1 in 5 Parents Electronically Tracking Kid’s Location: Study says

parents electronically tracking kids

One in five parents electronically tracking their kids and teen’s location while they trip to schools or college according to the latest study published in ABC News. Parents seem concerned about their kid’s safety. On the other hand, GPS tracking of kids raises some increasingly common questions: Whether parents should use such apps or devices to electronically track kid’s trip to school in order to keep an eye on them.

Raising young kids and teens obviously comes with potential discomforts and insecurities. Parents usually don’t know where their kids are and even if they are at schools they make so many assumptions with regard to their safety. So, modern technology in terms of GPS location tracking empowers us to address some of the concerns. We want to protect kids in particular, to maintain a love connection and foster their independence.

Key Points of the study:

Parents actually track the kid’s location in order to ease their concerns, the Royal Children Hospital study shows that. Tracking of the children location may not enhance the skills of children to safely make the journey, the poll director added that. However, the schools and college-going children don’t walk or ride to school, it is further stated that in the study.

Should You Track Kid’s Location?

This is the most common discussion we all are having in our homes whether we track our children location and as well as their gadgets and cell phones. I think if your kids and teens are tech –savvy and they know how to use the technology and to have an online presence, then we should consider monitoring and as well as tracking their location to have a peace of mind and to make sure the safety.  The very common element that running in parents mind is the safety of their child while going outside the house and trap to school. According to survey conducted by PEW Research Center, most of the parents don’t track GPS location of their kids and teens cell phones between the ages of 13 -17. However, 16% of the parents really perform the location tracking of adolescents. Therefore, we can use tracking apps to surveil our ambulatory hearts, should we?

“The stranger danger and other things that are significantly vulnerable for the protection of kids often cross parents mind, and unfortunately all the concerns are legitimate that push us to think about It.” take look!

Bullying Beyond The Schools Gates

Real life bullying and online bullying is one of the most dangerous things kids and teens have to go through with no time ever before. Today, children bullied beyond the school’s gates. Online and real-life harassment among the miners has increased by 65% in Spain since last five years and it is happening all across the world. Young kids and teens are bullied at schools and get humiliation even in the cyber world. Therefore, tracking kids location has become necessary for parents and in addition, digital parenting is been knocking the mind of the parents these days. So, the importance of tracking the GPS location gives parents a piece of mind that kids were at schools or at the roadside when they were bullied.Because most of the kids start bunking schools having fear in mind of the fellow bullies and don’t go to the schools.

“Victims do believe that they were victimized due to their sexual orientation or due to the color of their skin or religion. “

Drug Abuse & Party Life of Tweens & Teens

Club drugs are very common among the modern young generation. Many of the drugs are known as energy boosters for enjoying party environment and young teens and tweens are very used to of it. The after effects of teen are drug abuse and part life often put them into deep trouble. They get involved in uncommitted sexual relationships and often get raped. So, the parties are known for the loud, pulsating music and flashing lights where a young drug abuser cannot make louder noise for help having trouble. So, parents that want used to of tracking teens location using electronic devices by using monitoring apps can easily get to know where there teens are at the moment.

“Before your teens have to go through with the holistic treatment due to abusing alcohol, traditional drugs or club drugs, kids tracking activities can protect your teens to the fullest.”

Teens Pimping Out Young Girls

Don’t be shocked, it’s true. Today professional pimps are recruiting young teens with empty pockets and pay them to trap their fellow teens that are mentally disturbed or poor financially and to run a prostitution circle. So, the young poor teens are pimping out other young teens through social media and get involved in sex trafficking. Therefore, parents, in particular, belongs to the middle class they should take a look on their teen’s location all the time to protect them from the child traffickers and as well as from such peers who can possibly experts in pimping our teens. Pimp teens mostly trap teens who are studying at their schools or they have a friendship connection at social media apps. Teens offer money and a better way of life to other teens in order to trap them later on to the sex traffickers. So, parents should not manipulate someone your teens trust tracking your teen’s location would be effective for their safety.

learn not to trust fox

Teens with empty pockets alongside bigger aims and dreams usually recruited by the pimps, who offer money and ask them to trap other young girls online and in real –life. Sugar daddy trend is prevailing among the society that is the fittest example of teens pimping out young teens.

Real-Life Predators & Teens

Stalkers, sexual predators in terms of pedophiles who always looking forward to get molest someone’s child are everywhere in your neighborhoods. So, online presence of your teens on digital world mostly reveals your teen’s privacy in terms of address and name and mobile number. So, online predators usually turn out into real-life predator. These kinds of predators are hidden i
n the society and it could be your relatives, friends and even the one you think is very pious. So, young kids and teens are always in consent threat when they are outside the house or at school. So, parents can protect their kids and teens from the predators by keeping their selves update by tracking teens and kids presence.

Child Run

The factors we have discussed earlier in our discussion are logical and that’s why parents that used of tracking children location. Child run is another factor that pushes parents to monitor children location. Bullied kids, teens with unhappy or friendly with the parents often try to escape or run from the house. So, parents should keep friendly environment with the children rather than track their loved one location.

What is The Parent’s Attitude Towards Child Tracking?

  • 88% of the parents do believe that using tracking apps or devices give them piece of mind to allow a child without an adult
  • 87% of the parents think that is fulfills the child protection
  • 67% parents think children feel secure knowing that their parents have an eye on him
  • 47% parents say I don’t want fill my mind with parental concerns
  • 31% parents says our children don’t like to being tracked
  • 19% parents don’t agree on tracking kid’s location all the time

Children Are Driven to School

The hospital study says most of the children travel to school by cars and vehicles and few of them walk or riding.

The Ways get to school

  • Primary schools: via car: 66%, Public Transport: 11%, Walk or ride: 23
  • Teenagers: 46% via car, 38% via Public Transport, 16% via walk or ride

Is Tracking Kids and Teens Location Enough?

I think since the teens and children have become tech-savvy location tracking is not enough only. Today kids and teens are digitally native and they have a clear majority of the online presence. So, they use social media apps and perform texting, sexting, share multimedia and do text conversations all the time using cell phones connected to the internet. Therefore, parents should take a further step ahead and should monitor their digital activities. Parents should monitor social media apps logs, record cell phone calls incoming and outgoing calls and even restrict their activities over the internet. These days, screen time, online bullying, sexual predators and other digital issues have replaced the traditional vulnerabilities.

Therefore, tracking teens and kids location digitally or electronically, in my opinion, is not significant unless parents should turn their focus on digital parenting.

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