TheOneSpy VS Mobistealth: Who is the Winner of Spy Throne?

theonespy vs mobistealth

Today we are going to make a comparison between the two top best applications like TheOneSpy VS Mobistealth. Gathering of information from non-disclosed sources these days is trendy. However, the act of gathering info could be different from time to time. Spying on someone is one of the most effective ways to monitor data and information. People these days are trying to get their hands on the spy apps to infiltrate into the target cellphone, tablet, PCs, and computer laptop devices.

Parents these days want to spy on teens and children digital devices that use phones as a duck to water. However, the digital ducks (phones, tablets) can drown children into deep web known as the internet. Employers love to track employee’s laptop and desktop devices to make sure the productivity and business security.

People also want to keep an eye on the loved ones for many different reasons.  Spying on kids that never unhand their gadgets, employees dangerous for business, and to safeguard close to heart you need an app that can spy on the target device.

On the other side, plenty of phones and computer tracking applications are on the web, but it is too difficult to make choice out of one in hundreds of spying apps floating the on web. The following factors will tell us which one is the best spy software for phones and PCs.

  • Prices
  • Features
  • Products
  • Compatibility

TheOneSpy: Remote Spy App for Phones & PCs

It is one of the best spying software that you can install on your target cellphone, PC, and computer devices. You can use its features after setting it up on the target device via the online dashboard. In addition to that, you can gather the data and information running on the target device. It is pack with plenty of different products for phones, computers, tablets, and PCs. You have to subscribe to each product and it will provide you license and email confirmation alongside the instructions.

Each license of TheOneSpy has an individual online control panel. From IM’s spy to VoIP call recording, from call recording to reading of text messages, from screen recording to surround recording and from GPS tracker to email tracking all you can get from the monitoring software. For more details, you can visit the TOS web online chat to get complete information. It is best for parental control, to spy on employees, and to keep an eye on your loved ones.

MobiStealth: A Spy App that Monitor Mobiles & Computers

MobiStealth is popular spy software and one of the pioneer’s ones. It has come up with a simple web-based console alongside plenty of state of the art features. It used to of making claims that it has quality spying solutions. Mobistealth provides subscription-based service on each product. It enables users to spy on phones, tablets, and computer devices running with multiple operating systems. Once you have the subscription of its products you can download and install it on the target device.

Before you get subscriptions you need to make sure that your target device is compatible with it. It is pack with the call recording, surround recording, instant messages, email, text messages, and browser history. Mobistealth provides services for kids monitoring and surveillance on employees in a working hour.

TheOneSpy and Mobistealth both are state of the art and trustworthy applications. These two spy apps are offering multiple products and dozens of features. You can easily install it on the target device for parenting, employee monitoring, and keeping an eye on loved ones. However, TheOneSpy is considered reasonable in price alongside its exclusive set of features for phones, PCs, and computer devices. On the other side, Mobistealth is quite an expensive only offering typical feature. Therefore, TheOneSpy is the best spying software.

TheOneSpy & Mobistealth Software Comparison Review

TheOneSpy Price for Android Spy App

It consists of two subscription plans for the android spying app. You can get xLite and premium editions. Users can purchase X Lite Edition for 1 month within $35, 3 Months in $25 per month, and the yearly subscription is $9.25 per month.  Furthermore, you can get the Premium edition for a month in $39, quarterly in $26 per month, and the yearly subscription is $10 per month.

TheOneSpy Price for Mac Spy Software

You can subscribe for mac spying app for laptops and desktops premier packages in $40 for a month, $60 for 3 months, and $80 for 6 months subscriptions.

TheOneSpy Price for Window Spy App

TOS is offering a premier package for 1 month of windows monitoring app in $40, 3 Months subscription is $60, and for 6 months subscription is $80. Furthermore, Users can get the yearly package at just $110.

Mobistealth Price for Android

It is offering Pro Plan that you can get within $79.99 every three months, get 1 months plan in $59.99, and get the yearly subscription is just $149.99 per year. Furthermore, the Pro –X plan cost you $69.99 for a months. You can get 12 months plan in $179.99 and the 1-month subscription is just $69.99.

Mobistealth Price for iPhone

It is offering a Premium plan for ios devices. It cost you $49.99 for three months and $16.66 per year.

Mobistealth Price for Windows & Mac Spy Software

It offers three different lite plans for three months, six months, and a year within $59.99, $79.99 and $99.99 respectively.

The Bottom Line

TheOneSpy and Mobistealth are offering multiple products for android, iPhones, PCs, and computer devices. TheOneSpy is reasonably superior then the Mobistealth because it is offering similar products alongside the exclusive set of features traditional ones. So, TheOneSpy is an undisputed winner of spy software.

TheOneSpy & MobiStealth Spying Features Comparison

Top 10 Features of TheOneSpy to Spy on Android OS

Screen recording: screen recorder software enables users to make short back to back videos of the screen and save them into a web portal.

Call recorder: Users can record inbound & outbound live calls using call recording app.

Spy live camera streaming: You can connect the target phone camera with the android spy app online dashboard.

Spy360 live surround listening: You can remotely connect target device MIC with cellphone spy software online dashboard to listen to surrounds in real-time.

Surround recorder: You can remotely bug MIC using surround recorder software to record and listen to surround conversations and voices.

Geo-Fencing: Remotely create a virtual circle to mark safe and restricted places on the MAP and get alerts.

Keystrokes logging: You can record and capture applied keystrokes on target android phones and tablet devices.

IM’s Social media: You can get the logs of social messaging apps running on the target cellphone device.

Internet history: Users can get to know about the visited websites and bookmarked webpages.

Remote spy: Users can block messages, phone calls, and the internet.

Top Exclusive Features of TheOneSpy Android Spy App

  • Voice call recording to record instant messaging apps calls
  • Restore WhatsApp messages without root
  • Monitor social messaging apps on un-rooted android device
  • See the logs via free Mobile Viewer app
  • Remote uninstall app & support OS version 10 of android
  • Un-install TheOneSpy & support Android OS version 10

TheOneSpy - MAC PC Spy Software Features

The computer monitoring app is the best tool that is packed with plenty of features that you can use on the target device running with mac OS. You can easily install it on the target device and use its online dashboard and use its features such as MIC bug, camera bug, block websites, sync settings, screen recording, screenshots, and keyloggers. You can use all of these features to spy on Mac computers and upload the information to its web portal.

TheOneSpy Windows Computer Spy Software Features

Windows computer spy software is the best solution that provides you powerful set of features. You can install Window spy software on the target device and use a web portal and use features such as block websites, surround recording, browser history, installed applications, windows location tracking, screenshots –on demand, and many more. You can use windows laptops and desktop PCs and upload information to the dashboard.

TheOneSpy – iPhone Monitoring App Features (Non Jail Break Solution)

Messages: You can spy on iPhone messages and chats conversations.

Call logs: Users can get the activity logs of iOS devices such as call logs and more.

Safari history: You can track Safari history installed on the target iPhone device.

Geo –Location: Users can monitor the Geo-location of target iOS devices.

Device info: Remotely get to know about the devices attached to iPhone & internet

WhatsApp messages: Users can get logs of instant messaging app logs.

Photos: Users can monitor and track photo-sharing activities on iPhone.

Mobistealth- Phone Spy Software for Android Features

Call recording: You can record live phone calls incoming and outgoing on Android.

Surround recording: You can record surrounds of cellphone using its MIC and listen to chats, and voice conversations.

Social media spying: You can spy on the instant messenger’s activities like chat, media, message and others.

Text messages: You can read the sent and received messages on target cellphone device.

Email spy: Users can read and monitor sent and received emails with email spying software.

Multimedia: You can monitor shared photos, videos and images on cellphone.

Call history: You can get the logs of incoming and outgoing and missed calls on android.

Browsing history: Users can spy on the internet history in terms of visited websites and bookmarking.

Installed apps: You can view all the installed applications on target device in a list form.

Mobistealth for iPhone Features (Jailbreak & Non-jailbreak)

You can use its plenty of features that enable you to Spy on imessages, call history, browsing history, contacts, and emails. Furthermore, you can use features for non-jailbreak iPhones such as WhatsApp spy, WeChat, Viber, Kik, Line, SMS, MMS, contacts, call history and installed applications.

Mobistealth for Windows Computer Spy Software Features

Windows monitoring software is packed with a set of features likewise email spy, screenshots, monitor yahoo messenger, Skype, and keystrokes. You can spy on laptop and desktop devices of windows OS with TheOneSpy App.

Mobistealth for MAC Spy Software Features

You can use mac monitoring app on the target device and use its features to capture screenshots, monitor browsing history, and capture keystrokes and skype messenger. Install it on mac computer devices and get to know what is happening on the target device.

The Bottom Line

TheOneSpy and Mobistealth are offering multiple products for cellphones, tablets, PCs, and computer devices. However, TheOneSpy has dozens of features against every product alongside the exclusive tools. On the other hand, Mobistealth has a limited set of features of all products except for iOS devices. Therefore, TheOneSpy has won the spy throne of 2020.

TheOneSpy VS MobiStealth Surveillance Software Products Comparison

TheOneSpy Spying and Monitoring Products List

TheOneSpy has plenty of products for phones like android, iOS, and tablet devices. Further, it is also offering products for the surveillance of mac and windows laptop and desktop devices. Every product consists of dozens of features and enables the user to upload the information to the online dashboard. You can use all of its products for parental control, employee monitoring, and to keep a hidden eye on loved one activity. Let’s get to know about TheOneSpy products.

  • Cellphone spy app for android
  • Spying software for iPhone
  • MAC spying software
  • Windows tracking app
  • Remote viewer application
  • Remote web control panel

Mobistealth Spying & Monitoring Software Products

It is offering multiple products that you can easily choose from and install it on the target cellphone, tablet, PC, and on the computer device. You can subscribe to the following mentioned products for the sake of digital parenting, spying on employees, and for many other activities alike.

  • Android spy software
  • Iphone spying app (Jailbreak & Non-jailbreak)
  • Mobistealth for MAC devices
  • Mobistealth for windows

The Bottom Line

TheOneSpy and MobiStealth are going head to head in terms of products but lacking with mobile viewer app. However, only products do not make a difference unless all the products are equally satisfying and packed with dozens of features. TheOneSpy has products, full of features, easy installation process, and provides you exclusive tools to get the job done. On the other hand, Mobistealth has products like TOS, but it has a limited set of features. Therefore, TheOneSpy is an undisputed winner without the shadow of the doubt.

TheOneSpy VS MobiStealth Operating Systems (OS) Compatibility Comparison

OS support or compatibility is one of the biggest elements before you are going to buy spy software for a cellphone. Therefore, you need to make sure that the target cellphone or computer devices are compatible with the application.

TheOneSpy Supported Operating Systems (OS) & Versions

TheOnSpy –Android: It supports all kinds of phones and tablet devices running from 5.0, 5.1.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, 9.1, 10

TheOneSpy –IOS: It is compatible with iPhone devices starting form IOS 11 up 13.5.

TheOneSpy –MAC: It supports all the contemporary OS versions of MAC computer devices.

TheOneSpy –Windows: It supports all OS versions of Windows devices.

MobiStealth Supported Operating Systems (OS) & Versions

MobiStealth –Android: It is compatible with Android OS 2.3 and above.

MobiStealth –IOS: You can use it on IOS 9.3.5 and earlier (Jailbreak), and you can use it all (Non-jailbreak) all IOS versions.

MobiStealth- MAC: Users can use it on Mac OS x10.6 and above.

MobiStealth –Windows: it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista 7, 8, and 10.

The Bottom Line

TheOneSpy and Mobistealth are the two trusts worthy applications are supporting the plenty of OS versions of cellphones like android, and iPhones. Further, you can use it on MAC and windows laptop and desktop devices. TheOneSpy is compatible with all the contemporary devices whether, it is a phone, PC, and computer device. However, Mobistealth has its OS limitation, but it is an effective as TheOneSpy but in limited cases. Therefore, TheOneSpy is superior technology because it has variety and effectiveness.


TheOneSpy is the ultimate spy software for cellphones, PC, and computer devices. However, Mobistealth is the best to get the job done. Mobistealth has limited options in terms of features, OS support, and installation process.  TheOneSpy is a masterpiece of a craftsman that is pack with a variety of products, typical and with exclusive features and with a reasonable ranger of price. Therefore, TOS is the undisputed winner of a spy throne.

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