What is Mobile-Spy Software?

what is mobile spy software

Mobile spy software is the classification of apps or programs that enable you to monitor and record the actions of end-users on mobile. Is the target person fully aware that monitoring software is active on their mobile?  It would not consider as spyware. The spy software that makes you aware of monitoring activities is known as the Mobile spy app.

Applications like desktop spyware and mobile spyware that work without the end users’ intentions for malicious and undesired activities of the target persons consider as invasive spyware apps.  Legitimate spy software for mobile consists of programming codes. It sets itself at the back end of the target device with physical access on the mobile.

It can log the activities of Android OS cellphones and tablets. It will signal the targeted kids and employees that they are under surveillance. The target person will see a pop-up similar to an icon that shows that someone has an eye on them.

Once the software has configured itself, it will generate a logbook of phone activities. It sends the information to your account via the internet. Users can see the results by logging in to the dashboard using a web browser and credentials.

Do you want to check your kid's & employee's messages, chats, messaging apps, and call records in secret? Well enough!

In this post, we discuss Mobile-spy software and the unethical spying Gizmo that enable users to get into the phone for illegal reasons rather than be helpful for ethical spying activity. We will bring a light on the app that continuously changes names. It is hiding its original identity over recent years. In the end, we will guide you about the one that is legal, helpful, productive, and full of safety features for parents, employers, and individuals.

How Intrusive & Unethical Spyware Services Used The Term Mobile Spy Software?

The stalker ware apps over recent years have done an un-imaginable marketing stunt that has stunned cyber-crime investigators worldwide. According to The News, The US Federal Trade Commission has restrained developers of the stalker ware apps from selling their products from so-called monitoring activities on mobile devices.

The products like Mobile-Spy software and a couple of other private companies had offered apps to monitor kids and employees. The FTC had targeted Retina–X Studios and its owner James N. Johns Jr.

They also ordered to wipe out all the data they have using the Mobile-Spy app. Moreover, FTC ousts to seal the company assets unless they prove was selling spy services for legitimate activities. The company named Retina –X marketed itself as the best Mobile-Spy software. It has sold at least 15,000 licenses to three different apps in the year 2018.

Why has FTC brought a case against Mobile Spy Software Company?

The case had its significance because there was the first time in history when the FTC has charged developers of Mobile-spy app company Retina-X and a couple of others alike. They were letting people spy on anyone’s cell phone activities without them knowing. They were involved in intrusive and illicit spying of mobile phones.

Apps like Mobile-spy and others abuse partners to breach the privacy of the victim. Though spy applications allow people to use their services for legitimate spying, they were found guilty of spying for illegal and illicit purposes.

The spyware apps run in the background and never send alerts to the target person that we have eyes on you, Andrew Smith, director of FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, said.

The Washington Post has also published a News story that parents are also involved in emotional abuse using location tracking apps on their mature teens that can handle themselves.

The concerns that FTC has about Mobile Spy software (Retina-X Company)

The usage of spyware for illicit purposes was not a big deal, unable to secure the data of the monitored devices, like passwords, messages, chats, photos, videos, GPS location, contacts, and plenty of other sensitive information. A hacker has used Mobile-Spy software to access a company’s data twice between February 2017 and 2018 and remove the information.

Is Mobile Spy a Stalkerware or Legitimate Spy Solution?

Well! Mobile-spy software could be anything. I mean, you can use the term for legitimate and as well as for intrusive and invasive spy software. The application encourages stalkers and abusers to spy on someone’s mobile, known as a stalker ware. When someone is using the mobile spying app to monitor young kids and teens to protect them from online dangers and threats with consent, it means you are using a legitimate spy solution. So, the name of the product does not interpret the ultimate legality of the spy product.

Banned Stalking Apps You Need to Know About

Nowadays, these three companies are not selling any spyware to anyone since 2018. However, 1 out of the three, Mobile-spy software is still dealing with the services by joining hands with another application. The websites of each service are active.

According to the press release, the settlement has taken place between the Retina-X and Johns. The company sells or markets the products for legitimate purposes. The FTC has ordered the company to make sure to sell the product for legal activities and with the consent of the target person. The company has to remove the data of their customers that have got via illegal spy services.

Is There Legitimate Mobile Phone Spy App Available For Spying & Monitoring?

Yes, you can get your hands on the non-intrusive, and non-invasive Mobile-spy solution that is completely legal, and for legitimate purposes.  We are talking none other than TheOneSpy. It is world’s best mobile tracker app to date. It does not violate the cyber laws, and works at very according to the legal mobile spying app, and let the target person know that someone has eyes on you.

Users can use this piece of software without the consent of the target person unless they own the device. You have to have the consent of the target person, otherwise users account terminated within no time. For the most, it does not keep users data, and let users themselves to remove their data within few days.

Mobile Phone Spy Software Is For What Legitimate Purposes?

Users can use it for following legitimate activities without any reservations.

Digital Parenting:

Parents can use TheOneSpy Mobile spy on cell phones and gadgets. It can read text messages, chats, voice, and video call logs. Further, listen to the surroundings of your underage children. It empowers parents to set parental control to safeguard them from online threats and kids’ inappropriate activities. Parents can see browsing history, GPS location, social media logs, view installed apps, and block internet access on the target phone.

Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring is a norm these days. The law has provided immunity to business professionals to install Mobile spy apps, computer monitoring, and Windows tracking applications on business-owned devices. Employers can record calls, capture screenshots, and keystrokes, filter websites, and perform live screen recordings of the business devices.

These are the two legitimate purposes of the TheOneSpy Mobile spy software. Parents can spy on their kids for their digital well-being, and employers can monitor respective business-owned phones, PCs, and computers for business safety.


Mobile spy software is a term that anyone can use in their marketing strategy. Before using monitoring software, we need to make sure that it is not considered invasive and intrusive. The legal spy software does not violate privacy laws and keeps the target person in confidence.  The illegal spy services will not let the target person know that someone has an eye on you.

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