Phone Tracker Apps That Encourage & Discourage Stalkers To Track Their Victims

app that encurage and discourage stalkers

There are hundreds of phone tracking apps that offer services, with many electronic tools, like location tracker, reading text messages, and record surround videos using a phone camera. So, digital stalking has become a norm in society worldwide, and dozens of apps on the web use them as stalkers to track their victims. The New York Times has published a report and has come up with the few names that were involved in digital stalking. We are quoting the reference of one of the prestigious Newspaper in the world, and we have no intentions to malign anyone of the services quoted in the report. However, few exceptions also offer harvesting messages, location tracking, and record video secretly, but with consent. It means you can find out phone tracker apps that encourage and discourage stalkers.

Today we differentiate between the apps that allow users to use them without consent for stalking and the cell phone tracking apps that discourage illicit and intrusive surveillance on someone.

Phone Tracker Apps That Empowers Stalkers To Track Their Victims

The new academic study has brought a light on more than 200 mobile trackers and services that empower stalkers plenty of surveillance tools. Apps are offering location tracking, spy on text messages and recording of videos of the surrounds secretly. The New York Times has reportedly stated that, dozens of apps on the web providing services to stalkers to spy and track romantic partners. Here are the following apps that can access to victims mobile phones secretly and catch passwords without consent.

KidGuard: It is one of those apps that claim to offer services keeping tabs on children. It also markets itself to offer surveillance tools like “how to spy on cheating spouse text messages & calls.” It means anyone could use it for stalking purposes and track the phone to breach privacy without their knowledge.

The cell phone tracker company usually advise parent, but also running ads with Google search terms like catch cheating spouse app.” One of the businessmen in Los Angeles said that the company is in contact with marketers and has several customer service representatives that bring new strategies. However, later on, the company has removed the ads and blog posts after the incidents took place about StealthGenie employer.

Mspy: This app advises people in a relationship monitoring of husband or spouse. It also markets itself as one of the best parental control apps in the business.

In recent years, cell phone tracking company like Mspy has lost the data and unveils the data of more than 100,000 user’s accounts, technology site Motherboard has given the stats of the incident. The company has stated that it has sold more than 27,000 subscriptions to users in the United States within four months.

Spyzie: It used to run ads on Google and display search terms like how you can catch a cheating girlfriend’s iPhone. Phone tracker applications have multiplied and offering services for tracking children, friends, and lost or theft phones over the years. They also provide multiple options for people to abuse digital devices for staking without consent.

The phone tracker app company also run ads to catch spouses but did not accept requests and advise directly to their clients looking for services for digital stalking. However, the company also runs several ads on YouTube with dozens of videos and tutorials to catch a cheating spouse with its cell phone tracking application. The videos redirect the links to the company’s website that clearly show that spyzie encouraging stalkers to track their victims.

SMS tracker: The customer care representatives did not allow one of its potential users who got the license a few months back to comment on the app. However, one of the user’s comments has caught and got quite a limelight that “I would recommend people to use it to catch cheating spouse” later on, the comment deleted.

Digital Tracking Of A Spouse Is Illegal & Unethical Using Phone Tracker Apps

Digital surveillance of a spouse or husband is against the law and cybercrime. Tracking your spouse’s cell phone without consent means you are breaching privacy. So, any activity, like stalking, hacking, and wiretapping constitutes illegal activity. Stalking is one of the wrong acts that become the reason for domestic violence and homicide incidents.

“We are not focused and have ignored this abuse,” Erica Olsen, director of the Safety Net Project at National Network to End Domestic Violence, stated to the New York Times. “People think that if they are not harming someone physically, then they do not have committed a crime, she further added that.

It is a tough job to investigate electronic stalking on cellphones because of phone tracker apps. In most cases victim remains unaware that someone has kept him/her under constant surveillance and watching messages, tapping calls, harvesting messages, and recording videos secretly. However, if the victim gets to know that he/she is under surveillance, it is hard to identify.

Almost 27% of women and 11% of men in the U.S get involves in stalking and sexual violence. The report has published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, numbers are still missing due to non-reported cases of digital stalking in the United States. 

According to a survey in Australia, 17% of the victims tracked because of GPS via such phone tracking apps.

Digital Stalking Incidents Due To Irresponsible Phone Tracker Companies

Well! There are dozens of cases that happened over the years because of phone track applications that encourage stalkers to track their victims. Let’s discuss the few below.

There is an incident that happened in Florida a man named Luis Tolendo was involved in abusive tracking. He installed an app known as an SMS tracker on his spouse’s cellphone. He was suspicious about her wife’s extramarital affair. He said that he was spying on text messages and photos of his wife sent and received to someone, A.J Pagliari of the Volusia County Sheriff said that. Later on, Telendo has killed his wife and sentenced to life presentment.

Brooks Owen was accused of domestic violence with his wife, and he has used an application to track their wife’s movement. He used to monitor every activity of her wife and get to know when she turns the phone off. Her husband used to call her instantly and asked her why did she turn the phone off? He used to keep an eye on her wife 24/7, chief Daniel MacPhee of the police department recalled the incident.

Tracking Apps For Cellphone That Don’t Encourage Stalkers

There are few exceptions as well that are responsible for their services and strictly discourage the digital stalking and illegal use of their phone tracking services to the fullest. The researchers from Cornell University and Cornell Tech visit the customer care representatives of few companies. Companies are offering monitoring and tracking services for parental controls and employee monitoring.

Researchers ask for secretly their husbands, and the following companies refused to offer the services. Moreover, they said that our services are only for worried parents and employers that want to set parental control on kids and employees during working hours for business safety.

TheOneSpy Cell Phone Tracker App

TheOneSpy: It is one of those phone tracking apps that discourage illicit and intrusive surveillance on any cellphone device. It offers parental tracking and employee monitoring services. App has got positive feedback from worried parents and employers.  It can set parental control on kid’s phones and monitor business-owned devices. The company is always going by the book and does not believe in digital stalking because it would increase domestic violence. The cell phone monitoring company is currently four products given below:

  • Android tracker app
  • iPhone parental control app (jailbreak solution)
  • Windows tracking software
  • MAC Monitoring application

OgyMogy Phone Tracking App

OgyMogy:  It is one of the best cellphone tracker apps and a widely used application that offers parental monitoring services. It publishes a blog post, how to protect your business devices from rogue employees. What are the best ways to monitor kids to safeguard them from online predators? It is one of the few applications that offer services for kids and business safety. It does not offer services for digital stalking and other illegal activities. The application has few products given below:

  • Cell phone parental control for android
  • Computer monitoring application
  • Windows tracking software

TeenSafe Mobile Tracker

TeenSafe: The Company markets itself as the leading parental control and phone tracker. The researchers have contacted its customer support center and ask for spying on cheating spouse service. The representatives have refused to offer digital stalking services. It clearly shows that it is one the few that does not offer its services for illegal motives and against the law. It has products given below:

  • Android tracking
  • Non-jailbreak solution for iPhone


No law in the U.S negates location tracking activities, but location monitoring is an illegal act using for stalking. Moreover, selling technological products for illicit and intrusive surveillance on spouses is a federal crime. It is not a crime if you are using it for tracking your kids and employees and the devices that belong to you. TheOneSpy and OgyMogy are cell phone tracking apps that openly discourage stalkers to spy on their victims.

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