Is Social Technology Fueling Teens To Be Sexual On Valentine’s Day?

social technology valentines day

Valentine’s Day is a day that comes with the holiday and is known as the most romantic day of the year. Young teenagers always seem excited to be in love, and they like to find who sent what Valentine to whom.  Seemingly, the day is all full of fun, but social technology has turned this into the day of sex. The peer pressure and cattiness are turning this holiday into a fame contest. Single teens always think of themselves as unwanted, and they seem in a desperate search to find someone to make them feel special. Technological tools like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Live-Streaming Apps allow teens to find their Valentine.

Teens want to get involved in sexual relationships with their partners, and social media technology is fueling teens to be sexual on Valentine’s Day for sure.  Social media networks are enabling teens to interact with people that have never met them before. Live chats, text messages, and video streaming features of social technology are grooming teens one way or the other.

Teenagers Want Sex For Valentine’s Day

Young teenagers are more likely to plan to lose their virginity on Valentine’s Day, Feb 14, according to the survey of the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce. More than 60% of teens plan to lose their virginity every Valentine’s Day.

  • The average age of virginity loss is 17.4 in the United States
  • Sexual awakening happens in teens is 15. 2 years of age
  • Almost 40% of U.S high schools going teens have had sex
  • 10% of the teens have more than 3 or 4 sexual partners

Young lovers are more likely to plan to be sexual with someone on Valentine’s Day. Therefore, Val-day has become a virginity day. Social media technology is fueling teens to be sexual more likely than those that believe in real-life relationships. Nowadays, teens don’t need to meet someone in person at first. Teens can find people online using social technology. More than 95% of teens have cellphones, and 75% have internet access.

Social Tech & The Rise Of Sexual Urge In Teens On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is making generation Z avoids being in a relationship and preferring casual online hookups using social media and live video streaming. Teens love to lick their Val–day card envelopes and think of this day as the best opportunity to ponder casual sexual relationships. The digital generation is lacking real-life skills when it comes to being in real–life relationships. Teens these days don’t know how to face the opposite gender in person. Teens prefer to meet people online using social media networks on the rise. Teens express their love and emotions via live video streaming apps. Most teens do start and explore sexual fantasies on video streaming applications after finding someone through social technology. Digital dating practices are on the rise, and teens fulfill half of their sexual motives via chat, messages, and voice and video streaming. Valentine’s Day is the most suitable for teens to meet significant others in real–life to have sex without knowing each other in person. Let’s discuss how teens using social media for Valentine’s Day.

Teenagers are more likely have a sex in an inappropriate way without protection. Sex without safety can leads teens towards sexually transmitted diseases, according to the World Health Organization.

Dangers Of Using Social Messaging Apps To Find A Valentine

Desperate teenagers want to prevent peer pressure by finding out significant other. Teens have to show in front of the peers that their lover has sent him/her for Valentine’s day. On the other side teens without a partner feel pressure and think of themselves as unwanted all the time. So, they use social media platforms and interact with strangers online. Online predators are always looking for teens that are in search of a valentine. Teens are more likely to interact with online predators and accidentally commit to meet them on the day of love. Stalkers and sexual predators play with their emotions, and most of the teens get involved in unsafe sex without protection. Sexually transmitted diseases are frequent among teens. Parents have to take care of teens when they spending time on social technology before Valentine’s Day. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tinder are the social tools where teens used to meet strangers for hookups.

COVID -19 Has Fueled Online Dating In Teens To Meet Someone On Val–Day

The pandemic is still on the go, and people these days have to follow the SOP’s. Now the question arises, what would teens do on Valentine’s Day. I am sure those teens that will not have permission will strip themselves on Valentine’s Day in front of their lovers using live video streaming apps. The sharing of nude bodies, sexting, and immature sexual activities has prevailed in youngsters. So, the COVID will pave the way for online dating and virtual stripping among teens on Valentine’s Day for sure. Live video sharing apps, like Bigo lives,, UpLive, periscope, and many more enabling teens to share nudes in private chat rooms. Parents have to keep an eye on the digital devices of the teens connected to cyberspace.

Valentine’s Day Turns To Be Hyper-Sexualized

The carnal accomplishments have become a fashion among the young generation.  The fear of committed relationships is on the rise among teens, and they love to get involved in casual relationships. Teens with more sexual partners will admire peers. Teens having valentine would have a better social circle compare to the reserved teens. Lovers in hyper sexualized time don’t prefer in relationship that demands commitment. They love to indulge in hookups using social technology and try to find out their Valentine for sexual motives only. The Valentine’s Day has turned to National condoms day, because young people are celebrating the festival for having sex only.

Tips For Parents To Make Teens Get Rid Of Valentine Sexual Fantasies

Parents can guide teens on why they celebrate Valentine’s Day. Tell your teens it brings the person that makes you feel special, rather than just fulfilling your sexual needs only. Parents need to guide teens about the following questions:

  • What should I get for my valentine?
  • What will my lover bring for me?
  • How much money should I have to date someone?

Guide Your Teens About Following:

  • Advise your teens to tell about her love
  • Introduce your partner with the parents
  • Don’t go to date without parent’s consent
  • Always take a cellphone while on dating
  • Don’t involve with strangers using live streaming apps and via social media apps
  • Meet someone on Valentine’s day after knowing the person properly

Monitor Teen’s Digital Devices Prior To The Valentine‘s Day

The generation z is on the verge of destruction because of its hyper-sexualized nature. Social technology is continuously fueling teens to be sexual on Val–day. Now it is the parent’s responsibility to protect teens from sexual hookups. Parents can set parental control on teen’s phones and get to know what teens are planning for Valentine. You can monitor and track social media networks and live video streaming applications active on your teen’s cellphone.

Solution To Monitor Teen's Social Networking & Digital Activities

Parents should monitor teen’s online activities before the festival. Most teens plan to lose their virginity to be admired by friends. Parents should keep an eye on teen’s cellphone using the cell phone tracker app. Parents can watch the live screen of a cellphone in real–time. Parents can read phone messages, chat conversations, media files and listen to voice and video calls using social media messenger spy tool. You can record and listen to phone calls remotely. Users can track the GPS location of teens when they are on a date without your consent. Parents can prevent and block sexting and sharing nudes to strangers using cell phone monitoring app. You can capture screenshots of the phone and watch what teens are up to on the phone screen. Parents can mark safe and prohibited areas virtually on the map if teens are on a date without consent.


Dating is a healthy activity, but when it comes to casual hookups with strangers to gain sexual motives teens, not only losing their virginity but allowing predators to play with them mentally, physically, and emotionally. So, parents should take care of teens on Valentine’s Day by keeping an eye on cellphone connected to cyberspace. Now teach your teens to find and have a date with true love on this Val–day rather than allowing someone to play with their flesh.

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