TheOneSpy VS Flexispy: King without a Crown?

TheOneSpy VS Flexispy comparison review

The internet these days is offering a great selection of spy apps. Dozens of applications are providing a variety of services. Some of them for single purposes, but others are versatile, and it makes it difficult for users to get lost in plenty of choices. The decision making becomes complex in this case, because a user may reckon plenty of key points. However, there are several legitimate reasons for every user to get their hands on the particular one.

Not all the spying apps work as they used to make claims, and most of the applications happen to scam ones. Therefore, none of us would like to risk money and time while making a purchase. Some applications may cost you a fortune but have a limited set of features. On the other hand, some monitoring apps are cheap, but they have all the desired features you need.

Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss the top brats of spy business that are best and full of features. We are going to determine the head to head comparison between TheOneSpy and the Flexispy on the behalf of following things.

  • Price
  • Products
  • Features
  • Compatibility

Why FlexiSpy & TheOneSpy should be an ultimate choice for users?

While making a choice people have to reckon many determinatives, so we have gather information of TheOneSpy & Flexispy Top two spying apps giants. Following are the things on which these two are best in the business.

  • Are you going to monitor children, employees, loved ones and want to use for individual purpose?
  • Do you need to have stealth mod while using these top two brats of monitoring app?
  • Do you want specific parental control features, and live monitoring features?
  • Do you want an app for cellphones, tablets, PCs and for computer devices?
  • Do you need an app to spy in real –time mode on your target device?

TheOneSpy Monitoring software

It is like an old vine; the more it gets older, the better it will be. It is one of the pioneers of the surveillance business. It is for the sake of spying on cellphone devices. Latter on having immensely positive appreciation the platform has come up with the monitoring of tablets, computers, and laptop desktop PCs. It is beneficial for multiple activities such as to set parental control on kid’s digital devices, to spy on business owned PCs, and phones and you can use it to keep an eye on your loved ones.

Each product of TheOneSpy has dozens of set of features and works efficiently and provides results in such a short period. It has all the traditional, typical, and exclusive features that no other tracking app has come yet. It gives you a web portal for operating and getting the information. Users can install it on the target device, but physical access is necessary because remote installation is not applicable. Users have to install it manually and get the job done.

Flexispy Monitoring App

It is one of the pioneer spy app in the world. It provides a number of solutions for tracking contemporary phones running with different operating systems. Furthermore, you can monitor iPads, PCs, and computer devices with its state of the art spy solutions. It enables parents to perform parental monitoring on kids’ digital devices, and to protect business safety to the fullest.

Users can install monitoring software they need on the target device and use the web portal to monitor the information on the target device. Apart from spy software, Flexispy is the only platform that provides you with spy hardware in terms of spy shop that provides you heavy gadgets to do surveillance on the target person. That’s why Flexispy is the ultimate solution for tracking digital devices.

Comparison Review: TheOneSpy VS Flexispy App

TheOneSpy Prices: Spy Software for Android

TheOneSpy is offering two subscription plans for android monitoring and tracking software. One is TOS X Lite Edition and second one is TOS premium edition. Users can get TOS X Lite Edition monthly Subscription in $25, quarterly subscription in $6, quarterly subscription in 15$ and yearly in $6.25. Furthermore, users can subscribe for TOS premium edition per month in $39.99, quarterly in $25 and yearly premium edition in $8.33. Visit packages page to check the features list along with subscription plan.

TheOneSpy Prices: For MAC Monitoring Software (Computers Laptop/Desktop)

It is offering Mac spy software for laptop and desktop devices premier package in just $40 per month, $60 for 3 months and in $80 for 6 months.

  • Note: User can get 50% discount on annual package in $110

TheOneSpy Prices: For Widows Tracking App (PCs Laptop/Desktop)

TOS is offering windows premier package for 1 Months package in $40, 3 Months package in$60 and for 6 Months Package in $80.

  • Note: Users can get 50% off on annual package in $110

Flexispy Prices: Android Spy App

User can get lite package for a month only in $29.95 and Premium package for a month in $68, for 3 months in $99 and for 12 months in $349.

Flexispy Prices: iPhone spy software

It is offering lite package for a month only in $29.95. User can get Premium package for a month in $68, for 3 Months in $99 and for 12 months in $ 149.

  • Note: Best option for tethered iPhones 1 week package: $19.99

Users can also get Extreme three months package in $199, for 12 months in just $349.

Complete Monitoring Software Packages for Apple iPad

Users can subscribe for iPad package for 1 month in $68, for 3 months in $99, and 12 months in $149 respectively.

Flexispy Spy App for PC & MAC Packages

Users can subscribe for PC & mac Package for 1 month in just $68, for 3 months in $99 and for 12 months in $149.

The Bottom Line

As for as TheOneSpy and Flexispy are concerned these two top monitoring brats are going head to head in features & products. However, TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring is coming soon, so Flexispy has got an edge there. On the other side, TOS has almost the same features, but its price is far less than the Flexispy. That’s why TOS has an edge to get the job done as Flexispy does but at such cheap rates compare to its counterpart. So, the final verdict is TheOneSpy is superior to its counterpart because of reasonable price.

TheOneSpy VS Flexispy Software Products List Comparison

TheOneSpy Surviellance Software Products:

It is pack with multiple products for cellphones, tablets, PCs, and computer devices. Each application of TOS has dozens of sets of features and collectively it has more than 250+ Features for spying on cell phone. Furthermore, PC and computer tracking app have 31 features each.

    • Android monitoring software
    • iPhone spy software (Non-Jailbreak & Jailbreak )
    • Mac PC Surveillance Software
    • Windows Computer spy Software

Flexispy Monitoring & Tracking Software Products:

It is offering number of products for mobile devices, iPad, iPhone, and for MAC & windows PCs and computer devices respectively.  Each application has good set of features that made this application one of the pioneer application in the current scenarios.

  • Cell phone tracking software for android
  • iPhone monitoring software
  • iPad spying software
  • Computer monitoring App
  • Windows surveillance software

The Bottom Line:

When it comes to android, iPhone, mac and windows applications, TheOneSpy and Flexispy is going head to head. However, Flexispy has superiority over products compare to TOS. That’s why the final verdict is in the favor of Flexispy.

TheOneSpy VS Flexispy Monitoring, Tracking & Surveillance Features

TheOneSpy – Android Monitoring App Features

TheOneSpy has hundreds of basic, advanced, and exclusive features for android phones and tablet devices. It also so has both rooted and non-rooted features that have made the application epic when you compare it with the other applications. It is packed with voice features, social media monitoring, and camera and MIC bugging of android. Moreover, the cellphone tracking app has perfectly engineered GPS location tracking features, call logs, IM logs, and many others alike. Let’s discuss all the features of an app to spy on android phones and tablet devices.

Live 360 streaming: It enables users to get live camera streaming of target cellphone devices to view surroundings and further you can get live surroundings listening to know what is happening in target phone surroundings in real-time using Spy 360 live camera streaming, and Spy 360 live surround listening tools.

Call logs: Users can use the dashboard and activate Call history, Recorded phone calls, VOIP call history,  and Restrict incoming call tools to get incoming and outgoing phone call recording, call history, voice calls, and many more.

Bugging/ Surround Recording: You can remotely bug cellphones such as Video camera bugs, and MIC bugs. Further, users can use the Snap bug to record surrounds voices, and visuals and capture surround photos remotely.

Password chaser: It enables users to spy and monitor Pin Code, Pattern Lock Passwords applied on target cellphones of android.

Keylogger: Users can get applied keystrokes on target mobile devices like WhatsApp keystrokes, messaging keystrokes, password keystrokes, and email keystrokes.

Social messaging app/unroot: Users can get the logs of all instant messaging apps without rooting the target android device to get IM messages, chat, voice calls, media, and voice messaging logs. However, users can also get logs of plenty of other social messaging apps but you have to root the target device.

Capture screenshots: Users can remotely capture screenshots of the target phone screen in real time and send the screenshots to the dashboard.

Live screen recording: You can remotely perform live screen recording of the target device screen, camera, chrome, default browsers, Gmail, SMS screen, and all the instant messaging apps installed on the target device. You can watch the recording via the dashboard.

SMS logs with location: Users can track the location of the target device from where they have received the SMS using the location of the contact.

Email spy: You can monitor and track sent and received emails of Gmail on a cellphone device using email spy software.

Contacts: You can get access to the target cellphone device of android and monitor complete phone books, Appointments, and memories stored in phone calendars.

Photos & Multimedia: Anything shared via target android phone likewise photos, videos, and documents using TheOneSpy dashboard.

Internet history & marks: Users can spy on visited websites on android and bookmark webpages with a time stamp.

Geo-Fencing: Users can use this particular feature of android spy software and create a circumference electronically around the target device location virtually and get a notification when the target is entering or leaving the fence. However, you can mark safe and forbidden zones.

Geo-location: Users can track the location of an android phone using a live location tracking tool, get location history, and track location without GPS.

TheOneSpy Software – Technicalities

  • Security & Personal use
  • Remotely lock phone,
  • data back up and installed apps logs
  • Sim Change notification alerts
  • Flexibility

TheOneSpy Exclusive Features for Android

  • IM’s VoIP call recording
    1. Facebook call recording
    2. WhatsApp call recording
    3. Skype VoIP call recorder
    4. Viber voice call recording
    5. Line call recording
    6. Google Hangout voice call recording
  • Retrieve all WhatsApp messages
  • Monitor instant messaging apps logs
  • Get logs of android by using free Mobile Viewers App
  • Uninstall TheOneSpy applications remotely using dashboard
  • Android tracking app is compatible with android 10 and latest

TheOneSpy – IOS Features:

IPhone spying app (Non –Jailbreak solution)

IPhone Messages: You can spy on iPhone messages without jailbreak.

IPhone call logs: You can track the logs of iOS phone incoming and outgoing call logs.

Safari Browser history: You can monitor iPhone installed browser browsing activities.

Geo-Location: You can track location and create Geo-Fence in the surround of the iOS device.

Device information: You can monitor complete device info remotely from the target device.

Photos: Remotely get captured, shared, and received photos on the iPhone device.

TheOneSpy – Computer Spy App Features

Mac tracking software is filled up with several features to track all the activities that happened on the target laptop and desktop computer devices. Users can block websites, capture screenshots, and record short back to back videos by using a screen recording feature. In addition to that, users can use keystrokes to capture applied keystroke and bug camera and microphone to capture photos and listen to surrounds. You can start pause all features using the sync setting feature.

TheOneSpy Windows Spy Software Features

It is an application that you can use on target laptops and desktop PCs. You can use features such as view installed applications to what sort of software installed on the target window device. You can use website blocking, camera snaps, windows location tracking, software usage, screenshots, and browsing activities. In addition, you can use read emails, surround recorder, and screen recorder.

FlexiSpy Features for Android

Listen to live phone calls: You can listen to the live android calls by spying your target phone.

Track device locations: Track the GPS location of your target phone with a time stamp.

Listen to surroundings: Users can remotely record surround conversation of android.

Monitor chat apps: You can read the instant messaging apps chat active on the target phone.

Spy on Contacts: You can monitor contacts stored on a cellphone device with a timestamp.

Spy on internet activity: You can monitor internet activities on target mobile browsers.

Track Application activity: Users can spy on the activity logs of all the applications installed on the target device.

Remote camera capture:  You can control the camera of android to capture photos remotely.

View media files: Now spy on multimedia shared on cellphone device with a timestamp.

Android keylogger: You can record applied keystrokes on target android phones with timestamp.

Flexispy Exclusive Features

  • Improved WhatsApp & Instagram message capturing for iPhone
  • Flexispy enable you to capture Microsoft Outlook 365 Webmail
  • It is compatible with Android OS version 10
  • Use your PC to record and listen to the phone calls

Flexispy Features for PC & MAC

Monitor IM’s: You can monitor all instant messaging apps running on PC & MAC.

Verify Network Activity: You can keep track of computer and PC networks and user logins.

Spy on Internet activity: You can spy on all the internet activities happen on PCs and Mac devices.

Safeguard your data: It enables users to safeguard data stored on computer devices using data backup.

Temper controls: Flexispy enables users to use a mac and PC spy software sneakily on target devices.

Easy to view data: Users can view the monitored data stored on the web portal easily.

Keylogger: You can capture and record keystrokes used on computers and PC.

Read Emails: You can monitor sent and receive emails on the target device.

Flexispy iPhone & iPad Spy Software Features (Jailbreak Solution)

Listen to the surroundings: Open your iPhone microphone and record and listen to surrounds.

Listen to live phone calls: You can record iPhone calls incoming and outgoing.

Track device location: Flexispy enables you to track the GPS location of the IOS phone.

Monitor chat apps: You can monitor instant messaging apps chat conversations.

Spy on contacts: You can track the iPhone phone book remotely with Flexispy.

Spy on internet activity: You can get to know about all the internet activities on browsers in particular.

Remote camera capture: You can capture photos by controlling iPhone cameras.

View media files: You can monitor and spy on shared multimedia on IOS cellphones.

IPhone keylogger: Capture applied keystrokes such as passwords, chat, and email keystrokes.

Flexispy Spy Gadgets

It is offering these days spy gadgets such as hidden camera detector, GPS trackers, Micro-USB charging, and Wi-Fi alarm clock hidden camera and many more.

TheOneSpy VS Flexispy OS Support Comparison

TheOneSpy OS Support (Android, iOS, MAC & Windows)

TheOneSpy- Android OS: You can use this Android spy app on all the contemporary phones and tablets starting from 5.0. 5.1.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 8.0, 9.1, 10, and above version of Android.

TheOneSpy –iOS OS: iPhone (No-jailbreak solution) support the iPhones and iPads starting from iOS 11 up to 13.5 devices.

TheOneSpy –MAC OS: MAC spying app is compatible with all kinds of laptop and desktop devices running with MAC operating systems.

TheOneSpy –Windows OS: windows spy software is compatible with all OS versions of Windows devices.

Flexispy OS Support (Android, iOS, MAC & Windows)

Flexispy –Android OS: Android tracking app is compatible with the phones running with OS 8, OS 9, and with OS 10.

Flexispy- iPhone: iPhone monitoring spy app support iOS 6.0 up to 13.x & it does support ipads starting from 6.0 to 13.x ipads.

Flexispy-Windows OS: It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, up to 10.

Flexispy-MAC OS: Users can use it on MAC Mavericks, Yosemite, EL Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, and macOS Mojave.

The Bottom Line:

TheOneSpy & Flexispy comparison is one of the toughest jobs to do. Both of the applications are top of brats of the spying business. However, one way or the other TheOneSpy has features that do not root, but Flexispy exclusive and traditional features do require root and jailbreak to become compatible with the android, iOS, and other devices. Both the applications have the products that users wish to, but TheOneSpy has more compatibility with the OS of the products compare to the Flexispy.


TheOneSpy and Flexispy are running head to head, and both the applications are offering multiple products for many different operating systems. Both of the two top brats of spying business equipped with dozens of features. However, TheOneSpy has far more exclusive features compare to Flexispy.  Flexispy has come up with more features for iOS devices, but dramatically it is offering the same features for android, which are unseen iOS devices. So, both of the applications TheOneSpy and Flexispy are both the great ones in their domains. However, TheOneSpy is far more superior because of its reasonable price range.

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