How to Hack Android Rear & Front Camera?

hack android rear front camera

Do you want to hack android rear and front camera on another phone? Do you? You may wonder what your target phone user is doing in cell phone surroundings in real-time. You have only one way to hack and view the live surroundings by taking over the target phone’s front and back camera. The question arises, what makes you remotely turn on the target mobile cameras to get live streaming of surroundings without their knowledge.  Spying and hacking of cell phone cameras is illegal activity unless you own the target device. Moreover, you should have the consent of the target person to spy on phone cameras to view surroundings on another phone.

In this post, we guide you about hacking and spying on android phone cameras without technical issues. You can do that activity without the target person’s knowledge & it would be legal if the target device belongs to you. Moreover, you will get to know for what purposes spying on phone cameras is legal.

Yes, it has become possible to spy and hack another phone camera live streaming of the surroundings. It is possible when you get your hands on the non-rooted hidden phone tracker. Best spy apps empower you to access the target android phone and view surroundings in real-time.

However, not all spy apps can spy on someone’s phone front and back cameras, and they could waste your time and money. You have to get your hands on the best app in the business that offers exclusive features. Make you are not taking control over other phone cameras for illegal spying. You can get live camera streaming on an android phone for legitimate activity.

No, you cannot hack android cameras to view surroundings on an android phone without installing software. Technology has not been introduced yet that empowers you to spy on cell phone cameras without using cell phone spying software. So, you have to get your hands on the best spy software –TheOneSpy to hack phone cameras to get live camera streaming on the target device.

No! Free Android spy apps are unable to spy on target phone cameras to view surroundings. Even well-known commercial spy solutions can hack other phone cameras and microphones, but they cannot provide live camera streaming and live surround listening.  Only one application has come up with exclusive features like view 360 live camera streaming and real-time surrounds listening.

Best Spy App to Get Live Camera Streaming on Android

Do you want to see what is happening around the Android phone? You can get your hands on the legitimate phone spying software –TheOneSpy. It is the only phone monitoring solution that provides you live camera streaming on another Android phone remotely.

TheOneSpy easy-to-use applications to configure on the target device, and  TheOneSpy installation process takes only 3 minutes. It works on both rooted and non-rooted Android phones. It has a user-friendly interface and empowers you to control the target phone rear and front cameras with camera bug tool. The application connects the camera and microphone to its online dashboard. Users will get live streaming of the surroundings with audio.

TheOneSpy Features for Viewing & Listening to Phone Surroundings

Here are the following features of the best android spy app that empowers you to hack and spy cameras and microphone on another phone and let you get live streaming of target device surroundings without them knowing:

View 360 Live Cameras Streaming

It is one of the best features of phone spy software for android. View 360 live camera streaming is a tool that can access cell phone cameras and take over.  It connects the rear and front camera of another phone to TheOneSpy online dashboard. Users will get live streaming of surroundings. The angles of the target phone will deliver the surrounding information of the target device, and you can see live visuals with audio.

View360 Live Surround Listening

An exclusive spying and hacking tool of best-hidden phone spy software. It empowers you to control and hack the target phone microphone and connects it with the online dashboard. The user will listen to the surroundings of another android phone in real-time. Users can listen to the voices, sounds, and voice chats at a 360-degree angle. It is helpful for users, and you can use view 360 live surround listening for many productive activities.

Top Advantages of Hacking Android Cameras & Microphone

Here are many advantages of using TheOneSpy for hacking phone camera and microphone: 

  • You can use spy apps on another cell phone device via cameras and microphones without their knowledge. TheOneSpy remains hidden and undetectable on the target device’s home screen and anywhere else. It secretly takes permission from the target device’s rear and front camera and microphone, letting you listen and view the phone’s surroundings.
  • You have to complete the configuration process, and you can activate the live camera streaming and live surround listening tools remotely on the target device. In addition, users can start the android spy features to get info on phone surroundings in real-time via an online dashboard.
  • Users can get live streaming and live surround listening in the user dashboard. It will use a phone gallery or something else that leaves a clue to the target person.
  • Apart from camera streaming and listening in android surround, you can also send camera bugs and MIC bugs to record surround visuals and surround voices that you can download via the web control panel.
  • Users can capture screenshots on the target phone screen. For example, you can schedule multiple screenshots at once and receive data via the dashboard.

Other Apps for Hacking Android Phone Cameras

Several apps are available on the web that claims to spy on other phone cameras and microphone. However, only a single app can spy on android phone surroundings audio and video in real-time. Other apps only record surroundings but are unable to provide live streaming audio and video. Here are the following spy apps for android that can hack android phones:

  • TheOneSpy
  • OgyMogy
  • Flexispy
  • IP webcam
  • Spy camera

These are the spy solutions for hacking phone cameras. However, TheOneSpy is the best because it can bug phone cameras and microphones. Moreover, get live streaming on phone surroundings audio and video.


Technology has evolved over the years, and today parents and business professionals love to hack android rear and front cameras to safeguard kids and keep tabs on employees. TheOneSpy is the only spy application that can spy cellphone cameras and microphones and provide live camera streaming and surround listening via the dashboard.

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