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As a concerned parent or business owner in 2024, you need visibility into devices used by those in your care. Six Mac tracker apps rise above the rest for their stealth monitoring modes, robust feature sets, and advanced tracking capabilities. Read on to learn the capabilities and limitations of the top Mac tracker app to spy on a Mac PC and determine which solution fits your needs in 2024. Monitoring children and employees raises ethical concerns, so research local laws and use tracking judiciously before installing any app. However, With the right approach, tracker apps grant visibility that keeps loved ones and businesses safe.

Introduction to Mac Tracker Apps

Mac Tracker apps are designed to monitor activity on Mac computers. Parents and employers often use these apps to ensure safety and productivity.

1. TheOneSpy: The Best Mac Tracker App

TheOneSpy is the most excellent Mac tracker app for spying on Mac PCs in 2024, with its robust features and affordable prices. This app is designed to work in the background. It is specially designed for kids and businesses to be safe and sound.

theonespy the best mac tracker app

Messages Monitoring

It lets the users to not only monitor but also to intercept messages and calls on Mac devices. Thus, they can stay informed on their current social communication. It will monitor each message being send and received and provide the detailed report.

Social Media Monitoring

This app has the ability to monitor social media activities in real-time. This includes all the messages, calls, posts, and any other types of interactions. This makes the user able to maximize on the safety measures of their kids hence have peace of mind.

Powerful Monitoring Features

TheOneSpy gives access to the powerful features of live screen recording, keylogging, location tracking, web history monitoring, and social media tracking. It takes screenshots, monitors messages, tracks visited sites, and records keyboard strokes.

Affordable and Flexible Plans

TheOneSpy offers flexible and affordably priced plans starting from $55/month. It has three subscription plans: Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly, which have advanced features.

Easy to Install and Use

You just have to purchase a plan, download the software on the target Mac, enter the license key, and you are ready to monitor. The control panel is simple and intuitive, and you can access monitored data from anywhere.

Stealth Mode and Security

TheOneSpy works in stealth mode and all its processes run in the background without the user being notified. It does not appear on the app list or dock. Your data is encrypted and secured on TheOneSpy’s servers.

Support and Updates

TheOneSpy provides 24/7 live chat support and updates its software regularly to keep the app running smoothly. Software updates contain security patches and the latest features.

In conclusion, TheOneSpy is a complete Mac monitoring solution with powerful features, affordable pricing, an easy interface, and great support. If you want a powerful yet budget-friendly way to monitor Mac activities, It is a perfect choice.

2. ОgyMogy: А Тор Software for Mac Tracking

OgyMogy will be one of the leading Mac tracker applications in 2024, offering robust monitoring capabilities for personal and business use. Its features include live location tracking, web browsing history reports, social media monitoring, and keyword alerts.


Оgymogy А Тор software for mac tracking

Advanced Location Tracking

The OgyMogy software uses GPS signals and a Wi-Fi network to locate the exact location of the target Mac computer. Every few minutes, the user’s location is updated, enabling you to track their trail and current location. The user does not know when he is being tracked by the location tracking that is done in stealth mode. This specification is good for tracking the location of children and employees.

Web Browsing and App Tracking

OgyMogy allows you to track the web browsing activities of the target device which include tracking the visited URLs. It also monitor amount of time spent on the websites visited and search engine queries. It also tracks application use, capturing data about the applications used and their time periods. These reports give us some idea of how the device is being used and whether inappropriate content is being accessed.

Social Media Monitoring

With OgyMogy, you can see messages, posts, comments, and media files from Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Telegram. You can also get alerted whenever intriguing behavior is detected. This level of monitoring is a watchdog for parents and employers who are worried about cyberbullying, online predators, or data leakage.

Stealth Mode

OgyMogy functions in stealth mode, which is unknown to the user. When it has become operational, it hides the icon and functions in the background to go unnoticed. Furthermore, it offers many features like tamper protection, which prevents the user from removing the app without a password; thus, the monitoring is uninterrupted.

OgyMogy Pricing

OgyMogy is one of the affordable tracking software. it provides 3 plans basic, extreme ad standard. It starts from $55 per month. You can choose any plan according to your monitoring needs.

OgyMogy mac tracker app to spy on mac pc provides an easy installation process that takes only a few minutes. However, for parents and employers prioritizing safety and security, OgyMogy emerges as a top choice for Mac tracking in 2024 due to its robust yet discreet monitoring capabilities.

3. FlexiSpy: A Capable Mac Monitoring App

FlexiSpy is a powerful Mac surveillance app that runs in hidden mode and offers a variety of advanced monitoring tools. Its stealth ability makes it possible to monitor devices without the user being aware of that. Mac monitoring tool FlexiSpy empowers you to view messages, track locations, monitor app usage, and more, all undetected. Flexispy offers comprehensive monitoring solutions for Mac computers. Some of the advanced features include:


flexispy a capable mac monitoring app

Call & Message Monitoring

Monitor the incoming and outgoing calls, call duration, and contact details. View iMessage, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook messages.

Location Tracking

See the location history and be notified when a device enters or leaves a certain area.

App Usage

You can monitor the duration of time spent on each app. Moreover, you will also receive reports on app starts, closes, and uninstalls.


Monitor all keystrokes that were typed on the Mac, including passwords, search terms, and chat messages.


At scheduled intervals or upon demand, take a screenshot of the Mac screen.

Browser Monitoring

Track which websites are visited, see bookmarks, view search terms, and more.

4. Spyera: A Popular Mac Tracker App Stealth Mode Monitoring

Spyera is a popular Mac tracker app that operates in stealth mode. It allows you to monitor Mac activities without the user’s knowledge. Spyera records texts, calls, GPS locations, web history, and more. It then uploads the data to your online account for viewing.

spyera a popular mac tracker app stealth mode monitoring

Keylogging and Screenshots

Spyera also has keylogging and screenshot capabilities. The keylogger records each key typed on the Mac, even if the user has deleted the data. The screenshots are done at the interval you select, and they include a picture of the user’s screen and activities.

Easy Installation Process

Installation only takes two minutes. You create a Spyera account, select a subscription plan, and download the installation file to the target Mac. The app icon is hidden from the user, and it begins recording data as soon as it’s installed.

Control Panel and Alerts

The control panel of your Spyera account is simple to use to review data and tweak settings. You can see places, text messages, call records, emails, web history, and more. You can also use alerts to know when certain events happen, e.g., when the user visits the prohibited website or utilizes the banned app

Pricing and Customer Support

Spyera offers a 10 days money back guarantee and three paid subscription plans, starting at $49/month. It also offers 24/7 customers support to help with any issues installing or using the app.

While not the cheapest Mac tracker app, Spyera is a popular, reputable option for comprehensive Mac monitoring and tracking. With its stealth mode operation and detailed reports, Spyera gives you valuable insights into how a Mac is being used. For concerned parents or employers, Spyera can provide peace of mind and help ensure safe technology use.

5. Realtime-Spy: An Affordable Mac Surveillance Option

Realtime-Spy is an efficient and affordable Mac monitoring solution for individuals and businesses. Being one of the most popular, It features the latest tools and secrets to efficiently monitor your Mac activities invisibly.

realtime spy an affordable mac surveillance option

Comprehensive Monitoring

Realtime-Spy allows you to monitor all critical aspects of a target Mac device. You can view messages, emails, browser history, Keystrokes, screenshots, app usage, and location.

Powerful Reporting

Realtime-Spy generates insightful reports on the target user’s digital behavior and activities. Reports include most visited websites, most used apps, suspicious messages, keylogging reports, and location reports.

Stealth Mode

In a stealth mode, Realtime-Spy is 100% invisible on the target Mac. The app icon and the application list will be behind the dock. Also, there will be no notifications and alerts on the screen. This way ensures the user’s privacy and also allows you to track their activities.

Affordable Pricing

Realtime-Spy offers competitive pricing plans starting from $79.95 per year. Choose between the Standard edition and plus edition plans depending on your needs.

Each plan allows you to monitor 1 Mac device, with the higher-tier plans including more advanced features.

Realtime-Spy is a powerful yet affordable Mac monitoring solution for personal and business use. With its stealth mode operation and insightful reporting features, Realtime-Spy provides an easy way to gain visibility into how a target Mac is being used. Realtime-Spy is a compelling choice worth considering for budget-conscious users looking for a solid Mac tracker.

6. Webwatcher: A Robust Choice for Mac Tracking

Webwatcher is one of the most powerful Mac monitoring tools. It allows you to see call logs, text messages, emails, web browsing history, GPS locations, and social media activity. Webwatcher also features ambient recording, keystroke logging, and screenshot-taking.

webwatcher a robust choice for mac tracking

Very Simple to Install and Use

Web Watcher is a very easy-to-use and set-up program. You need to buy the subscription, install the app on the target Mac, and get it linked to your Webwatcher account. It quietly works in the background and does not appear in any task manager or other application list. With Webwatcher, the user can check Mac activities remotely through the dashboard anytime, anywhere. The user-friendly interface makes navigation of monitored data easy.

Affordable Pricing

Webwatcher is one of the most affordable Mac monitoring solutions. Subscription plans start at just 10.83 per month. Webwatcher does not charge activation or cancellation fees.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Webwatcher offers round-the-clock support via chat, email, and phone. The customer service is very knowledgeable if you experience any difficulties with the app installation or operation.

Other Considerations

While Webwatcher does have some downsides, like a lack of advanced security tools and no free trial, it remains a highly capable and budget-friendly option for basic Mac monitoring needs. The features, ease of use, and affordable pricing make Webwatcher a robust choice for tracking activities on Mac devices. With regular updates, Webwatcher continues to improve and add new functionalities to benefit users.

Final Words: Best Mac Tracker Apps

You now have the top 6 Mac tracker apps for 2024. While each has pros and cons, TheOneSpy and OgyMogy mac tracker app to spy on mac pc stand out for their stealth mode and robust feature sets to keep your kids and business safe. Carefully review each to determine the best fit for your needs.

With any of these trackers, you gain more visibility and can protect your loved ones. Approach these powerful tools thoughtfully and use them to build trust, not invade privacy. As technology rapidly evolves, revisit your choice annually to ensure you have the ideal Mac tracker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With many Mac trackers available, selecting one depends on your specific needs. For employee and parental control monitoring, options like TheOneSpy or OgyMogy provide robust high-level tracking and management features. It offers location tracking, content filtering, and alerts.

Mac tracker apps monitor device activity and usage. They track aspects such as websites visited, messages sent and received, keystrokes typed, and applications used. Some also track location and provide alerts if certain parameters are met. These trackers run in stealth mode, so the user is unaware of the monitoring.

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