Top 5 Spy Camera Apps to Spy & Record Surroundings?

Top 10 Spy Camera Apps to Spy & Record Surroundings

Spying on someone using their phone cameras is seemingly impossible and nefarious. However, there are legal but creepy reasons to use spy camera apps to spy and record surroundings. Before you get your hands on the spy apps that offer their services to control and operate your target phone rear and front cameras, carefully choose service providers. The advancement of technology has come up with plenty of camera spy solutions, and it is hard to pick the best one in the business. We have accumulated top 5 brands that would ease you to spy on phone cameras to record other phone surroundings.

Note: Are you lurking towards using a spy camera app on another phone? You need to check the local laws because you could break them unintentionally. 

 The successful installation of spy camera apps on android and iPhones can capture images, stream live surroundings audio and video and record short-time videos. 

In addition to that, spy camera apps can work without making noise and remain invisible.

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying Camera Spy Apps?

Phone cam spy apps are best for recording and spying on cell phone surroundings. You can view what is happening in the surroundings of your child’s and employee’s cell phone remotely. Camera spy apps require the following considerations before you buy any one of them.

  • Ensure the spy camera app runs on stealth mode.
  • Pick the spy app that delivers 24/7 customer support.
  • Cam-spy apps should be compatible with android & iOS OS versions
  • Always go for feature-rich & reasonable price application
  • Make sure it does not require rooting or jailbreak process to function
  • Be aware of scam camera spy solutions
  • Make sure that spycam software remains hidden

Top 5 Reliable & Hidden Spy Camera Apps in 2022

The cyber threats at the workplace and to our young generation are on the rise, and phone spy camera apps happen as a blessing. Spy camera applications can do magical things to protect our kids and protect our business entities. They capture photos and record phone surroundings videos in secret. You can use the high-tech tools without touching your target devices because spy video cam can take over the cameras of the target android or iPhone without them knowing.


TheOneSpy is one of the best spy camera apps, and it has powerful camera spy features. It ranks No.1 in our list of Top 5 reliable and efficient camera spy apps. The application provides users an online dashboard after a successful installation on android and iOS devices. The online dashboard empowers you to activate the features that can operate the target phone rear and front cameras for recording surroundings. Users can record surroundings in audio and video form, and you can also get live streaming of the surroundings by connecting the web portal to the target device cameras. It can convert the target device lenses into a spy camera app that functions efficiently and remotely.

TheOneSpy is a leading cell phone spy app that is not only best for providing spy camera features but dozens of others given below:

Pros & Cons of TheOneSpy spy cam app

Here are a few pros and cons that you need to know about TheOneSpy camera spying software.


  • It is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems
  • It is feature-rich spy camera software & easy to install
  • It supports Android OS from 4.4.0 up to 11.0 OS version
  • It is hidden and undetectable on the target phones
  • The spy camera app can hide app icons easily on cellphones
  • It can protect your kids from predators in neighborhoods
  • Work without root on android phone cameras
  • Reasonable in price & has several subscription plans


  • Impossible to install remotely without physical access
  • Works on jailbreak iOS devices


OgyMogy is the second most reliable spy camera app that empowers you to monitor cell phones and takeover target device cameras and microphones to record and listen to the surroundings. It is a spy cam tool that records surrounding visuals from target phone surroundings in real-time and short-time videos. Users can view and unveil arbitrary activity on the target device. It controls the android phone cameras to record and capture surroundings. Spy software has multiple camera spy features like video camera spy, camera bugging, and many more.

OgyMogy has many features other than spying on phone cameras that are as follows:

  • Listen to surroundings
  • Screen recorder
  • Geo location
  • Surround recorder
  • Call recording
  • Browsing history
  • Key logs

Pros & Cons of OgyMogy camera spy app

You can see the pros and cons before using the best video cam spy software.


  • Secretly control cell phone cameras & instant provide results
  • Capture photos, videos and listen to surroundings in real-time
  • Best for spying on kid’s cell phone devices by using cameras
  • Helpful for watching employee’s surroundings during working hours
  • Works on rooted, and non-rooted cell phone devices
  • Easy to use application with best android spy cam features
  • Remain invisible on target android phones
  • It has cheap subscription plans but is efficient in working


  • Does support iOS devices, like iPhones, iPads
  • Unable to install remotely on the phone


Flexispy is the pioneer of phone spy apps in the web market. It has the most unique and powerful phone camera spy tools that empower you to watch cell phone surroundings. It offers Remcam and Remvid features that can hack the target device camera. Users can use the target phone cameras without them knowing. It ranks at No. 3 in our top 5 best spy camera apps to spy on your target device surroundings.

Flexispy has many features other than spy camera tools that can monitor and control cell phones, android, and iPhones.

  • Phone call recording
  • Phone call interception
  • IM’s call recording
  • Geo-fencing
  • Browsing activity
  • Location tracking
  • SMS messages
  • Dashboard alerts

Flexispy spy camera app pros & cons

Here are following positive and negatives about Flexispy that you need to know about:


  • Camera spy app compatible with android and iPhones
  • A feature-rich application pack with unique features
  • Remote camera access & ambient recording on the target device
  • Works in a stealth mode without being detected


  • Does not compatible with non-jailbreak phones completely
  • Exclusive features work on rooted android phones
  • The most expensive application, but you can use TheOneSpy as the best alternative


ikeymonitor tries to develop similar features with elite spy cameras apps, like TheOneSpy, OgyMogy, and Flexispy, but it has to take another mile yet. However, it has spy camera features that allow users to capture photos, and videos by taking over the cameras of a cell phone. iKeymonitor saves the captured and recorded data to its web control panel. The application has many other features to spy on cell phones.

  • Text messages tracking
  • Social media spying
  • SMS Monitoring
  • Surround recording
  • Email spy
  • Installed apps
  • Internet history
  • Geo-location

iKeymonitor spy camera software pros & cons

Here are the pros & cons of the best surround recording solution for cell phones.


  • Access to advanced tools without rooting an android phone
  • Compatible with Android, and iOS devices
  • Screenshots & camera photos work efficiently
  • Separate online dashboard to save monitored data
  • Offer free plans but not as effective as paid plan


  • It consumes more battery than other spy camera apps
  • Lacking app-blocking tools
  • Web history feature work on rooted phones
  • Surround recording requires rooting

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile comes last in our top 5 spy camera apps solutions. It is phone spyware that is full of powerful features. You can use its advanced features that work in a stealth mode and empower you to use cameras of the target phone. It can capture phone surroundings and take photos remotely. Apart from phone camera spy tools, users can spy on every activity on the cell phone.

Highster Mobile is offering the following features currently:

  • Call history logs
  • Browser history
  • SMS text messages
  • Photos & videos logs
  • Stealth camera
  • iMessages
  • Live control panel
  • Social networking logs

Highster Mobile camera spy app pros & cons

The spy camera app has following pros and cons that helps out to choose the application.


  • It is one of the best undetectable spy camera apps
  • Cheap in price and easy to subscribe
  • Basic features are non-rooted
  • Claims to record phone surroundings


  • It has poor customer support service
  • Exclusive features does not work properly

We have discussed the top 5 spy camera software, and you need to choose the best one in the business. You can protect your kids and business by using the best camera spy apps, like TheOneSpy, OgyMogy, and others on your target phones.

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