piece of technology that you can label as yours and sell it on your platform. Now you can run your own business and you can reach to the new heights which you see in dreams.

Now run your own spy phone business

Get technology from us & label it as yours

Join hands with TheOneSpy & rebrand out product

Sell it & get 100% profit on each sale

Sell our technology on your labeled platform

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How profitable is TheOneSpy Reselling program?

For both surveillance professionals & business vendors:

It is a matter of fact that TOS is the most demanding & widely used spy phone software in the surveillance industry, packed with dozens of easy to use unique and powerful features.

It is a king without a crown of the spy phone industry and over the years its demand has been exceptional and constant. Now we are offering to surveillance pro and mobile vendors to sell our piece of technology under your brand. You can make your customizable user web portal and sell it to your customers as your selected prices. So, you have a chance to make profits as much as you can.

If you are one of the surveillance professionals or you are running a business related to surveillance hardware, mobile software, TheOneSpy reseller program enables you to reach new heights.

Once you have joined us, you will have our powerful & sturdy technology in terms server that gives you control over your customer’s relations.

You can sell our product by giving it a new brand and platform name and then connects it with your dashboard to deal with it with your customers.

To start your new business with us, fill-up the form and get started within 24 hours.

Socialize the world about TheOneSpy affiliate program and if you done great performance then better you get paid from the income of your referral partners, continuously.

How TheOneSpy Reseller program is a win-win situation for us as manufacturer & you as Reseller?

TOS reselling program has come up with 100% profitable opportunities for you:

Interested resellers in selling our product can use their brand name under their decided terms. You can add our technology to your application and provide valuable & trusted services to their clients. The bigger your brand name becomes at the end of the day the huge profit you can make with the use of our piece of technology. You can run your spy phone business at your terms and conditions having our rebranded technology into your hands. The maximum you sell our products under your platform name higher would be the growth of your business. So, at the end of the day we as manufactures and you as a reseller would have win-win situation.

You will have all the branding characteristics of your platform to have competitive differences

You can deal with your client’s relationships directly

Safe and circumspect access for you & your customers

Integrate our unique & powerful tools with your application to offer valuable solutions for market

TheOneSpy reseller program assures you about user-friendliness and compatibility with the major cell phone platforms of Android OS such as Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, and tablet devices.

We guarantee you to provide you support against all technical requirements

Set your margin by setting your price for the market

TheOneSpy Reseller Program Suitable for Followings:


Online businesses can use TOS products and run phone spy business as their own using our technology under the name of their domain and make profits. They can sell our product having their web portal to deal with the customers and they are not answerable to us. They can set prices on their own once they have got our piece of technology & make a profit as much as they can.

Private Organizations

Organizations can use it if they are looking forward to monitoring their hundreds of employees and the same is the case with the multinationals having more than one office in different cities and counties. Moreover, private organizations can use it for surveillance on their employees due to non-serious behavior at the workplace, especially on company-provided devices. TheOneSpy is capable of working to control time-wasting, the security of secretive information and to catch culprits within corporations.

Schools & institutions

Educational institutes are facing serious problems of online bullying, excessive usage of mobile devices in study hours and inappropriate browsing activities. So, school authorities are in a hurry to solve these kinds of issues.

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