“The Social Dilemma”: Review that Force you to Unplug Social Media

social dilemma review

The Social Dilemma Documentary by Jeff Orlowski Explains how Obsession and Privacy Breaches are the Kinds of Features of Social Media, Not Bugs.

Social networking platforms are addictive and nasty for everyone that is not weird for those who are obsessed with social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. However, Jeff Orlowski’s documentary “The Social Dilemma,” meticulous recreant from these tech-companies, describes that the evil wickedness of social media platforms is a feature rather than a bug.

They have a viewpoint that the human psyche has converted into a code to convey a secret meaning for a profit with opportunistic accuracy. The billions of times scrolling and push notifications on social media platforms keep users engaged all the time.

On the other hand, the personified advocacies use data for anticipated and take control of our actions and put users into the hunt of advertisers and misinformation.

“Google is well-aware of your interest, because whenever you search on Google, you see the multiple different results, according to your area, location, and interest.  It provides you result according to your field of interest, an official of a tech-company has said in an interview in a Jeff Orlowski’s documentary The Social Dilemma.

The Facebook official said that in the documentary, if you are willing to take control of the world’s population, then there is no batter tech-tool than Facebook. However, if we have created all these tools, then it is our moral responsibility to change it to save the world.

The Dark Side of Social Media

Google is not doing all these actions by accident, but it is a designed technique expert that further expresses his views in the documentary. “People should know that whatever they are doing online, they are under surveillance, and they are being tracked all the time on their digital devices connected to cyberspace, further added that. Most people do believe that Google is a kind of search box, and Facebook is there to know what my friends, family, and loved ones are doing on it.

 They don’t bother to know that there is a team of engineers is working behind the side, and they manipulate the user’s psychology against them. Therefore, we are trying our best to put a more spotlight that why we are concerned about “The Social Dilemma.

We have less control over who we are and what we believe, the co-inventor of Facebook “Like-Button” Justin Rosen said that in the documentary.

One of the officials of social media platforms said that we are bombarded with the rumors because the fake news spread six times faster than the truth. Therefore, social media is helpful to changes the human psyche and concepts about the personalities belong to politics worldwide. Furthermore, if everyone is entitled to keep watching their facts, then people don’t need to have interacted with each other in daily life, and social media is doing good in this sense.

Views from the People Who Created the Social Media

Jeff Orlowski has gathered all the social media inventors from Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook officials under one platform.

He interviewed them to make a documentary of Social Dilemma about what they have created over the years and what are unintended consequences of the technology on the public.

The officials have stated that we tweet, we do like, and we share the unimaginable outcomes due to the rise and the rise of social media platforms.

The people have become obsessed, and social platforms have increasingly become a lifeline for the users to connect themselves. The Silicon Valley insiders have further revealed that social media has reprogrammed civilization and exposed that what is the motive on another side of the screen of your digital device connected to the internet.

Everything is a kind of setup when you are posting something to whom you are posting and what you receive in the response of social media posting. There are meaningful changes that are continuously happening because of these social networking platforms Tim Kendall; the President of Pinterest said that in The Social Dilemma Documentary.

The Young Generation: More Depressed, More Worried & Anxious

“The social networking platforms have made the whole generation more anxious, depressed, and worried, an official of twitter stated that in the social Dilemma film. The youngsters are indeed full of anxiety and depression because they used to of spending time on social media platforms, and they have adopted somehow a narcissist approach.

Teens always willing to look cool on social media multimedia shared with their friends, and the constant notifications keep teens engaged all the time on the social messaging apps. Teens always seem to blush whenever they get rewarded by likes and thumbs-ups, and they flat that with the value, and they flattered with the truth. One of the officials stated that, I always felt like fundamentally it is force for good, and I don’t know I would feel like that anymore.

The Award-Winning Directors Viewpoint about Social Dilemma

Jeff Orlowski’s new documentary says in The Social Dilemma, The notifications on Facebook are deliberate. The documentary explains the side effects of social media platforms on society and all the social networking misusing us. These platforms are worst; it makes humans, insecure, depressed, and distracted all the time and in many cases radicalized.

Facebook has got to know that they were able to defect the real-world behavior into emotions without pushing user awareness. The documentary has described unbelievable information with the very people who have created Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and many more.

The Orlowski further stated that the fossil fuel industry and the tech industry are similar to each other. “When we have discovered the oil, we all did believe that it would be a great source of energy for us, but later we got to know we are damaging the climate. So, I think that similar is happening to social media. Despite a few, social media use has its consequences for individuals and society.


The intention behind The social Dilemma Documentary is that we can change the world into a better place if the technology in terms of social networking is responsible for mess, chaos, loneliness, polarization, more hacking, and inability to concentrate on the real issues of our lives.

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